Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The Tech Generation

Alex Louth, CEO of Logicalis UKI

How do you define tech literacy in the context of the modern workplace. What are the advantages of having tech-literate employees in today’s business environment?

Gen-Z is widely regarded as the most inherently tech-savvy of all generations, having grown up immersed in the digital realm. However, the question remains: Does their extensive online exposure during childhood warrant them the title of the most IT-literate generation?

Alex Louth, CEO, of Logicalis UK, argues that it does not, and in fact, he sees younger employees who are now entering the workforce to be the most lacking in basic IT skills, from creating a spreadsheet to connecting a device to a printer. This equates to a growing and serious problem for businesses in the UK that are already grappling with a widespread lack of IT talent.




Alex has spent more than 20 years in the IT channel, amassing a great depth of experience and knowledge in leading services-focused businesses to deliver transformational solutions for customers. Having worked in start-ups and more established global businesses, Alex owned e-DBA, a company specialising in Oracle software hardware, and managed professional service, which became Red Stack Tech in 2015. Red Stack Tech was acquired by Data Intensity, a multi-cloud managed services provider, in 2016, and Alex spent the following 2.5 years as International General Manager, integrating and growing the two businesses and leading go-to-market strategies across Europe and the Asia Pacific. In 2019, Alex transitioned to Logicalis to drive its UK business. Drawing upon extensive experience, Alex aids in shaping business ambitions into reality at Logicalis, championing digital transformation.