Musk’s Neuralink Seeks Patients For Clinical Trial

Elon Musk brain-chip start-up Neuralink seeks patients for feasibility study after implanting chip in first patient earlier this year

3 weeks ago

Tencent Uses AI To Help Decipher Ancient Chinese Script

China's most valuable internet company develops AI database to help researchers decipher ancient oracle bone script

3 weeks ago

Study Finds Public Interest In AI Lags Industry Hype

Reuters Institute and Oxford University find public not routinely using generative AI in spite of billions invested in sector

3 weeks ago

Google Consolidates DeepMind And AI Research Teams

AI push sees Alphabet's Google saying it will consolidate its AI teams in its Research and DeepMind divisions

2 months ago

UK Joins EU’s Chip Research Program

UK joins European Union's chip funding research scheme, pledging £35 million for EU's 'Chips Joint Undertaking'

3 months ago

University Of Warwick To Launch Fintech Research Group

University of Warwick receives £1.25m donation for new research group focused on fintech innovation in property sector

4 months ago

CES 2024: Lenovo Shows Transparent Laptop Concept

Lenovo shows concept transparent laptop with virtual keyboard, items visible on other side of clear glass display

4 months ago

US To Invest $5 Billion In Semiconductor Research

White House confirms $5 billion from US Chips and Science Act will be used for semiconductor research and development

4 months ago

UK Government To Fund Two Semiconductor Research Hubs

Government to fund semiconductor research hubs in Bristol and Southampton, to help bring new chip tech to market

4 months ago

Musk’s Neuralink Conducts First Human Brain Implant

Elon Musk's Neuralink implants device into human brain for first time as it seeks to aid those with paralysis

5 months ago

AI Challenges Notion That All Fingerprints Are Unique

Researchers find AI can match prints from different fingers of same person with high degree of accuracy, challenging core tenet…

5 months ago

UK Researchers Develop Train AI To Aid Air-Traffic Controllers

UK researchers at University of Exeter, Alan Turing Institute and NATS develop virtual airspace to train AI air traffic controllers

9 months ago

Wind-Powered Cargo Ship Sets Off On Maiden Voyage

Retrofitted cargo ship with British-designed wind-power sails sets of on six-week voyage as industry looks to reduce carbon emissions

10 months ago

Influential Google Researcher Leaves To Co-Found ‘Sakana AI’

Former Google researcher Llion Jones, co-author of influential paper on machine learning transformers, leaves to co-found Sakana AI in Tokyo

10 months ago

Russia’s First Moon Mission In Decades Ends In Failure

Russia's first Moon mission since 1976 ends in failure as spacecraft spins out of control and crashes into lunar surface

10 months ago

Russia To Launch First Moon Mission Since 1976

Russia set to launch first lunar lander mission since 1976 this week as it targets south pole water exploration

11 months ago

Toyota Looks To Lunar Water To Power Manned Moon Vehicle

Toyota building Lunar Cruiser manned moon vehicle with regenerative fuel cell that produces electricity from sunlight and lunar water

11 months ago

China Vows To Push AI Across Society, Industry

Chinese government mouthpiece People's Daily takes bullish view on AI as tech emerges as competitive flashpoint with US

12 months ago

US Air Force Denies Simulated AI Drone ‘Attacked’ Operator

US Air Force says simulation in which AI-powered drone attacked operator in order to achieve objectives never took place

1 year ago

China ‘To Put Humans On Moon’ By 2030

China confirms objective to put humans on Moon by 2030 as it presents increasingly direct competition to US space programme

1 year ago

Mystery China Space Vehicle Returns To Earth

Experimental Chinese reusable space vehicle returns to Earth after 276-day mission for vehicle thought similar to US Space Force's X-37B

1 year ago

SpaceX Prepares To Launch Most Powerful Rocket Ever Made

SpaceX prepares to test-launch Starship rocket with Super Heavy booster, delivering nearly twice the power of NASA's SLS

1 year ago

Samsung Breaks Ground On $15bn Semiconductor Complex

Samsung Electronics breaks ground on semiconductor research and development complex south of Seoul with £12.7bn investment planned by 2028

2 years ago

Japan, US To Set Up Advanced Chip Research Centre

Japan and US to establish joint research centre for 2-nanometre chips by end of this year amidst ongoing worldwide semiconductor…

2 years ago

Google Fires Senior Researcher In Latest AI Row

Google fires senior researcher in dispute over findings on AI and chip design, in latest controversy to affect artificial intelligence…

2 years ago

Former Google Scientist Timnit Gebru Founds AI Institute

One year after her controversial exit from Alphabet's Google, AI scientist Timnit Gebru launches small lab to continue her research

3 years ago

Facebook Defends Cutting Off Researcher Access To Data

Pot kettle black? Social networking giant Facebook says research cannot be justification for compromising people's privacy, after issuing repeated warnings

3 years ago

UK’s Most Powerful Supercomputer, Cambridge-1, Targets Healthcare

Nvidia's Cambridge-1 is now the UK's most powerful supercomputer, and will offer research capabilities for healthcare and AI

3 years ago

US Sets Next Stage For $250bn Bill To Counter China Tech

US Senate set to resume debate of $250bn US Innovation and Competition Act that looks to counter the global influence…

3 years ago