Spotify Decries ‘Outrageous’ New Apple Developer Fees

Spotify calls new US App Store fees for external payments 'outrageous', calls on UK government to block similar move

5 months ago

Meta Touts Monthly Charge For Ad-Free Facebook, Instagram – Report

User of social networks belonging to Meta could be charged a monthly fee of 10 euros (£8.67) for ad-free access…

9 months ago

Musk Touts ‘Slight Cost’ For Business Use Of Twitter

Twitter for 'casual users' will remain fee, tweets Elon Musk, but businesses using Twitter will be subjected to 'slight fee'

2 years ago

Amazon and Visa Agree Worldwide Truce

Global payment fee truce has been agreed, after Amazon threatened to stop accepting UK-issued Visa cards last year, over its…

2 years ago

Amazon Last Minute Extension For Visa Card Payments

UK Amazon users can continue using their Visa cards for online shopping for now, after the two firms agree short…

2 years ago

Treasury Select Committee To Investigate Visa, Mastercard Fee Increases

Committee of MPs vows to scrutinise increases in the fees Visa and Mastercard charge businesses, after regulator finds no justification…

2 years ago

Amazon May Drop Visa As US Credit Card Partner – Report

Clash with Visa over payment fees grows, as Amazon explores partnership options on co-branded credit card in the United States

3 years ago

Amazon To Stop Accepting Payments From UK Visa Credit Cards

Costly fees. E-commerce giant Amazon says customers from January will not be able to pay for goods using a UK…

3 years ago

Apple Agrees App Store Deal With Small Developers

Ahead of a ruling in App Store dispute with Epic Games, Apple agrees to ease restrictions for small developers over…

3 years ago

Google Faces Court Action By US States Over Play Store Fees

Not another lawsuit. 37 US states slap Google with another antitrust lawsuit over the fees its charges for its Play…

3 years ago

Damaging Week For Apple, Google In Senate Hearings

App makers and others testify against the dominance of Apple and Google in US Senate antitrust hearing on Wednesday

3 years ago

Google Cuts Play Store Fee For Developer’s First $1 Million

App developers will only pay 15 percent on Play app store fees from 1 July on their first $1 million…

3 years ago

Apple Grants Surprise Concession On App Store Fees

Apple grants three-month exception to App Store's 30 percent cut for businesses forced by pandemic to switch to online-only events

4 years ago

Coalition To Challenge Apple App Store Fees

Growing App Store revolt? Epic Games, Spotify, Deezer and other Apple critics create new coalition against App Store fees and…

4 years ago

News Publishers Push Apple For App Store Fee Clarification

We want the same! Apple facing calls from news publishers for clarification about how they can also gain the reduced…

4 years ago

Apple Report Defends 30 Percent App Store Fees

Developers - Apple commissioned report finds that 30 percent commission is about average, as tech giant launches App store fee…

4 years ago

Google Faces Play Store Challenge From Tinder – Report

Dating app is latest to challenge app store fees, with payment system that entirely avoids Google Play store

5 years ago

Facebook Mulls Advert-Free Subscription Model

Would you pay to use Facebook if it carried no adverts? Facebook executives reportedly ponder the option

6 years ago

Apple Fee Row Triggers MS Office For iOS Concern

The fees row between Apple and Microsoft is causing worry about a potential appearance of MS Office for iOS

12 years ago

Apple Licensing Fees Could Alter The Android Landscape

Like Microsoft, Apple may be negotiating licensing fees with Android manufacturers, according to the Wall Street Journal

12 years ago