Keepler, AWS Roundtable: How Your Business Can Use Generative AI to Innovate at Speed

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Keepler Roundtable: How Your Business Can Use Generative AI to Innovate at Speed

This roundtable served as a crucible for exchanging insights, sharing experiences, and envisioning the limitless possibilities that arise when machines are empowered to generate content, ideas, and innovations.

Your business can see the potential advantages Generative AI could bring to your enterprise, but how do you start? What obstacles and hurdles will your business have to navigate? Building practical Generative AI into your processes means understanding the data that supports all Generative AI systems. Learn how focusing on data leads to infinitely more valuable Generative AI services you can apply across your enterprise.

Generative AI can become a transformative service across your enterprise if these systems are built on sound foundations. All Generative AI systems rely on data. The quality of the data that Generative AI systems draw upon must be maintained if the Generative AI in place can deliver the required outcomes or goals.

Keepler, AWS Generative AI Roundtable.
Keepler, AWS Generative AI Roundtable.

Creating comprehensive Generative AI systems that add value to your enterprise and that support your digital transformation roadmap, is critical to approach with data as a core. Data must be removed from siloes, its lineage mapped, and governance protected. Building robust, agile, and secure data foundations will ensure the Generative AI system your enterprise builds is comprehensive and applicable to multiple business processes.

Taking place on the 4th of December, 2023 at 14 Hills, with speakers from Keepler and AWS, some of the topics discussed included:

  • What specific business opportunities do you see emerging with the widespread adoption of generative AI? How can businesses leverage generative AI to enhance their products or services?
  • How do you measure the success of a generative AI implementation in a business context? Are key performance indicators (KPIs) particularly relevant when assessing the impact of generative AI on business outcomes?
  • What general challenges do businesses face when implementing generative AI, and how can these challenges be mitigated?
  • How can businesses effectively integrate generative AI into existing workflows and encourage collaboration between humans and AI? What skills and training might be necessary for employees to work alongside generative AI systems?
  • How can generative AI enhance the customer experience, and what industries will likely see the most significant improvements? Are there potential pitfalls in relying too heavily on generative AI for customer interactions?

Building business value at scale with Generative AI in a fast-changing world where it holds immense potential and requires careful safeguarding, it is more important than ever for organizations to stay focused on solving business priorities. Organizations need a modern data and AI strategy to innovate rapidly with Generative AI at scale. And building Generative AI also requires businesses to think holistically about data and AI; and consider how this technology will impact people, processes, and mindsets.