Joe Biden

Biden Administration Imposes 100 Percent Tariff On Chinese EVs

Electric vehicles made in China are now subject to a 100 percent tariff, to protect US manufacturers from cheap imports

3 days ago

Biden Admin Set To Impose Tariffs On Chinese Electric Vehicles

America reportedly set to announce next week import tariffs on strategic Chinese sectors, including electric vehicles

1 week ago

President Biden Signs TikTok Ban Or Divest Bill Into Law

TikTok pledges to challenge 'unconstitutional' US ban in the courts, after President Joe Biden signs ban or divest bill into…

3 weeks ago

US Provides Assurances For Julian Assange Extradition

As President Biden 'considers' request to drop Julian Assange extradition, US provides assurances to prevent last-ditch appeal

1 month ago

President Biden ‘Considering’ Request To Drop Julian Assange Charges

US prosecution against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange reportedly under review, President Joe Biden says Wednesday

1 month ago

US To Urge Holland To Halt ASML Servicing Tools For China

Turning the screws on Beijing. Biden Administration to urge the Netherlands to stop ASML servicing some tools in China

1 month ago

Intel To Spend $100bn In US, After Biden’s $20bn Award

Big investment planned for US, after Intel wins nearly $20 billion in loans and funding from Biden Administration

2 months ago

Elon Musk Will Not Fund Candidates After Meeting Donald Trump

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says he will not fund Joe Biden or Donald Trump in US Presidential election, after Trump…

2 months ago

President Biden To Plug US Data Transfers To China, Russia Etc

US President issues executive order to protect Americans’ sensitive personal data from being transferred to hostile nation states

3 months ago

Biden Administration Joins TikTok, Despite Security Concerns

Biden’s presidential election campaign targets gen Z and officially joins TikTok, despite national security concerns

3 months ago

Big Names Join President Biden’s ‘AI Safety Institute Consortium’

AI giants as well as many other businesses and organisations have join President Biden's AI Safety Institute Consortium

3 months ago

Biden Admin To Award $162m To Microchip Tech For US Chip Production

US Commerce Dept to provide $162 million to Microchip Technology to increase chip production in Colorado and Oregon

4 months ago

White House Joins Threads, Amid X Extremist Content Row

US political leadership including the President, White House, and others creates accounts on Meta's Threads platform

6 months ago

Apple Lends Support To Biden’s Federal Right To Repair Push

Tech giant Apple adds to support for President Biden's hopes to roll out right to repair federal legislation across the…

7 months ago

US Cuts China Off From AI Chips, As Export Controls Tightened

Beijing reacts with anger, as United States and President Biden tighten export controls to China for advanced computer chips

7 months ago

Biden Campaign Launches Account On Trump’s Truth Social

Trolling Trump. Campaign for Joe Biden launch account on Donald Trump's Truth Social, saying 'converts welcome'

7 months ago

FCC Proposes To Restore Net Neutrality Laws In US

Back from the dead? Democrat controlled FCC proposes new net neutrality laws after Republican roll back in 2017

8 months ago

President Biden Executive Order Targets Tech Investments In China

Tech crackdown against Beijing continues after President Biden signs executive order to prohibit certain tech investments in China

9 months ago

Judge Blocks Biden Officials Communicating With Social Media Firms

Win for US republicans, after federal judge restricts some Biden officials from meeting and communicating with social media companies

11 months ago

Biden To Announce Broadband Funding In Major Speech

US president Joe Biden to announce funding plans under $42.5bn plan to bring broadband to rural and underserved areas

11 months ago

President Biden Meets AI Experts, Warns Of Risks

US President has admitted to concerns about artificial intelligence, after meeting with AI advocates and leaders in California on Tuesday

11 months ago

British Man Pleads Guilty To Infamous Twitter Hack

Man alleged to have carried out 2020 hack of public figures including Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian, Bill Gates, pleads guilty…

1 year ago

Tesla To Open 7,500 Chargers In US To Other EVs

Biden administration announces that Tesla will open 7,500 chargers to vehicles from other EV makers in the US

1 year ago

US Official Confirms Japan, Netherlands Joined US China Chip Sanctions

American official acknowledges deal with Japan and the Netherlands for new restrictions on chip-making tool exports to China

1 year ago

United States Adds China’s YMTC, Others To Trade Blacklist

Chinese memory chipmaker YMTC and 21 Chinese 'mjaor' entities in the AI chip sector are added to US entity list

1 year ago

TSMC Arizona Fabs To Generate $10 Billion Yearly, Create 10,000 Jobs

Taiwanese chip giant's new fabs in Arizona are to generate plenty of revenue and jobs, as President Biden visits construction…

1 year ago

TSMC Triples Arizona Factory Investment To $40 Billion

President Joe Biden is to visit TSMC chip plant in Arizona after Taiwanese firm prepares to more than triple its…

1 year ago

President Biden Says Elon Musk Relationships With Other Countries ‘Worth Looking Into’

National security threat? President Biden says Elon Musk's relationships with other countries “is worthy of being looked at”

2 years ago

US Bans Tech Firms From Building Chinese Factories

US Chips and Science Act (Chips). Biden administration tells those receiving federal funding they will not be allowed to invest…

2 years ago

President Biden Signs $53 Billion US Chips Act

President Joe Biden signs landmark bill to encourage chip makers to build more semiconductor manufacturing capacity in the US

2 years ago