antitrust regulation

US DoJ Sues Google Over Online Ad Domination

US DoJ, plus eight US states, sue Alphabet's Google for its dominance in online advertising market, amid calls for it…

1 year ago

UK Flags Concern Over Viasat Purchase Of Inmarsat

British competition regulator, the CMA, to deepen investigation, after finding merger could lead to higher Wi-Fi prices for airlines

2 years ago

No Concessions From Microsoft, Amid Activision Purchase Concern

Microsoft tells UK's CMA it will not offer any 'undertakings' to resolve regulator's competition concerns, prompting start of indepth probe

2 years ago

German Minister Urges Tougher EU Antitrust Action

Must get tougher? German minister urges EC to consider breaking up companies for serious antitrust breaches, amid antitrust reform proposals

2 years ago

EU To Optimise Its Antitrust Rules – Report

Senior EU official confirms bloc will evaluate its antitrust enforcement framework, to ensure it is truly fit for the digital…

2 years ago

Facebook Urges Dismissal Of Lawsuits From US Government, US States

Social networking giant Facebook asks a US federal court to dismiss three antitrust lawsuits, saying there is no evidence or…

3 years ago

Google Seeks To Move ‘Meritless’ Collusion Lawsuit To California

Lawsuit by US states filed in Texas, alleging Google collusion with Facebook, should be heard in California instead says Google

3 years ago

Google Sued By 10 US States For Alleged Facebook Collusion

Ten US states sue Google, alleging it worked with Facebook to break US antitrust law to bolster its online advertising…

4 years ago

Google Will Not Move To Dismiss US Antitrust Case

Google tells court it does not intend to move to dismiss landmark US antitrust case, as company and Justice Department…

4 years ago