Richard Branson

Blue Origin Successfully Completes First Test Flight, After Jeff Bezos Mission

Blue Origin test flight successfully reuses the New Shepard rocket that carried Jeff Bezos and others to space last month

3 months ago

Virgin Galactic Prices Spaceflight Tickets at $450,000 Per Seat

Does that include an inflight meal? Single seat on Sir Richard's Virgin Galactic spacefight priced at an eyewatering $450,000

4 months ago

Jeff Bezos Completes Blue Origin Spaceflight

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos briefly lost his title as the richest man on earth, after he blasted off into outer…

4 months ago

Sir Richard Branson Wins Battle Of Billionaire Space Race

Sir Richard beats Bezos into outer space. But Blue Origin mocks Virgin Galactic and points out that Sir Richard didn't…

5 months ago

Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic To Beat Jeff Bezos To Space

Beating Bezos. Surprise from Virgin Galactic that its first spaceflight will carry Richard Branson to space before Jeff Bezos

5 months ago

Passenger Bids $28 Million To Join Jeff Bezos On Blue Origin Debut

Blue Origin announces winner of live auction to join Jeff Bezos and his brother on debut spaceflight next month

6 months ago

OneWeb Secures ‘Largest Ever’ Rocket Acquisition For Satellite Internet Launch

Richard Branson and Qualcomm-backed OneWeb moves closer to launch

6 years ago

Facebook To Bring Service To Europe

Richard Branson joins in with impromptu and wide-ranging Q&A with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

7 years ago

When Will Virgin Launch Its Own Electric Car?

Virgin, which already competes in the all-electric Formula E race, said it may develop a consumer vehicle

7 years ago

Winklevoss Twins Use Bitcoin To Pay For Virgin Galactic Space Trip

The twins who claim to have invented Facebook praise the spirit of exploration, compare Richard Branson to Marco Polo

8 years ago

LeWeb 2012: Branson Backs $10m Codecademy Financing

Codecademy announces $10m of funding, as Branson looks to expand his investment in tech start-ups

9 years ago