Former Google Scientist Timnit Gebru Founds AI Institute

One year after her controversial exit from Alphabet's Google, AI scientist Timnit Gebru launches small lab to continue her research

5 days ago

Facebook Defends Cutting Off Researcher Access To Data

Pot kettle black? Social networking giant Facebook says research cannot be justification for compromising people's privacy, after issuing repeated warnings

4 months ago

UK’s Most Powerful Supercomputer, Cambridge-1, Targets Healthcare

Nvidia's Cambridge-1 is now the UK's most powerful supercomputer, and will offer research capabilities for healthcare and AI

5 months ago

US Sets Next Stage For $250bn Bill To Counter China Tech

US Senate set to resume debate of $250bn US Innovation and Competition Act that looks to counter the global influence…

6 months ago

Queen’s Speech: Government Targets Skills, Advanced Research, Online Safety

Government unveils ambitious raft of changes including a lifetime skills guarantee, an advanced research agency, online safety, and many more

7 months ago

US Bill Would Create White House ‘Chief Manufacturing Officer’

US Senate drafts bill worth $110bn that would create White House-level manufacturing chief to build up supply chain resiliency, counter…

7 months ago

IBM Claims Breakthrough With 2 Nanometer Chip

Research boffins at IBM are touting a major leap forward in performance and energy efficiency with a 'world first' 2nm…

7 months ago

Neuralink Video Shows Monkey Playing Pong With Its Mind

Video posted by Elon Musk start-up Neuralink shows macaque monkey playing Pong with brain signals transmitted via wireless interface

8 months ago

Google To Change Review Process Of Scientist Work

Executives at troubled Google AI research unit say they are working to retain trust, after departures of two notable women

10 months ago

Google Begins Investigation Of AI Staffer Over Data Transfer

Google reportedly begins investigation and locks the corporate account of member of its ethical AI team, after sensitive data transfer

11 months ago

Google Asked AI Researchers To Strike Positive Tone – Report

Scientific papers generated internally at the search engine giant are now subjected to “sensitive topics” review, it has been reported

12 months ago

Chinese Researchers Claim Quantum Supremacy Breakthrough

Chinese photon-based quantum computer carries out experiment that would take supercomputer billions of years, following Google breakthrough last year

1 year ago

Huawei Helps Support 51,000 UK Jobs, Study Finds

Independent study from Oxford Economics reveals scale of Huawei's contribution to UK plc, including payment of £1.1 billion in tax…

1 year ago

Nvidia Partners University Of Florida To Build AI Supercomputer

Supercomputer for Florida university will offer 700 petaflops of AI performance to “tackle some of the world's most formidable challenges”

1 year ago

Researchers Find Weaknesses In Apple-Google Trace Tech

Apple and Google's coronavirus contact-tracing framework fails to accurately log exposures on a commuter bus, Dublin academic study finds

1 year ago

FBI Official Warns Government Hackers Are Targetting Covid-19 Research

Senior FBI official warns foreign government hackers have compromised healthcare firms conducting research for Coronavirus treatments

2 years ago

Google Takes Dataset Search Out Of Beta

Custom-built framework aims to help researchers find the vast amount of data published online by labs, governments, universities and other…

2 years ago

Tesla To Open Chinese Design And Research Centre

New Chinese research and design centre planned for Tesla to make “Chinese-style” vehicles and follows its Chinese factory in Shanghai

2 years ago

Programming Shortcuts ‘Lead To Security Risks’

New research highlights vulnerability risk of using potentially insecure code snippets posted on social media outlets such as Stack Overflow

2 years ago

Social Networking Does Not Hurt Teenagers – Study

More evidence that parental concern over tech and social networking is misplaced in Oxford University study

3 years ago

Study Of Pre-Installed Android Software Finds Privacy ‘Wild West’

Pre-installed apps collect a wide range of information and send it to remote servers with little oversight or control, finds…

3 years ago

Alexa Urges User To ‘Kill Foster Parents’ In Unsettling Incident

Amazon's use of experimental chatbots on its Alexa AI platform has led to some disturbing conversations and a security breach,…

3 years ago

US Military To Spend £1.54bn On AI Research

The move follows Google's decision to step back from controversial drone AI research scheme Project Maven

3 years ago

Alphabet’s X Spins Off Wing, Loon Into Separate Companies

The research projects, dealing with delivery drones and balloon-based internet provision, are to join Alphabet's 'Other Bets' division

3 years ago

US Military Backs Research Into AI ‘Common Sense’

The Defence Department's Darpa agency wants machines that can adapt to their environment and are better at spotting counterfeit imagery

3 years ago

T-Mobile Buys Sprint In £19bn Mega-Deal

The deal would give the combined T-Mobile more funds to invest in infrastructure and 5G development

4 years ago

Government, Tech Firms Invest £1bn Into British AI Industry

Deal worth £1 billion from private sector and government to put UK at forefront of artificial intelligence industry

4 years ago

EU Calls For €20bn Artificial Intelligence Cash Injection

A major increase in AI investment is needed to catch up with the US and Asia and prevent brain drain,…

4 years ago

UK To Work With Michigan On Driverless Cars

The US state, home to the Big Three US automakers, is to work with British organisations on ideas and policies

4 years ago