Silicon In Focus Podcast: Feeding the Machine

Learn how your business can meet the challenges associated with managing data across multiple platforms and systems, and how does…

1 month ago

NHS Patient Database Plan To Proceed Despite Protests

Government to activate centralised NHS Digital database of patient records next month in spite of criticism over lack of public…

3 years ago

Neo Factory: The State of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 initiatives are transforming factories in a myriad of industries, from aerospace and health care to plastics and shipping.…

4 years ago

Nokia Creates Automated Covid-19 Thermal Detection System

In-house analytics solution now offered worldwide, will allow firms to scan employee temperature and whether a mask is being worn

4 years ago

What’s Next After Digitization?

As businesses continue on their digitization roadmap, many have entered the last stage. Benefits are already becoming measurable and driving…

4 years ago

Google Cloud Next UK: Google Touts Vodafone, John Lewis Deals

Google kicks off its largest Google Cloud event in Europe touting contracts with Vodafone, as well as the John Lewis…

5 years ago

Xilinx Aims Ultra-Programmable Accelerators At AI, 5G Workloads

Xilinx is looking to take large-scale, cutting-edge workloads to the next level with its upcoming family of programmable hardware accelerators

6 years ago

Zuckerberg Admits Mistakes As Data Harvesting Rises To 87 Million

My mistake says Zuckerberg after Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal rises to 87 million people

6 years ago

Facebook Cuts Ties With Data Brokers

Damage limitation continues as social giant axes ties to data brokers after Cambridge Analytica scandal

6 years ago

Cisco Promises More Agile, Predictive Networks

More responsive and agile networks on the way as Cisco touts new 'intent-based networking' features

6 years ago

CA ‘Modern Software Factory’ Boosted By DevOps, Automation & Security Updates

CA WORLD 2017: CA releases 20 new products and enhancements as it preaches the power of change through software

7 years ago

Report Praises British Data Expertise But Warns Of Brexit Challenges

New report from data businesses praises British data expertise and government, and also predicts post-Brexit productivity boost

7 years ago

Google Cloud Spanner Database Now Supports Multiple Regions

Google Cloud Spanner promises no more database compromises and 99.999 percent availability with no downtime

7 years ago

Teradata Adds Sophisticated New Capabilities To Its Analytics

Teradata is providing a package that solves the problem enterprises have of stitching together all the required software to manage…

7 years ago

Criteo: AI & Data Sharing Can Help Publishers & Retailers Fight Back Against Tech Giants

INTERVIEW: Criteo's Gregory Gazagne talks AI, machine learning, Brexit and why smaller publishers and retailers can compete with Google, Facebook…

7 years ago

Intel Insight Platform To Solve Drone Data Conundrum

Cloud-based platform to help enterprises with data volumes associated with commercial drone systems

7 years ago

IBM & HSBC Team Up For Cognitive Trading Platform

Bank Tech: IBM and HSBC develop a cognitive and intelligence global trading system

7 years ago

STATS Edge Offers Football Clubs AI-Assisted Data Analytics On Opponents

STATS, which acquired prozone in 2016, hopes to enable new levels of football analysis with its AI-powered solution.

7 years ago

How Real-Time Data Intelligence Is Transforming UK Flood Response

IN DEPTH: How operational intelligence is enabling the Environment Agency to respond to incidents quicker and more efficiently than before

7 years ago

Royal Society: UK ‘Needs’ New Data Protection Watchdog

The Royal Society and the British Academy argue a new level of oversight is needed in a data protection landscape…

7 years ago

How Deliveroo Is Using Big Data And Machine Learning To Power Food Delivery

Food delivery firm relies heavily on data and machine learning to increase efficiency

7 years ago

‘Breakthrough’ Cisco New Network Uses Machine Learning To Detect Malware In Encrypted Data

Cisco claims 'new network' is a breakthrough, using machine learning to automate and secure enterprises, without impacting privacy, for the…

7 years ago

Alibaba Cloud Brings ‘MaxCompute’ Big Data Service To Europe

Alibaba Cloud joins the trend of tech companies expanding into Europe

7 years ago

Citrix Analytics Service To Tackle Insider Threats

Security play part of a number of product announcements from cloud specialist Citrix

7 years ago

HPE Shows Single-Memory Computing Breakthrough

The prototype system features an unprecedented 160 terabytes of memory, allowing it to simultaneously handle every piece of data from…

7 years ago

Nvidia Metropolis Platform Brings AI Smarts To Smart City Video Feeds

The graphics giant is mixing its latest tech together to bolster analytics in smart cities

7 years ago

Mayor Sadiq Khan Seeks London’s First Chief Digital Officer

Fancy a salary of £100,000 plus? Consider applying to be London's first Chief Digital Officer

7 years ago

eBay: Big Data Can Humble A CEO And Change The Future Of Retail

eBay's head of analytics in Europe says big data will change both online and offline retail forever - if you…

7 years ago

Microsoft Touts IoT Central To Remove Complexity For Businesses

IoT solutions can be complex, but Microsoft seeks to help with new SaaS solution to simplify the Internet of Things

7 years ago