Former Twitter Executive Convicted Of Spying For Saudi Arabia

Spying scandal. Former Twitter executive found guilty in San Francisco courtroom of spying for Saudi Arabia and accessing account data

6 days ago

NSO Boss To Be Questioned By Spanish Judge Over Spyware Claim

Spain's High Court on Tuesday called for CEO of Israel's NSO to testify in case about Pegasus spying on Spanish…

2 months ago

NSO Spyware ‘Used To Hack US Diplomats’

Apple alerts employees of US State Department of hacking by NSO Group's controversial Pegasus spyware as row over state-backed hacking…

8 months ago

Julian Assange Loses Court Ruling Over US Extradiction

British judge rules US government can be given more grounds to appeal against January decision not to extradite Assange to…

1 year ago

France’s Macron Changes Phone, After NSO Pegasus Report

Just in case. French President Emmanuel Macron changes both his physical phone, and his phone number, after Pegasus hack reports

1 year ago

NSO Group: Blame The Customer, Not Us

Enough is enough says NSO, as it denies French President Macron was a target, and said people should rather blame…

1 year ago

NSO Denies Allegations Pegasus Targeted Activists, Journalists

NSO denies allegations that its Pegasus spyware was used on a “massive scale” and targetted political leaders, journalists and activists

1 year ago

NSA Denies Spying Allegation Made By Tucker Carlson

US intelligence agency denies surprising allegation by right wing Fox News host Tucker Carlson that NSA is spying on him…

1 year ago

Tesla Car Cameras Not Activated Outside North America

No spying. US electric car giant Tesla tells China that the cameras on its cars are not activated outside of…

1 year ago

Baltimore Ends Controversial Spy Planes Over Privacy Fears

Controversial aerial surveillance program in major US city to reduce crime ended, after lawsuit and pressure from civil rights group

2 years ago

Google Violated Law By Spying On Staff, Complaint Alleges

Complaint alleges Google broke US labour laws when it 'spied' on staff who organised employee protests, before firing them

2 years ago

Amazon Respects Rights Of Workers To Join Union

Not a problem? Amazon responds to media report on union activity tracking, by saying it respects worker rights to join…

2 years ago

Amazon Hires Former NSA Director In Charge During Snowden Revelations

Amazon names former NSA director to board of directors, who was also the man in charge when Edward Snowden blew…

2 years ago

Amazon Withdraws Job Listing For Union ‘Analyst’ – Report

Did Amazon attempt to hire people to spy on union activity within workforce? E-commerce giant says wording for position was…

2 years ago

US ‘Set To Ground Civilian Drone Programme’ Over Spying Risk

Department of the Interior may permanently ground fleet of nearly 1,000 civilian drones over China espionage fears

3 years ago

WhatsApp Hack Targetted Senior Government Officials

Hack of WhatsApp more sinister than first thought, with high-profile government and military officials of US allies targetted

3 years ago

Official Chinese App Allows Backdoor Access To Phones, Warns Cure 53

Security vendor finds heavily promoted Chinese app contains code to allow state monitoring of phones

3 years ago

Snap Employees ‘Abused Internal Tools To Spy On Users’

The 'disappearing' message platform vendor has dedicated tools to gather user data for internal purposes, and has had to contend…

3 years ago

Chinese Drones Pose Spying Risk, US Authorities Warn

Drones manufactured or sold by Chinese firms, such as market leader DJI, may pose a risk to national security or…

3 years ago

Huawei Ready To Sign No Spy Deals, As Trump Readies Complete Ban

Trump reportedly readies executive order that would ban Huawei kit from all US telecom networks

3 years ago

Netherlands Task Force To Probe 5G Security Amid Huawei Furore

Meanwhile, Belgium says it has found no evidence so far that Huawei equipment could be used for spying

3 years ago

Chipmaker ASML Admits IP Theft, But Rejects China Claim

Dutch chipmaker says workers in US stole intellectual property, but rejects Chinese espionage implications

3 years ago

Amazon Workers Listen To Alexa Recordings – Report

Are you listening Alexa? Amazon staff are “reviewing” audio clips of people speaking to their Echo smart speakers

3 years ago

Huawei Slams US ‘Loser Attitude’ Amid Strong Results

Chairman of Chinese firm has harsh words for US administration and its campaign against it

3 years ago

Huawei Setback After British Reprimand Over Flaws

Unusually direct criticism of Chinese giant, with no confidence expressed in its ability to deal with “underlying defects”

3 years ago

US Warns Of Pull Out Where Huawei Kit Is Used

Secretary of State warns US will not be able to operate in environments where Huawei equipment is used

3 years ago

Huawei Founder Slams US Arrest Of His Daughter

Reclusive founder says he would close down Huawei before allowing it to undertake spying activities

3 years ago

Angela Merkel Demands Espionage Guarantees From Huawei

Denmark expels two Huawei staff, and Norway's intelligence boss issues warning about the Chinese firm

4 years ago

Reclusive Huawei Founder Says Firm Does Not Spy For China

Ren Zhengfei's comments follow the arrest of a Huawei staff in Poland on spying charges, the latest incident to put…

4 years ago