Online Safety Bill To Include Online Scam Protections

Further tweak to the Government's Online Safety Bill will place onus on tech platforms to protect users from fraudulent adverts…

2 years ago

Tech Giants Defend Record Against Online Scams

Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Google respond to MPs over their role in facilitating online scams, as fraud activity skyrockets during…

3 years ago

Hackers Use Coronavirus Scare To Attack Government Systems

Attack groups make use of chaos around coronavirus to target organisations in Mongolia, South Korea, Ukraine, Vietnam and elsewhere

4 years ago

Banks Launch Fraud Repayment Scheme

The voluntary refund programme aims to address 'no fault' scams in which customers are tricked into authorising payments, but not…

5 years ago

HMRC Stops Phone Scammers Reaching 1m People

HMRC takes control of scam websites promoting misleading and expensive phone services

7 years ago

Dating Scams Rife In Norfolk, While Cyber Fraud Rises In The UK

Consumer watchdog Which? has created a map highlighting cyber scam hotspots

7 years ago

Fake Google Play Minecraft Apps Flood Users With Scams And Ads

87 fake Minecraft apps have been discovered, with a combined total of 990,000 installs

7 years ago

Twitter’s Sponsored Tweets Used For Credit Card Phishing

Malwarebytes finds a scam masquerading under the offer of Twitter verification

8 years ago

The 5 Biggest Scams To Avoid In The January Sales – And How To Avoid Them

Norton by Symantec highlights the worst scams that are cropping up during the festive holidays

9 years ago

Eight In Ten Olympic Websites Are Scams

The majority of Games-related websites are run by fraudsters, says Zscaler

12 years ago

The Olympic Scams Medal Winners

Such crafty Olympic-themed scams as our medal winners are going to be rife across the Web this week, so watch…

12 years ago

Affiliate Marketing Sites Used In Majority Of 2011 Facebook Scams

Most Facebook scams in 2011 tricked users into going to affiliate marketing sites to fill out surveys, Commtouch said

13 years ago

Cybersquatting: A New Spin On An Old Crime

New scams are often based on old tricks and sometimes it is the simplest ruse that gains the richest rewards,…

13 years ago

Beware Of Rogue Apps, Warns Safety Campaign

Malware infested apps can send hundreds of premium texts, warns Get Safe Online

13 years ago

Nasty ‘Nice Pack’ Exploit Kit Targets Retail Card Info

Attacks on retailer Websites using exploit kits to steal card details and SQL injection exploits increase

13 years ago

Steve Jobs’ Passing Exploited By Facebook Scammers

Facebook users shared links about Steve Jobs' death while sick scammers cashed in on the interest

13 years ago

Protecting Facebook Users Makes Good Websense

It's great to see Facebook shelling out on Websense security to protect its users - but who will protect us…

13 years ago

Twin Tower Attack Anniversary Fuels Scams

Attackers are taking advantage of the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Centre attacks to spread scareware

13 years ago

Video Calling Trend Adds A New Face To Social Networks

Facebook Video Calling with Skype is attracting interest from all sides of the industry, including scammers

13 years ago

Survey Reveals Extent of Internet Phone Scam

A new survey has revealed the true impact from the phone fraudsters who warn users their PCs are at risk

13 years ago

Social Network Scams: Biggest Security Threat For 2011

Facebook may not be up to the job of securing its service, or may not care, warns Graham Cluley of…

13 years ago

Sophos Names US As Top Spam Relayer

A Sophos report has named the United States as the main culprit, relaying nearly a fifth of the world's spam

14 years ago