Health care

Amazon Loses One Medical CEO After Acquisition

CEO of One Medical healthcare provider acquired by Amazon resigns, six months after $3.9 billion deal was closed

10 months ago

Amazon Shuts Down Amazon Care In ‘Strategic’ Healthcare Move

Amazon's move to shut down health service Amazon Care seen as strategic move as it refocuses its efforts following acquisition…

2 years ago

Amazon Buys Health Care Provider One Medical For $3.9bn

Amazon's deal to purchase One Medical for $3.9 billion a test for US lawmakers and regulators who have vowed to…

2 years ago

Google Health Disbanded; Staff Sent To Other Divisions

The dedicated health unit at Google has been disbanded, with its 570 staff sent to different divisions within the Alphabet…

3 years ago

Researchers Deliver Donated Kidney Via Drone In Medical First

The delivery, carried out across a densely populated urban area in Baltimore, is intended to show that organs can be…

5 years ago

Google’s Deepmind Promises Auditable Healthcare Data Tracking

Verifiable Data Audit promises to deliver bitcoin-like tracking to give patients peace of mind about their personal data

7 years ago

NHS Tech Could Be ‘Double-Edged Sword’

The NHS should not expect short-term savings from self-care and online patient technologies, finds The Nuffield Trust

8 years ago

IBM’s The Weather Company Deploys Real-Time Cold & Flu App

The IBM division is to provide real-time local maps of cold and flu outbreaks based on social media data

8 years ago

NHS Trusts ‘Must Act Now’ As Network Changeover Looms

The existing contract is due to end in six months' time, but some trusts have yet to begin to look…

8 years ago

3D Printing Now ‘Mainstream’ In Health Care

3D printing technology is set to move into the manufacture of living tissues for human transplant, according to Gartner

9 years ago

IBM And Apple Join Forces On Health Analytics Cloud

IBM's Watson Health Cloud is to use large-scale analytics technologies to contribute to medical research

9 years ago

Anthem Admits Data Breach After ‘Sophisticated’ Attack

US healthcare insurer admits 80 million customer and staff records compromised in a damaging cyber attack

9 years ago

CSC Warns Of Huge Write-down Over Botched NHS Project

CSC has admitted it may have to write off the entire value of its investment in the NHS NPfIT system…

12 years ago

Healthy EU And US Data Protection For Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft says its Office 365 cloud platform now conforms to European Union and HIPAA privacy regulations

13 years ago

Axe The NHS Patient Care Scheme, MPs Demand

Abandon the National Programme for IT healthcare system, says a PAC report which casts blame on CSC and BT

13 years ago

IBM Watson Inspires Mobile EHR Link To Health Data

IBM shows how Watson-like technology can allow mobile devices to process massive stores of medical data

13 years ago

Managing 70TB Of Reliable Data: EMA’s Big Challenge

Data analysis and interoperability for over 100 information systems is essential to the European Medicines Agency's regulatory work, says Hans-Georg…

13 years ago

EC And US Agree On Health System Compatibility

European Commission and US have signed an agreement to harmonise interoperability of their health care systems

14 years ago

Demand For Health Care IT Jobs On The Rise

Evidence from two new reports from health care IT industry organisations shows demand for health care-related technology jobs in the…

14 years ago