Amazon Gains FCC Approval For $10 Billion Broadband Satellite Project

Watch out SpaceX and OneWeb, as Amazon's Project Kuiper gains official approval from the FCC for 3,200 broadband satellites

2 months ago

UK Government To Acquire £400 Million Stake In OneWeb

Watch out SpaceX's Elon Musk? British government and Bharti Global announce deal to acquire satellite broadband company OneWeb

3 months ago

SpaceX Mission Delivers Astronauts Into Orbit

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carries two NASA astronauts to International Space Station in historic first for a private company

4 months ago

SpaceX Promises To Fix ‘Brightness’ From Satellite Fleet

Stargazer complaints about the growing fleet of SpaceX satellite ruining their ability to see the stars has brought a response…

5 months ago

Satellite Company OneWeb Collapses Amidst Pandemic Fallout

Satellite broadband company OneWeb runs out of cash, with lead investor SoftBank pulling out amidst financial chaos caused by coronavirus…

6 months ago

OneWeb Launches More Satellites, Despite Bankruptcy Report

London-based broadband provider launches more satellites into space to increase coverage, despite Coronavirus and reports of bankruptcy move

6 months ago

SpaceX Blasts Off More Satellites, Amid Pandemic

Another 60 Starlink satellites fired off into Earth's orbit, as the Coronavirus sweeps the planet and communities below

6 months ago

OneWeb Launches Another 34 Broadband Satellites

SpaceX challenger OneWeb this week launched another 34 satellites to bring its total to 40 in orbit, as its rivalry…

8 months ago

UK Firm SSTL Approved For Data-Relay Spacecraft For Moon

Ground control to Major Tom. British firm SSTL and its 'Lunar Pathfinder' will provide communications with missions on moon surface

8 months ago

SpaceX Adds To Growing Satellite Broadband Constellation

Another 60 Starlink broadband satellites launched by SpaceX, as part of its planned 12,000 strong constellation

9 months ago

Apple ‘Working On Secret Satellite Data Project’

iPhone maker hiring engineers to develop satellite data tech, potentially allowing it to link iPhones direclty to satellite data services

9 months ago

SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite Broadband Tested By US Military

The US Air Force has tested ultra-fast broadband in a plane's cockpit, thanks to Space X's growing satellite network

11 months ago

SpaceX Plans 24 Starlink Launches Next Year

SpaceX executive confirms low earth orbit-based broadband project will see 24 Starlink launches in 2020

1 year ago

OneWeb Satellite Network Denies Russia Refused Approval

Satellite firm denies Russia refused approval for it to use radio frequencies in that country

1 year ago

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launches Experimental Satellites

The payloads included a NASA atomic clock and a solar sail project for the Planetary Society

1 year ago

Bezos Admits Amazon Broadband Satellite Network Will Cost Billions

Amazon boss opens up about satellite plan, as animal rights protester interrupts him on stage

1 year ago

SpaceX Set To Launch First ‘Production’ Broadband Satellites

The launch planned for this week follows that of two demonstration satellites in 2018

1 year ago

Start-Up OneWeb Seals Funding For Massive Broadband Satellite Launch

OneWeb has now raised some £2.6bn toward its plans for a global satellite-based broadband network, with a major launch campaign…

2 years ago

SpaceX Starts Construction Of Mars Rocket Prototype

The company also launched its first navigation satellite for the US military, in a win against Boeing and Lockheed-Martin

2 years ago

UK Set To Announce Funding For Independent Satellite System

The government has reportedly cleared the way for work to begin on a navigation system to rival the EU's Galileo

2 years ago

ViaSat’s Most Powerful Broadband Satellite Fired Into Orbit

Inflight broadband should get a lot better as new satellite signals speedier connectivity for travellers

3 years ago

Malaysian Airlines Is First To Use New Satellite Flight Tracking System

New satellite flight tracking system will enable global coverage when it goes live in 2018 - four years after the…

3 years ago

Quest For Global Wi-Fi Could Result In Explosion Of Space Junk

European Space Agency calls for measures to prevent 50 percent increase in catastrophic satellite collisions

3 years ago

European In-Flight Wi-Fi Moves A Step Closer After Inmarsat Test

Using Wi-Fi on British Airways and other carriers in Europe will soon be a possibility after Inmarsat completes latest test

4 years ago

Ofcom Could ‘Liberalise’ Spectrum Allocation For Satellite Broadband

Easier access to spectrum, with provision of additional spectrum among watchdog promises for satellite broadband

4 years ago

Vodafone Powers IoT Network With 2017 Nb-IoT Rollout And Satellite Roaming

Vodafone will rollout Nb-IoT and satellite coverage to improve the power efficiency and reach of its global IoT network

4 years ago

Hack Attacks On Satellites Pose ‘Catastrophic’ Risk To The World

Chatham House researchers warn space assets are ripe targets for cyber criminals, hackers and terrorists

4 years ago

Space Tech Gets £2m Funding And Earth Observation Portal

The government is aiming to boost development of UK technologies based on earth observation satellites

4 years ago

ViaSat Brings Satellite Broadband To Air Force One

ViaSat promises US President will have the same level of connectivity on Air Force One as they do in the…

4 years ago

EMN Will Combine Cellular And Satellite To Aid Emergency Mobile Services

Manx Telecom and Globalstar will co-develop EMN, a hybrid cellular-satellite system they say can result in more affordable, ubiquitous connectivit

4 years ago