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Former Cybersecurity Boss Warns UK Not Heeding China Threat

Ciaran Martin, ex-chief executive of the National Cyber Security Centre, explains growing cyber threat posed by China

7 days ago

US Warns Rising Cyberattacks Against Water Supplies

Critical infrastructure. Utility firms in the US are being urged to do more to protect water supplies amid rising cyberattacks

1 week ago

Russia Accused Of Cyberattack On Germany’s Ruling Party, Defence Firms

German foreign minister warns Russia will face consequences for “absolutely intolerable” cyberattack on ruling party, and German companies

4 weeks ago

Russia Already Meddling In US Election, Microsoft Warns

Microsoft warns of Russian influence campaigns have begun targetting upcoming US election, albeit at a slower pace than previous operations

1 month ago

Microsoft Singled Out In Review Of Chinese Hack Of US Government Emails

Cyber Safety Review Board concludes Chinese hack of top US government officials' emails was preventable, and blames Microsoft

2 months ago

New Zealand Joins US, UK, Netherlands Alleging Chinese Cyber Espionage

Five eyes member New Zealand joins with the US and UK alleging it was targeted by China-backed cyberespionage

2 months ago

Dutch PM Raises Cyber Espionage Case With China’s Xi

Beijing visit sees Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte discuss cyber espionage incident with Chinese President Xi Jinping

2 months ago

White House Warns Of Cyberattacks On US Water Infrastructure

Foreign hackers are targetting US water and sewage systems United States warns, pointing finger at Iran and China

2 months ago

Microsoft, OpenAI Catch China, Russia Using AI Tools For Hacking

Nation-state hackers from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran have been identified by Microsoft and OpenAI, using AI tools for…

4 months ago

Hacking Victims Paid $1.1bn In Ransoms Last Year

Chainalysis report finds ransomware victims paid cybercriminals a record $1.1 billion in cryptocurrency in 2023

4 months ago

NCSC Warns Of ‘Living Off The Land’ Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure

“Living off the land” attacks, where hackers are camouflaged within internal networks, pose national security risk for critical infrastructure

4 months ago

HP Enterprise Hacked By Suspected Russian Hackers

Regulatory filing by Hewlett Packard Enterprise reveals suspected state-backed Russian hackers breached its cloud email system

4 months ago

Silicon UK Roundtable: Tech Trends for 2024

In this Silicon Roundtable we bring together industry visionaries, thought leaders, and experts to delve into the exciting landscape of…

6 months ago

Japan Space Agency Hacked, But No Rocket Data Accessed

Admission of 'unauthorised access' of a network server at Japan's space agency (JAXA), but sensitive data not compromised

6 months ago

Foreign Cyberattack Blamed For Kansas Court System Disruption – Report

Five week disruption to court system in US state of Kansas is being blamed on 'sophisticated foreign cyberattack'

6 months ago

UK NCSC Warns Of Significant Threat To Critical Infrastructure

Annual review from National Cyber Security Centre warns of threat posed by state-aligned actors from Russia, China and Iran

7 months ago

Five Eyes Intelligence Heads Warn Of Chinese Cyber Espionage

Heads of Five Eyes intelligence agencies come together to accuse China of intellectual property theft and using AI for hacking

7 months ago

Microsoft Account Compromise Led To Chinese Hack Of US Officials

Chinese hack of senior US officials came after the corporate account of a Microsoft engineer was compromised

9 months ago

Chinese Hackers Compromised Emails Of US Commerce Secretary

Fallout spreads from cyberattack by China-based hackers, as emails from head of US Commerce Department reportedly compromised

11 months ago

China-Based Hackers Breached US Govt Email Accounts

White House and Microsoft confirm that China-based hackers have breached US government Exchange email accounts

11 months ago

DoJ Creates Cyber Unit, Amid Growing National Security Focus

Sign of the times? US Department of Justice creates a specialist cyber unit within its National Security Division

11 months ago

Clop’s MOVEit Hack Hits US Government, As Other Victims Are Named

Russian Clop criminals begin extorting MOVEit data-theft victims, with US government agencies also attacked

12 months ago

Russian Clop Criminals Issue Ultimatum After Mass Hack

Cybercriminal gang Clop warn hack victims to get in touch before 14 June, or their stolen data will be published

12 months ago

Microsoft, Five Eyes Warn Of Chinese Spying On US Critical Infrastructure

State-sponsored Chinese hacking group known as 'Volt Typhoon' has been spying on critical infrastructure in the US

1 year ago

Russia-linked Hackers Want To ‘Destroy’ UK, Minister Warns

Cybercrime groups linked to Russia are 'ideologically motivated' and want to 'disrupt or destroy' the UK, minister is to warn

1 year ago

UK’s National Cyber Force Outlines ‘Responsible’ Cyber Operations

Agency that carries out offensive cyber operations for the UK, reveals it is engaged against Russian, Chinese and other nation-state…

1 year ago

Leaked Vulkan Files Reveal Kremlin’s Cyberwarfare Tactics

Explosive documents leaked by whistleblower in protest of Kremlin's war in Ukraine, shine a light on Russia's cyberwarfare operations

1 year ago

United States Launches New Cybersecurity Strategy

Biden administration launches new cybersecurity strategy, as the US seeks to improve its overall cyber defences, amid growing risks

1 year ago

Poland Blames Russian Hackers For Tax Website Attack

Government official says Russia was behind a hacking attack on the Polish tax website, that blocked access to the online…

1 year ago

Scottish MP Admits Hack Of Personal Email, After NCSC Warning

SNP MP Stewart McDonald says he was hacked last month and his email system compromised, with suspicion pointed at Russia

1 year ago