IT failure

Crowdstrike CEO ‘Deeply Sorry’ For Global IT Outage

George Kurtz, CEO of CrowdStrike, apologises for the global tech failure that disrupted multiple industries on Friday

17 hours ago

Microsoft Outage Impacts Airlines, Media, Banks & Businesses Globally

IT outage causes major disruptions around the world, after Crowdstrike update allegedly triggers Microsoft outages

21 hours ago

McDonald’s Suffers IT Outage In Different Countries

Fast food chain suffers IT outages around the world, but McDonald's denies it was because of a cyberattack

4 months ago

Facebook, Instagram Login Restored After Widespread Outage

Widespread outage at Meta impacted Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and disrupted users from access those platforms

5 months ago

US Grounds Flights After FAA System Outage

Widespread aviation disruption in the United States after Federal Aviation Administration pilot safety system goes offline

2 years ago

Instagram Blames ‘Bug’ After Global Outage

Monday's Instagram outage comes less than a week after another Meta platform (WhatsApp) suffered major outage

2 years ago

Google Data Centre In London Outage Blamed On Cooling Failure

As the UK temperature soared to a record high on Tuesday, a cooling failure resulted in an outage at a…

2 years ago

Amazon Web Services Suffers Another Outage

AWS recovers from a second outage in the space of a week, which impacted services at Netflix, Slack, and Amazon's…

3 years ago

TSB Staff Fired Over Compensation Claims For IT Meltdown

Five TSB workers fired for allegedly gaming the compensation system set up after the bank's epic IT meltdown in early…

5 years ago

British Airways IT Failure Results In Travel Chaos

Passengers face flight delays and long queues after IT failure during peak summer holiday period

5 years ago

Facebook, WhatsApp Hit By Photo Glitch

Normal services resumed. Photo glitch with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger now resolved

5 years ago

TSB Hires New Transformation Boss After Epic IT Failure

Poisoned chalice? Mark Curran “looking forward” to be responsible for IT restructuring at bank

5 years ago

TSB Boss Steps Down After IT Failure

The fall guy? Chief executive Paul Pester steps down after TSB owner's botched IT upgrade

6 years ago

TSB Boss Apologises For Online Banking Meltdown

IT upgrade chaos as data transfer of millions of customer records, results in customers locked out of their accounts

6 years ago

Government Reviews Atos Contracts After Another IT Failure

Atos Government Contracts Worth £500m Face Review Following Latest Project Failure

8 years ago

IT Fail Causes Delays At UK Border Control

Government says sorry for issues that hit Heathrow, Manchester and Birmingham, causing delays for travellers

10 years ago

RBS IT Failure Cost Hits £175m

IT glitch from June still costing RBS dear

12 years ago

£125m Set Aside for RBS IT Failure

Contingency fund revealed in RBS half-yearly results

12 years ago

NatWest IT Failure Caused By Payments Software Upgrade

RBS says a software upgrade is what has caused so many problems for NatWest customers

12 years ago

RBS and NatWest Continue To Struggle With IT Fail

Millions of NatWest customers continue to be frustrated thanks to an IT failure

12 years ago