Dutch PM Raises Cyber Espionage Case With China’s Xi

Beijing visit sees Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte discuss cyber espionage incident with Chinese President Xi Jinping

3 months ago

Russia Warns US Over SpaceX ‘Spy Satellites’

'Starshield' spy satellites built by SpaceX for the US government could result in commercial satellites being targetted, warns Russia

3 months ago

Former Google Chinese Staffer Charged With Stealing AI Secrets

US arrest software engineer for allegedly stealing AI tech from Google, while secretly working for two Chinese firms

3 months ago

China To Install CCTV Network On Moon – Report

Apparently not a joke. Chinese space agency outlines plan to install mass surveillance system on moon, for Lunar assets and…

3 months ago

Microsoft To Allow Cloud Users To Store Personal Data In Europe

In effort to resolve privacy worries, Microsoft is to allow its cloud customers to store all personal data within EU

5 months ago

US Judge Blocks Montana’s TikTok Use Ban

Legal victory for TikTok after US judge blocks Montana's first ever state ban on the use of short video-sharing app

7 months ago

ICC Confirms Recent Cyberattack Was Espionage

Not a random cyberattack. International Criminal Court confirms September cyberattack was case of “sophisticated espionage”

8 months ago

Mozilla Names And Shames Privacy Compromising Cars

Privacy nightmare on wheels! Mozilla Foundations reviews 25 major car brands, all of which fail privacy tests

9 months ago

EU Agrees US Trans-Atlantic Data Sharing Deal

European Commission on Monday adopts its “adequacy decision for the EU-US Data Privacy Framework”, but legal challenge is threatened

11 months ago

Moscow Alleges NSA Mass Spying On Russian iPhones

Russia alleges the US NSA has conducted a mass spying operation on thousands of iPhones in Russia, and that Apple…

1 year ago

Microsoft, Five Eyes Warn Of Chinese Spying On US Critical Infrastructure

State-sponsored Chinese hacking group known as 'Volt Typhoon' has been spying on critical infrastructure in the US

1 year ago

Ex ByteDance Staffer Alleges Beijing Had ‘Supreme Access’ To All Data

Lawsuit from former ByteDance staffer alleges China’s Communist Party had “supreme access” to all TikTok data, including US servers

1 year ago

British Police At Risk From Chinese Drones, CCTV Cameras

Amid concern of Chinese spy balloons, UK's Camera Commissioner warns British police about their use of Chinese drones, cameras

1 year ago

Chinese Police Utilise Tracking Feature In Hikvision Software – Report

Surveillance of protests. Police can track protests in China by enabling ‘alarms’ on software from CCTV giant Hikvision

1 year ago

ByteDance Admits Staff Obtained TikTok Data Of Journalists

Chinese parent of TikTok says some staff improperly accessed TikTok user data of two journalists and have been let go

1 year ago

US Charges Two Chinese Intelligence Officers In Huawei Case

BREAKING....multiple charges and arrests in US of mostly Chinese intelligence agents, in case involving a PRC telecoms firm

2 years ago

Former Twitter Executive Convicted Of Spying For Saudi Arabia

Spying scandal. Former Twitter executive found guilty in San Francisco courtroom of spying for Saudi Arabia and accessing account data

2 years ago

NSO Boss To Be Questioned By Spanish Judge Over Spyware Claim

Spain's High Court on Tuesday called for CEO of Israel's NSO to testify in case about Pegasus spying on Spanish…

2 years ago

NSO Spyware ‘Used To Hack US Diplomats’

Apple alerts employees of US State Department of hacking by NSO Group's controversial Pegasus spyware as row over state-backed hacking…

3 years ago

Julian Assange Loses Court Ruling Over US Extradiction

British judge rules US government can be given more grounds to appeal against January decision not to extradite Assange to…

3 years ago

France’s Macron Changes Phone, After NSO Pegasus Report

Just in case. French President Emmanuel Macron changes both his physical phone, and his phone number, after Pegasus hack reports

3 years ago

NSO Group: Blame The Customer, Not Us

Enough is enough says NSO, as it denies French President Macron was a target, and said people should rather blame…

3 years ago

NSO Denies Allegations Pegasus Targeted Activists, Journalists

NSO denies allegations that its Pegasus spyware was used on a “massive scale” and targetted political leaders, journalists and activists

3 years ago

NSA Denies Spying Allegation Made By Tucker Carlson

US intelligence agency denies surprising allegation by right wing Fox News host Tucker Carlson that NSA is spying on him…

3 years ago

Tesla Car Cameras Not Activated Outside North America

No spying. US electric car giant Tesla tells China that the cameras on its cars are not activated outside of…

3 years ago

Baltimore Ends Controversial Spy Planes Over Privacy Fears

Controversial aerial surveillance program in major US city to reduce crime ended, after lawsuit and pressure from civil rights group

3 years ago

Google Violated Law By Spying On Staff, Complaint Alleges

Complaint alleges Google broke US labour laws when it 'spied' on staff who organised employee protests, before firing them

4 years ago

Amazon Respects Rights Of Workers To Join Union

Not a problem? Amazon responds to media report on union activity tracking, by saying it respects worker rights to join…

4 years ago

Amazon Hires Former NSA Director In Charge During Snowden Revelations

Amazon names former NSA director to board of directors, who was also the man in charge when Edward Snowden blew…

4 years ago