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No Drone At Gatwick, Claims Former Drone Executive

There was no drone? Doubt cast on repeated drone sightings that closed Gatwick airport for days during the Christmas period…

3 years ago

Near Miss With Drone At Gatwick Airport

Rogue drone came within 20m (65ft) of a passenger plane as it flew in to Gatwick Airport in July

5 years ago

Gatwick Drone Operators Had ‘Detailed Knowledge’ Of Airport

Inside job. Suspicion grows that drone operators who shut down Gatwick airport had inside knowledge

5 years ago

Gatwick Airport To Use Facial Recognition For Boarding

Gatwick to become first British airport to use facial recognition for passenger boarding without checks

5 years ago

Drone Shutdown Of Gatwick Airport Ends As Runway Reopens

Chaos at UK's second busiest airport eases as Gatwick reopens runaway after prolific drone disruption

6 years ago

Drones Halt Flights At Gatwick Airport

Sightings of drones at airfield halts flights at Gatwick airport, causing significant disruption and delays

6 years ago

Gatwick Opens Data Up To Developers For International Airport Hackathon

The developers will use the data to improve airport experiences for passengers

7 years ago

Gatwick Airport’s 2,000 Beacons Power AR Indoor Navigation

Gatwick's beacon-based positioning system directs passengers around the airport via the camera on their mobile device

7 years ago

Gatwick Airport Moves To Digital Radio System To Improve Safety

Gatwick Airport migrates to a Motorola Solutions digital radio system in latest stage of a digital transformation that has seen…

8 years ago

How Splunk Is Helping Gatwick Airport Keep Up The Heathrow Rivalry

Gatwick Airport implemented Splunk last year and claims to have already seen a number of improvements with passenger processing and…

9 years ago

Flying High: How IT Helps Gatwick Airport Beat The Queues

Gatwick Airport CIO and Fujitsu tell TechWeekEurope about how improved communications make all the difference in processing passengers

9 years ago

Gatwick Airport Capacity Rises To 55 Flights An Hour Thanks To The Cloud

Amadeus cloud-based decision making portal makes Gatwick more efficient

10 years ago