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2 months ago

SpaceX Scrubs Falcon Heavy Spaceplane Launch At Last Minute

SpaceX cancels launch of Boeing unmanned spaceplane atop Falcon Heavy rocket minutes before liftoff, reschedules Starlink launch for Tuesday

4 months ago

Japan Space Agency Hacked, But No Rocket Data Accessed

Admission of 'unauthorised access' of a network server at Japan's space agency (JAXA), but sensitive data not compromised

5 months ago

Space Start-Up Investment Sees Third-Quarter Growth

Investment in space start-ups sees growth in third quarter for first time in more than a year as investors look…

6 months ago

US Government Issues First-Ever Space Debris Penalty

US FCC slaps Dish Network with first-ever space debris fine, after 20 year-old satellite fails to reach agreed 'disposal orbit'

7 months ago

Russia’s First Moon Mission In Decades Ends In Failure

Russia's first Moon mission since 1976 ends in failure as spacecraft spins out of control and crashes into lunar surface

8 months ago

Russia To Launch First Moon Mission Since 1976

Russia set to launch first lunar lander mission since 1976 this week as it targets south pole water exploration

9 months ago

Virgin Galactic To Transport First Mother, Daughter Into Space

Mother and daughter from Caribbean set to travel into space aboard second Virgin Galactic commercial flight

9 months ago

Amazon Builds $120m Florida Facility For Internet Satellites

Amazon says building massive processing facility in Florida for Project Kuiper broadband satellites as it races to catch up to…

9 months ago

Toyota Looks To Lunar Water To Power Manned Moon Vehicle

Toyota building Lunar Cruiser manned moon vehicle with regenerative fuel cell that produces electricity from sunlight and lunar water

9 months ago

India Launches Chandrayaan-3 Lunar Landing Mission

India's ISRO launches Chandrayaan-3 mission to put lander and rover on Moon's south pole, following failed 2019 attempt

9 months ago

China ‘To Put Humans On Moon’ By 2030

China confirms objective to put humans on Moon by 2030 as it presents increasingly direct competition to US space programme

11 months ago

Mystery China Space Vehicle Returns To Earth

Experimental Chinese reusable space vehicle returns to Earth after 276-day mission for vehicle thought similar to US Space Force's X-37B

12 months ago

Japan’s ispace Admits Moon Lander Likely Crashed

First-ever lunar landing by a private company ends, after Japanese start-up ispace admits moon lander likely crashed

12 months ago

Japan Start-Up iSpace Prepares First Commercial Moon Landing

Japanese start-up ispace prepares to attempt first-ever commercial lunar landing on Tuesday with M1 mission

12 months ago

China To Explore 3D Printing For Moon Base

Upcoming China lunar probe to investigate use of 3D printing to build manned habitations on lunar surface from moon soil…

12 months ago

SpaceX Postpones Starship Launch, Citing Technical Glitch

SpaceX cancels test-launch of massive Starship vehicle after identifying malfunctioning pressurant valve, may retry this week

1 year ago

SpaceX Prepares To Launch Most Powerful Rocket Ever Made

SpaceX prepares to test-launch Starship rocket with Super Heavy booster, delivering nearly twice the power of NASA's SLS

1 year ago

Virgin Orbit Files For Bankruptcy In US

Sir Richard Branson satellite launch firm Virgin Orbit files for bankruptcy in US after failing to secure funding, 18 months…

1 year ago

SpaceX May Attempt Starship Launch In March

Elon Musk says first SpaceX Starship orbital launch may take place in March as company seeks critical test of long-range…

1 year ago

First-Ever UK Satellite Launch Ends In Failure

First-ever satellite launch from UK soil ends in failure after 'anomaly' affects Virgin Orbit LauncherOne rocket

1 year ago

Artemis I Mission Arrives At Moon

NASA's Artemis I mission successfully delivers unmanned Orion capsule into proximity with Moon in landmark technology test

1 year ago

Data Centre In Space Feasibility Study To Be Led By Thales

Talk about cloud computing! European Commission chooses Thales Alenia Space to lead feasibility study for data centres in orbit

1 year ago

Crewed Boeing Starliner Spaceflight Set For April 2023 Launch

Two month delay to launch of first crewed mission aboard Boeing's Starliner, which seeks to compete with Elon Musk's SpaceX

1 year ago

ESA In Talks With SpaceX Over Launches To Replace Soyuz

European Space Agency confirms it is in talks with SpaceX over using Falcon 9 as temporary backup after sanctions block…

2 years ago

Debris From SpaceX Dragon Capsule Lands On Australian Farm

Chunks of space debris found on Australia mountain top farmland identified as remains of a four ton SpaceX Dragon capsule

2 years ago

Boeing Starliner Launches Successfully, On Route To International Space Station

Boeing's crewless space taxi, CST-100 Starliner, one step closer to NASA certification, as it enters orbit carrying supplies for International…

2 years ago

SpaceX Rocket Carries First-Ever Private Crew Into Orbit

SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule carries first-ever crew of four private citizens to International Space Station as US seeks to commercialise…

2 years ago

Launch Of OneWeb Satellites Halted By Russian Demands

Russian space agency will not launch three dozen OneWeb internet satellites as planned on Friday, unless the UK government removes…

2 years ago

FAA Grounds Virgin Galactic Pending Flight Deviation Report

US Federal Aviation Administration grounds Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo amidst probe into shallower-than-expected flight path of July rocket trip into space

3 years ago