Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The Future of GenAI

Michael Conway, IBM’s AI lead in the UK & Ireland

In this episode, we peer into the horizon of innovation as we delve into The Future of GenAI. Join us as we navigate through the dynamic landscape of genetic artificial intelligence, exploring its potential, ethical considerations, and the profound impact it holds for our future.

Welcome to the Silicon UK In Focus Podcast, where we venture into the heart of technological evolution. In this episode, we set our sights on The Future of GenAI, unravelling the intricate tapestry of Genetic Artificial Intelligence (GenAI). Join us as industry experts navigate the cutting-edge, exploring this groundbreaking technology’s transformative potential, ethical considerations, and real-world impacts. From machine learning breakthroughs to the ethical nuances that shape our digital future, we invite you to immerse yourself in insightful conversations that dissect the very fabric of GenAI.




Michael Conway, IBM’s AI lead in the UK & Ireland.

Michael is an Executive Partner in IBM Consulting responsible for the Data and Technology Transformation Service Line in the UK and Ireland. This incorporates all the practices of AI & Analytics, Automation, Data Services, Edge/IOT, Microsoft Business Apps and Promontory Financial Group.