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Rich Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder, Gigged.AI

Silicon In Focus Podcast: Tech and Mental Health

How does the fast-paced and often high-pressure environment of the tech industry impact the mental health of employees? And what strategies can be used to improve mental health across tech industries?

Do We Want an Immersive Web?

Do We Want an Immersive Web?

A fully immersive web should have been a reality by now but is conspicuous by its absence. Do businesses need these immersive spaces? Is there a business case to build these environments? Does the technology need to improve further for ...

Tara McGeehan, President, CGI UK and Australia.

Is the Metaverse Dead? Head-to-Head

In this Head-to-Head interview, Tara McGeehan, President, CGI UK and Australia discusses the current state of the Metaverse and whether business leaders should be paying more attention and investing in these technologies.

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Is the Metaverse Dead?

With generative AI grabbing the headline and massive investment, has the Metaverse become yet another technology that failed to find an audience?

Jonathan Patrick, CEO, Consultant Connect.

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Telemedicine

How has telemedicine evolved in recent years, and what impact has it had on healthcare delivery? And what are the key advantages and benefits of telemedicine for patients, healthcare providers, and the overall healthcare system?

Jon Payne is Director of Sales Engineering and Education at InterSystems.

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The State of MedTech

What is the current state of MedTech? Across the MedTech landscape where are the most transformative innovations making a tangible difference to patient care? And what does the future of MedTech look like?

Is a Chat GP Coming?

Is a Chat GP Coming?

Recent reports assessing the value of generative AI in healthcare are often conflicting with their conclusions. Against this background, what does this mean for the development of chat-based medical services?