What Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Of Apple Vision Pro Headset

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg opens up about the recently released Apple Vision Pro headset in Instagram post

3 months ago

Apple Vision Pro Headset To Go On Sale In February

Apple to start sales of Vision Pro headset on Friday, 2 February as it seeks to revolutionise nascent market for…

5 months ago

Silicon In Focus Podcast: Smart Virtual Spaces

The convergence of VR and AR and the inception of the Metaverse could herald a new age of working collaborative…

9 months ago

Is the Metaverse Dead? Head-to-Head

In this Head-to-Head interview, Tara McGeehan, President, CGI UK and Australia discusses the current state of the Metaverse and whether…

10 months ago

Is the Metaverse Dead?

With generative AI grabbing the headline and massive investment, has the Metaverse become yet another technology that failed to find…

10 months ago

Tim Cook ‘Pushed Forward’ Apple VR Headset Launch

Tim Cook reportedly pushed for launch of Apple mixed-reality headset this year over arguments of design team that technology was…

1 year ago

Meta Cuts Prices For VR Headsets

Struggling to sell? Meta has cut prices for two of its virtual reality headsets amid reduced consumer spending on tech

1 year ago

Oculus Creator Designs VR Headset That Can Kill Wearer

Gruesome development. Founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey, creates prototype VR headset that can actually kill wearer if avatar dies online

2 years ago

Mark Zuckerberg Unveils Meta Quest Pro Headset

Mark Zuckerberg showcases the Quest Pro virtual and mixed reality headset, as Metaverse moves one step closer

2 years ago

FTC Lawsuit To Block Meta Acquisition Of VR Developer Within

American regulator Federal Trade Commission moves to block Facebook parent Meta from acquiring virtual reality fitness app maker Within

2 years ago

Meta Creates New Virtual Reality Login System

U-turn for Meta's Facebook? New system for users logging into Meta's virtual reality headsets will be deployed from next month

2 years ago

Virtual Reality Sales Predicted To Take Off In Spite Of Economic Gloom

Market analysts see strong demand for virtual reality and augmented reality tech through 2026 in spite of near-term economic cutbacks

2 years ago

Broadcom Meta VR Chip Deal ‘Could Be Worth $1bn A Year’

A deal for Broadcom to develop custom ASIC 'metaverse' chips for Meta could be company's second $1bn-a-year chip deal after…

2 years ago

Meta Criticises ‘Clearly Flawed’ German Decision In Court

Facebook owner Meta Platforms tells European Court of Justice German antitrust regulator overstepped boundaries by making data law assesment

2 years ago

Meta Adds Parental Controls To VR, Instagram

Facebook/Meta adds first parental controls to Oculus VR headsets as it expands 'metaverse', activates Instagram safety features

2 years ago

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Suffer Global Outage

As CTO departs, a major global outage rocks the Facebook platform, as well as its WhatsApp and Instagram platforms on…

3 years ago

Facebook Outlines ‘Metaverse’ Strategy

Company wants to transition from social media to 'metaverse' technology, creating immersive experiences that connect to work, games and real-world…

3 years ago

Facebook Begins Testing Ads In Oculus VR Games

Facebook is to begin testing advertisements in its Oculus virtual reality games, as it seeks to create a 'self-sustaining platform'…

3 years ago

Facebook Halts Oculus Sales In Germany Over Privacy Concerns

German regulator slams decision to require virtual reality headset users to have FB account, so Facebook halts sales in Germany

4 years ago

Facebook To Acquire Brain-Control Startup CTRL-Labs

Controlling computers with the power of your mind. Facebook acquires startup CTRL-Labs for $1 billion

5 years ago

Oculus VR Co-founder Becomes Latest To Leave Facebook

Facebook management exodus continues with departure of Oculus VR co-founder Brendan Iribe

6 years ago

Facebook Takes £400 Million Hit Over VR Lawsuit

Oculus co-founders found guilty of violating non-disclosure agreement with ZeniMax in the company's early days

7 years ago

Android Veteran Hugo Barra Joins Facebook As VR Head

Big name signing to lead Facebook's virtual reality team at Oculus, and welcomed personally onboard by Zuckerberg

7 years ago

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Tells Court That Oculus VR Theft Claims Are ‘Wrong’

Oculus' products are built on its own code, says Facebook chief executive in court testimony

7 years ago

Facebook Converges Hardware Labs, Opens Area 404

Facebook pools hardware teams into one lab to boost efficiency

8 years ago

Oculus VR DRM Is Cracked In Just 24 Hours

Virtual reality headsets at risk of piracy after DRM software is hacked to allow Oculus software to be ported to…

8 years ago

William Hill’s New VR App Wants To Put You In The Saddle

Betting firm trialling immersive VR headset experience to get punters really involved

9 years ago

Samsung Shows Off £65 Oculus Virtual Reality Headset

First consumer version of Gear VR headset will cost just $99 (£65) and work with even more smartphones

9 years ago

Oculus Rift To Feature Native Support For Windows 10, Xbox One

Offering a fully immersive gaming experience, virtual reality headset will go on sale to consumers early next year

9 years ago

Oculus Sued By VR Tech Start-Up

A Hawaii-based start-up alleges Oculus founder Palmer Luckey misappropriated its technology in the creation of the Rift headset

9 years ago