Orange CEO Resigns After Court Conviction

Stephane Richard steps down from his CEO and chairman positions of French mobile giant Orange, after his conviction by a…

2 months ago

Tech Giants Defend Record Against Online Scams

Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Google respond to MPs over their role in facilitating online scams, as fraud activity skyrockets during…

3 months ago

O2 Subject Of Bribery Investigation By SFO – Report

Serious Fraud Office is investigating UK mobile operator O2 over “possible violations of anti-bribery laws and regulations”

5 months ago

Turkish Crypto Exchange Boss Flees Country Amidst $2bn Fraud Probe

Chief executive of Turkish cryptocurrency trading platform Thodex flees to Albania as estimated $2bn in investors' assets reportedly lost

9 months ago

John McAfee Indicted Over Cryptocurrency Fraud

McAfee indicted in US over allegedly promoting cryptocurrencies to his massive Twitter base of followers, then selling his holdings once…

11 months ago

Internet’s Biggest Card Theft Marketplace To Shut Down

Joker's Stash, a 'dark web' marketplace estimated to have generated more than $1 billion in sales of stolen payment card…

1 year ago

European Commission Warns Of Rising Pandemic Scam Risk

European Commission tells internet media and e-commerce companies to prepare for increase in Covid-19-related scams and disinformation as cases rise

1 year ago

Twitter, Facebook Flags Trump Posts Ahead Of US Election

US President Donald Trump has had his posts on Monday about mail-in voting fraud flagged by both social networking platforms

1 year ago

Amazon Deletes Thousands Of ‘Fake’ Reviews After Probe

Amazon deletes tens of thousands of reviews from its sites after two studies focus on use of fraudulent five-star reviews…

1 year ago

Personal Data Of 24 Million South Africans Exposed By Experian Breach

Oh dear. Fraudster is blamed for breach of credit agency Experian, which has exposed the personal data of 24 million…

1 year ago

Wirecard Munich HQ Searched By Police And Prosecutors

Fintech fraud investigation continues into Wirecard, as German police and prosecutors search bankrupt firm's Munich headquarters

2 years ago

Hackers Use Coronavirus Scare To Attack Government Systems

Attack groups make use of chaos around coronavirus to target organisations in Mongolia, South Korea, Ukraine, Vietnam and elsewhere

2 years ago

Facebook Sues Firm For ‘Celeb Bait’ Adverts That Installed Malware

Social networking giant takes action against advertising fraud with a lawsuit against Hong Kong firm

2 years ago

Unpatched Android Flaw Exploited To Steal Banking Logins

Unpatched 'StrandHogg' vulnerability found to be targeting at least 60 financial institutions, but could also be used to carry out…

2 years ago

America Criticised For Mike Lynch Extradition Request

US DoJ officials damned for filing extradition request for former Autonomy boss, whilst a court case is ongoing in London

2 years ago

Kolkata Police Shut Down Scam Call Centres

Fraudsters convinced Devon man his computer had been taken over by a Russian criminal involved in trafficking guns, ammunition and…

2 years ago

UK Teen Sentenced For Hacking, Selling Personal Data

Norwich 19-year-old found to have made hundreds of thousands of pounds in Bitcoin from selling compromised personal data and on-demand…

2 years ago

Libra Cryptocurrency Scams Found On Facebook, Instagram

Facebook's own platforms found to be used in scams related to Libra cryptocurrency, adding to regulatory pressure over the controversial…

2 years ago

Cyber-Security Watchdog Foils Airport Fraud Scheme

NCSC security agency stops phishing scams and helps reduce online fraud impersonating HMRC as part of 'active' cyber defence programme

3 years ago

Banks Launch Fraud Repayment Scheme

The voluntary refund programme aims to address 'no fault' scams in which customers are tricked into authorising payments, but not…

3 years ago

GCHQ To Work With Banks To Thwart Fraud, Cyber Attacks

British intelligence joins the fight against bank fraud and cyber attacks as it seeks to work more closely with businesses

3 years ago

Cyber-Crime Losses Soar To £34.6m In Second Half Of 2018

More than 13,000 people reported falling victim to cyber-crime in the latter part of the year, as hackers target email…

3 years ago

IT Life: Jamie Hutton, Quantexa

Quantexa chief technology officer Jamie Hutton talks about artificial intelligence, international money laundering, and his favourite DJ app

3 years ago

Tesla Receives Subpoenas In US Fraud Probes

The SEC and the FBI have both issued legal writs as they broaden their investigations into Tesla's tumultuous dealings with…

3 years ago

Facebook Data Breach Affects 29 Million Users

Social network revises down the number of accounts affected, but still doesn't offer fraud protection

3 years ago

US Charges Extradited Russian Over Massive Hacking Scheme

Georgian Andrei Tyurin was allegedly part of the hacking ring that breached JPMorgan Chase and other US financial firms, making…

3 years ago

Fraud Experts Warn Over Compromise Of Passport Data In Air Canada Breach

Hackers may have accessed detailed passport information on thousands of Air Canada customers after its app was compromised late last…

3 years ago

Scam Phone Message In Chinese Hits US Weather Service Intercom System

The message in Mandarin Chinese was part of an ongoing robocall campaign hitting phones around the country

3 years ago

Hackers ‘Using International Characters To Create Scam Sites’

Researchers find an upsurge in scam sites with lookalike international characters in the domain name

4 years ago

Police Figures Cite Cybercrime, Digital Data As Top Concern

An exponential surge in data and a decentralised structure are making cyber-policing increasingly difficult

4 years ago