Fake Wax Hand Cracks Vein Authentication

Biometric bypass sees researchers use fake wax hand to trick vein authentication system

11 months ago

JavaScript Code Compromises Bitcoin Wallets

Popular JavaScript library injected with malicious code to steal coins from cryptocurrency wallet

12 months ago

IMF Suggests Governments Set Up Own Cryptocurrencies

Fintech fantasy? Nation states should build their own digital currency to prevent its use by money launders and fraudsters

1 year ago

HSBC Confirms Data Breach Of US Customers

Customers of HSBC in the United States have had their personal details including account numbers and transaction history exposed in…

1 year ago

TSB Boss Steps Down After IT Failure

The fall guy? Chief executive Paul Pester steps down after TSB owner's botched IT upgrade

1 year ago

Google Pay Migrates To Desktops and iOS Devices

Quicker checkouts promised, as Google ports former Android Pay to iOS devices and desktops

2 years ago

Half Of TSB Customers Still Unable To Access Accounts

IT fiasco continues, as details of Spanish owner Sabadell's chaotic data migration process emerges

2 years ago

Alphabet Profits Surge, But So Do Costs

Google's parent sees big rise in profits and revenue, but costs rise dramatically as workforce balloons

2 years ago

Fintech Consortium To Tackle Cybersecurity Issues

A new consortium led by the World Economic Forum aims to bolster the financial industry's battle against a growing range…

2 years ago

Banks Trade £22m Using Blockchain Platform

Sign of the future? Two banks have successfully completed a securities lending transaction using blockchain

2 years ago