Choice Hotels Data Breach Affects 700,000 Records

Does it ever stop? Another day, another breach, as hackers demand ransom for 700,000 customer records

3 years ago

Russian Government Scheme Exposes Corporate Data

More than 2,000 MongoDB databases operated by major domestic and foreign companies were left accessible under the government programme

3 years ago

Amazon Web Services’ DocumentDB Takes Aims At MongoDB Workloads

Amazon's new managed non-relational database service raises questions about the future of open source in the cloud era

3 years ago

MongoDB 4.0 To Offer Multi-Document ACID Transactions

No need to choose relational databases anymore, says MongoDB, with upcoming addition of ACID transactions

4 years ago

Hadoop Databases Expose 5 Petabytes Of Data To The Internet

Unsecured Hadoop databases are less numerous than MongoDB instances, but expose 200 times more data, research finds

5 years ago

1.4bn Emails Exposed As Huge Spam Operation Fails To Password Protect Documents

Spammergate: Researchers discover vast database of email addresses and suggestions of cybercrime against spam kings sending 1bn messages a day

5 years ago

MongoDB Ransomware Extortionists Now Target ElasticSearch Servers

Shifting battleground. Damaging ransomware campaign against MongoDB opens new front against ElasticSearch

5 years ago

27,000 MongoDB Databases Suffer Ransomware Attack

Widespead ransomware attack now impacts over 27,000 MongoDB databases, according to researchers

5 years ago

Belgian Telco Proximus Rolls Out IoT Network With MongoDB

Proximus' development team explains how it found a database to meet its IoT project needs.

5 years ago

How Barclays Avoids Downtime Chaos

Bala Chandrasekaran of Barclays, explains how the bank hopes to avoid a repeat of last year's Christmas banking disaster

6 years ago

MongoDB CTO Discusses The Database Evolution

INTERVIEW: Eliot Horowitz, MongoDB CTO & co-founder talks IoT and the latest database trends ahead of the launch of MongoDB…

6 years ago

Kaminario Flash Is Now MongoDB Certified

MongoDB Enterprise Certified Solution Partnership plugs flash into NoSQL

6 years ago

Meet The Women And Transgender Engineers Building MongoDB

"The main thing that we felt was that we were very isolated from each other"

6 years ago

MongoDB Launches Atlas Cloud Database As A Service

Atlas provides complete pay-per-hour infrastructure and management cloud tools over AWS, Azure and Google

6 years ago

How Microservices Are Changing The Way You Build And Run Apps

Mat Keep, director of product & market analysis, MongoDB, examines the impact microservices are having on the tech industry

6 years ago

Tinder Hooks Up With Rackspace Managed Cloud

Dating app swipes right for Rackspace’s ObjectRocket MongoDB platform

7 years ago

Big Data Firms Predict Mainstream Adoption In 2014

Get on board the big data train now, or surrender the advantage to competitors, warns an industry panel

8 years ago

Rackspace Brings Managed MongoDB ObjectRocket Service To Europe

The acquisition of ObjectRocket in 2013 is bearing fruit for Rackspace

8 years ago

MongoDB Gets $150 Million In A New Funding Round

Open source NoSQL database breaks industry records, now valued at $1.2 billion

9 years ago

MongoDB Developer 10gen Changes Name To… MongoDB

The corporate website has moved, but it’s business as usual for open source database enthusiasts

9 years ago

eHarmony Increases The Speed Of Matchmaking With MongoDB

Dating website says the time it takes to analyse its user pool has gone down from 15 days to just…

9 years ago

Take Big Data Seriously, Warns Analyst

IT planners are being told to 'believe the hype' surrounding big data, according to new research from Ovum

9 years ago

Why MongoDB Is Not Just For Big Data

MongoDB is the go-to NoSQL database for Big Data and small projects alike, says 10gen CEO Max Schireson,

10 years ago