Apple In Spotlight Over Employee NDAs

Former Apple engineer filed whistleblower complaint with US financial regulator over nondisclosure agreement (NDA) attempt

6 days ago

Twitter Backs Elon Musk Selling 10 Percent Of Tesla

What SEC scrutiny? Elon Musk asks Twitter users whether he should sell 10 percent of Tesla, and majority back share…

3 weeks ago

US Financial Regulator ‘Carrying Out Massive SolarWinds Probe’

Many US companies are reportedly concerned they could be exposed to liability after Securities and Exchange Commission requests breach data

3 months ago

US Regulator ‘Investigating’ Crypto Exchange Developer Uniswap Labs

US Securities and Exchange Commission reportedly launches probe into Uniswap Labs, developer of world's biggest decentralised finance platform

3 months ago

SEC Head Calls For Power To Regulate Cryptocurrencies

Chairman of the US financial regulator calls on Congress for authorisation to police cryptocurrency trading, lending and platforms

4 months ago

US Tightens Rules For Chinese IPOs After Didi Debacle

US Securities and Exchange Commission requires disclosure of risks from Chinese regulators for Chinese companies' IPOs following Didi selloff

4 months ago

Two Elon Musk Tweets Violated SEC Agreement – Report

Casual tweeting habit of Tesla boss Elon Musk once again in the spotlight, after running afoul of SEC settlement agreement

6 months ago

Elon Musk, Tesla Board Sued Over ‘Erratic’ Tweets

Tesla's Musk and company board sued over failure to rein in 'erratic' Twitter messages that allegedly violate 2018 SEC settlement

9 months ago

Elon Musk Tweet Erases $14bn From Tesla’s Market Value

Musk's latest series of bizarre tweets criticises California's coronavirus lockdown and says Tesla's shares are 'too high', causing them to…

2 years ago

Juniper Networks Settles Bribery Probe

Networking giant Juniper agrees to pay $11.7 million as part of bribery settlement with SEC

2 years ago

Elon Musk Settlement Slammed By SEC Commissioner

Musk's settlement with financial regulator over his use of Twitter criticised by SEC commissioner

3 years ago

Elon Musk Settles With SEC Over Twitter Use

Musk muzzled? CEO agrees to have financial tweets and statements vetted by legal counsel first

3 years ago

Tesla’s Elon Musk Hits Out At US SEC

Telsa boss has “no respect” for the US Securities and Exchanges Commission after stepping down as chairman

3 years ago

Tesla Receives Subpoenas In US Fraud Probes

The SEC and the FBI have both issued legal writs as they broaden their investigations into Tesla's tumultuous dealings with…

3 years ago

Elon Musk Agrees To Step Down As Tesla Chairman

Elon Musk settles with SEC with $20m payout and steps down as Tesla chairman, but more importantly avoids management ban

3 years ago

US Regulator Seeks Elon Musk Removal At Tesla

One tweet too far? SEC accuses Musk of securities fraud and seeks his removal as the head of Telsa

3 years ago

Latest US Probe Focuses On Facebook’s Statements In Data Scandal

The SEC's investigation into Facebook's data policies joins those of the FBI, the FTC and the Justice Department

3 years ago

Serious Oracle Access Manager Vulnerability Patched

Oracle patches a serious vulnerability that could allow an attacker to impersonate arbitrary users (even admins)

4 years ago

SEC Orders Amazon Shareholder Vote Over Gender Pay

Amazon shareholders ordered to vote on proposal over salaries between men and women employees

6 years ago

Qualcomm Agrees To Pay $7.5m China Bribery Fine

Chipmaker reportedly hired relatives of Chinese officials and splashed out on gifts for telecoms executives

6 years ago

IBM Under Accounting Investigation For Transactions in US, UK, and Ireland

IBM admits United States Securities and Exchange Commission has been probing company practices since August

6 years ago

SEC Files Insider Trading Charges After Financial Wire Hack

Authorities charge 32 people after international group hacked financial newswires to trade shares on the stock market

6 years ago

SEC Investigates Hackers For Insider Trading

Show me the money! US financial regulator hunts hackers who used stolen data for insider trades

6 years ago

Juniper Networks Faces Bribery Probe

US financial regulators have opened a bribery investigation at Juniper Networks

8 years ago

US Federal Judge Rules Bitcoins Are “A Form Of Money”, Can Be Regulated

Securities and Exchange Commission gets a green light to investigate Bitcoin companies

8 years ago

IBM Confirms SEC Probe Into Cloud Revenues

IBM is undergoing an official SEC investigation over how it reports its cloud revenue

8 years ago

Report: US Finance Officials Brought Sensitive Data To Hacker Convention

Security experts from the US' Securities and Exchange Commission travelled to the Black Hat Security Briefings conference with laptops containing…

9 years ago

Facebook Passes 900 Million User Mark But Q1 Profits Fall

Total quarterly revenue rises 45 percent from Q1 2011 but 'seasonal factors' and increasing costs dent profits

10 years ago

Facebook May Have To State Financials – Or Go Public

Facebook is near the SEC's 500-private shareholder threshold and may have to publicly state financials by 2012

11 years ago

Dell Investors Voice Opposition To Michael Dell

While analysts applaud Dell's Streak, investors are taking a more negative view of the company's chief

11 years ago