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Bipartisan Bill Seeks New US Tech Regulator

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democrat Elizabeth Warren, back bill to create new US government tech commission

11 months ago

EU Seeks Breakup Of Google Ad Tech Business

European Commission sends formal accusations over Google's advertising business, and states it should be broken up

12 months ago

UK Regulator Defends Microsoft Activision Decision, After Angry Response

Microsoft and Activision slam UK decision to block acquisition, but CMA boss says blocking $69 billion deal was “right decision”

1 year ago

UK’s CMA Blocks Microsoft’s $69bn Acquisition Of Activision Blizzard

Final decision by UK regulator to block Microsoft's Activision Blizzard acquisition, but Microsoft says it will appeal

1 year ago

UK Watchdog Finds Microsoft’s Activision Deal Could Hurt Gamers

British watchdog CMA becomes first global regulator to conclude Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision is anti-competitive

1 year ago

Amazon, EU Reach Antitrust Deal – Report

Settlement reportedly reached between Amazon and European Commission over alleged anti-competitive practices

2 years ago

Amazon Faces $1 Billion UK Lawsuit, Allegedly Favouring Own Products

Legal trouble for e-commerce giant in the UK over its 'Buy Box' section, amid allegations it favoured its own products

2 years ago

UK To Probe Viasat’s Inmarsat Acquisition

In-depth phase two investigation of Viasat's Inmarsat deal officially confirmed by UK regulator, after finding competition concerns last week

2 years ago

No Concessions From Microsoft, Amid Activision Purchase Concern

Microsoft tells UK's CMA it will not offer any 'undertakings' to resolve regulator's competition concerns, prompting start of indepth probe

2 years ago

UK Watchdog Deepens Probe Into Microsoft’s $69bn Activision Purchase

British Antitrust watchdog, the CMA, is concerned Microsoft's purchase of gaming giant could “substantially lessen competition”

2 years ago

Facebook Demands Old FTC Documents In Antitrust Battle

Fresh development in Meta's battle against US regulator, seeking to force Facebook to divest itself of WhatsApp and Instragram

2 years ago

FTC Sues Nvidia To Block ARM Acquisition

US Federal Trade Commission sues Nvidia to block its acquisition of the UK's ARM Holdings, stating it will “stifle next…

3 years ago

Nvidia’s ARM Purchase Raises ‘Significant Competition Concerns’ – CMA

UK competition watchdog says there are “significant competition concerns” with the deal, as Nvidia could restrict access to ARM IP

3 years ago

German Watchdog Opens Fresh Amazon Investigation

Amazon faces a third antitrust investigation in Germany; this time examining if it has exploited its market dominance in the…

3 years ago

Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm Object To Nvidia Acquisition Of ARM

Growing opposition by big name players in the tech industry to Nvidia's proposed acquisition of ARM, which is also facing…

3 years ago

UK To Implement Tougher Competition Rules On Tech In 2021

Competition and Markets Authority to implement tougher competition laws on tech giants such as Facebook and Google in 2021

4 years ago

Apple Responds After Spotify Criticises Apple One

Spotify condemns Apple One as anti-competitive behaviour, but Apple insists its subscription service can save customers money

4 years ago

Tech Firm CEOs To Face US Congress Grilling

The CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are to appear on Wednesday before a US Congress hearing on antitrust…

4 years ago

Apple App Store, Apple Pay Hit By EU Antitrust Investigations

Double whammy. Apple now facing two separate official European Commission investigations into its App Store and Apple Pay

4 years ago

Google Begins Appeal Against EU Shopping Penalty

Alphabet unit begin fightback against European antitrust regulators in three day hearing at EU General Court in Luxembourg

4 years ago

Facebook Sued In US For Alleged Anti-Competitive Conduct

Plaintiffs seek damages and aim to force Facebook to sell WhatsApp and Instagram, and seek to end Mark Zuckerberg's control…

4 years ago

France Fines Google 150m Euros For Anti-Competitive Behaviour

Anti-competitive behaviour and advertising rule breaches. France hits Google with hefty 150m euros penalty over its online advertising domination

4 years ago

EU Regulator Asks Questions About Facebook’s Libra Currency – Report

Facebook's Libra questions from EU regulator concern use of customer data and anti-competitive issues

5 years ago

BT Publicly Supports Google In EU Antitrust Battle

BT lends support to Google's Android OS over potential fears of Apple dominance

7 years ago

WSJ Claims Google Used Search Engine To Promote Own Products

Analysis alleges that Google used its search engine results to place adverts for its own products in top spot

7 years ago

Google Showdown With EU Looms After Rejection Of Antitrust Charges

Ballsy move. Search engine officially rejects European Union antitrust charges which could lead to huge penalty

8 years ago

Google Cleared By FTC Over Search Charges

Google is cleared over allegations that it manipulated its search engine algorithms to hurt rivals

11 years ago

France Fines Google For Offering Free Maps

Google Maps is deemed anti-competitive in France

12 years ago

Bing To Reap Benefit From Google Antitrust Probe

Analysts believe that Microsoft's Bing search engine stands to benefit from the US federal Google probe

13 years ago

Google Confirms FTC Probe Of Search Practices

Google has received notification of a formal FTC investigation into its search business practice

13 years ago