Boeing Starliner Launches Successfully, On Route To International Space Station

Boeing's crewless space taxi, CST-100 Starliner, one step closer to NASA certification, as it enters orbit carrying supplies for International…

4 days ago

SpaceX Rocket Carries First-Ever Private Crew Into Orbit

SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule carries first-ever crew of four private citizens to International Space Station as US seeks to commercialise…

1 month ago

Launch Of OneWeb Satellites Halted By Russian Demands

Russian space agency will not launch three dozen OneWeb internet satellites as planned on Friday, unless the UK government removes…

3 months ago

FAA Grounds Virgin Galactic Pending Flight Deviation Report

US Federal Aviation Administration grounds Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo amidst probe into shallower-than-expected flight path of July rocket trip into space

9 months ago

Blue Origin Successfully Completes First Test Flight, After Jeff Bezos Mission

Blue Origin test flight successfully reuses the New Shepard rocket that carried Jeff Bezos and others to space last month

9 months ago

SpaceX Assembles Biggest Rocket Ever Constructed

SpaceX Super Heavy booster and Starship vehicle combine to make tallest rocket ever constructed, as company plans manned voyages to…

10 months ago

Virgin Galactic Prices Spaceflight Tickets at $450,000 Per Seat

Does that include an inflight meal? Single seat on Sir Richard's Virgin Galactic spacefight priced at an eyewatering $450,000

10 months ago

Sir Richard Branson Wins Battle Of Billionaire Space Race

Sir Richard beats Bezos into outer space. But Blue Origin mocks Virgin Galactic and points out that Sir Richard didn't…

11 months ago

Virgin Galactic Receives US Approval For Space Travel

Richard Branson's spaceship venture Virgin Galactic approved by US FAA to fly people to space after successful test flight

11 months ago

China’s Zhurong Rover Takes Selfie On Martian Surface

China's Mars rover, Zhurong, takes self-portrait as it explores Utopia Planitia region of Red Planet at same time as NASA's…

11 months ago

Jeff Bezos And Brother Book Seat On Blue Origin Debut Space Flight

World's richest man, Jeff Bezos, and his brother Mark, are to fly up to outer space on Blue Origin's first…

12 months ago

SpaceX Launches Third Crewed Flight Into Orbit

SpaceX's third-ever crewed flight reuses both Crew Dragon capsule 'Endeavour' and Falcon 9 booster, in a first for company

1 year ago

NASA Helicopter Makes History With First Flight On Other Planet

Historic first flight of small helicopter on an offworld planet, after NASA successfully launches small helicopter on Mars

1 year ago

US Congress Probes ‘Risky’ SpaceX Launch

US Congress says it is investigating regulators' handling of SpaceX flight that violated safety rules and other launches that 'raise…

1 year ago

NASA Successfully Tests Moon Rocket

NASA successfully tests Space Launch System, a rocket intended to send humans back to the the lunar surface and eventually…

1 year ago

NASA Confirms Water On Sunlit Surface Of Moon

Space agency NASA confirms water found on sunlight sections of the moon, expanding the location options for a permanent lunar…

2 years ago

SpaceX Prepares For First Manned Mission

SpaceX Crew Dragon set to deliver two NASA astronauts to International Space Station this week, after 10 years of preparation

2 years ago

Latest SpaceX Funding Round Could Value Company At £28bn

Elon Musk's rocket company looks to raise additional $250m as it builds satellite broadband network, NASA orbital vehicle and Mars…

2 years ago

SpaceX Shows ‘Starship’ Mars Rocket Prototype

Giant stainless-steel space vehicle is set to begin tests in the coming weeks, as SpaceX system for delivering crew to…

3 years ago

HPE Supercomputer Is Big Step Towards Building Tech For Mission To Mars

HPE and NASA hope Spaceborne computer will work in space for a whole year, paving the way for long range…

5 years ago

Queen’s Speech Targets Data Protection, Driverless Cars, And Space Travel

Brexit focus, but tech still features in Queen's speech, including new data protection laws and driverless cars

5 years ago

Quest For Global Wi-Fi Could Result In Explosion Of Space Junk

European Space Agency calls for measures to prevent 50 percent increase in catastrophic satellite collisions

5 years ago

Hack Attacks On Satellites Pose ‘Catastrophic’ Risk To The World

Chatham House researchers warn space assets are ripe targets for cyber criminals, hackers and terrorists

6 years ago

Space Tech Gets £2m Funding And Earth Observation Portal

The government is aiming to boost development of UK technologies based on earth observation satellites

6 years ago

Elon Musk, SpaceX, Artificial Intelligence And Iain M Banks

BLOG: The story behind Musk's intriguing names for SpaceX's Falcon 9 landing drone ships

6 years ago

BBC Will Live-Stream Scotland V England Six Nations Match To Space

British astronaut will be able to watch the six nations match live from International Space Station

6 years ago

Decommissioned GPS Satellite Knocked Out UK Digital Radio Broadcasts

A GPS satellite taken out of service last week by the US Air Force caused a software glitch that affected…

6 years ago

Amazon Founder Signs Deal To Develop American-Made Rocket Engines

Bezos' Blue Origin and United Launch Alliance will co-develop rocket engine based on Russian RD-180, no longer available since a…

7 years ago

Helium Hard Drives Capturing The Supermassive Black Hole In The Centre Of The Galaxy

HGST to deploy helium drives that function better than air-filled HDDs at high-altitude observatories to store data from the edge…

7 years ago

Inmarsat Gets European Space Agency Backing For Mobile Satellite Services

ESA funding for Inmarsat will go on study looking at next generation of mobile satellite technologies

7 years ago