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Facebook Allows Some High-Profile Users To Break Rules

Social networking giant Facebook uses a 'whitelist' of high-profile users, who are reportedly allowed to break platform's online rules

3 days ago

Data Protection Regulator Queries Facebook On Smart Glasses

Italian data protection regulator asks for Facebook to provide more information on privacy and data protections in new Ray-Ban Stories…

4 days ago

Facebook Developing Machine Learning Chip – Report

Engineers at Facebook are reportedly developing a machine learning chip, as part of its internal chip development program

7 days ago

Facebook Reveals First Gen Smart Glasses

Social network Facebook teams up with luxury sunglasses maker for first generation of smart glasses called 'Ray-Ban Stories'

1 week ago

Aussie Court Rules Publishers Liable For Comments On Facebook Pages

Court in Australia shifts responsibility for harmful online content found on the Facebook pages of local publishers or media companies

1 week ago

WhatsApp Moderators Can Read Messages – Report

Concern raised again about how secure messages are on WhatsApp, after it emerges moderators can access messages if a complaint…

1 week ago

Facebook Questions UK’s CMA Authority On Giphy Purchase

In strongly worded letter, Facebook says the CMA's suggested divestiture of Giphy “is grossly unreasonable and disproportionate”

1 week ago

WhatsApp Slapped With $267m GDPR Fine For Sharing Data

Ouch. Irish Data Protection Commission hits WhatsApp with an increased fine of 225m euros, due to its handling and processing…

2 weeks ago

TeleGeography’s Updated Subsea Cable Map Shows Tech Influence

Updated map of world's undersea cables by TeleGeography shows growing engineering infrastructure capabilities of tech firms

2 weeks ago

Age Appropriate Design Code Arrives To Protect Kids

Rules to protect youngsters come into effect in the UK today, governing how apps and online services should treat children’s…

2 weeks ago

Instagram To Require Date Of Birth From All Users

Facebook's Instagram is to require users to provide their date of birth - days before UK starts age verification enforcement

2 weeks ago

FTC Amends Antitrust Complaint Against Facebook, After Setback

US regulator amends antitrust complaint against Facebook, after a US judge in June had dismissed the initial claims filed by…

4 weeks ago

Twitter Tests ‘Misleading Tweet’ Reporting Option

Limited numbers of users in the United States, South Korea and Australia will be allowed to report misleading tweets, in…

4 weeks ago

Facebook, Google Reveal Apricot Undersea Cable For Asia

New undersea cable from Facebook and Google to connect Japan with south east Asia, to increase capacity, redundancy and reliability

1 month ago

Facebook Adds Encrypted Calls Option To Messenger

Facebook adds option for end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls, following on from encrypted chats, as pandemic sees surge…

1 month ago

Facebook Delays Office Return Until January 2022

Latest tech firm to delay office return. Social networking giant tells US and other staff, to return to office in…

1 month ago

UK Regulator Finds Facebook’s Purchase Of Giphy ‘Harms Competition’

Competition and Markets Authority provisionally finds Facebook’s merger with Giphy will harm competition on social platforms

1 month ago

Facebook Accused Of Using Content Of Three Australian Publishers

Dustup down under, as three Australian publishers allege Facebook used content for its news service without their permission

1 month ago

Regulator ‘Disappointed’ With Facebook Over NYU Fracas

Federal Trade Commission accuses Facebook of making misleading claims after pulling accounts of New York University researchers

1 month ago

Facebook Seeks To Analyse Encrypted Messages – Report

Social network reportedly studying 'homomorphic encryption' in order to analyse encrypted WhatsApp messages without decrypting them

1 month ago

Facebook Defends Cutting Off Researcher Access To Data

Pot kettle black? Social networking giant Facebook says research cannot be justification for compromising people's privacy, after issuing repeated warnings

1 month ago

Facebook Rolls Out Disappearing WhatsApp Photos, Videos

Snapchat challenge as new WhatsApp feature is rolled out that allows photos and videos to disappear once they have been…

1 month ago

Facebook To Require All US Office Staff To Wear Masks

In addition to requiring staff be vaccinated, Facebook will also order all employees to wear masks when in office or…

2 months ago

Google, Facebook To Require Covid Vaccinations For Office Return

Employees looking to return to work in the offices of Facebook and Google will be required to be vaccinated

2 months ago

Facebook Warns Of ‘Significant’ Slowdown In Growth

Social networking giant Facebook records fastest growth since 2016, but warns annual revenue growth will slow “significantly”

2 months ago

Facebook Pauses Sales Of Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset Over Skin Complaints

Temporary pause of sales of the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset, after issues with a foam pad causing skin…

2 months ago

Facebook Outlines ‘Metaverse’ Strategy

Company wants to transition from social media to 'metaverse' technology, creating immersive experiences that connect to work, games and real-world…

2 months ago

Biden Backtracks Over Facebook ‘Killing People’ Comment

President Biden backs down after he made a surprise comment last week that Facebook was “killing people” over misleading online…

2 months ago

WhatsApp Tests Message Sending Without Smartphone

Look mum, no smartphone. For the first time WhatsApp to test a feature to allow users to send messages without…

2 months ago

Amazon Acquires Facebook’s Satellite Internet Team

Amazon pays Facebook an undisclosed sum of money to acquire the social networking giant's satellite Internet team of specialists

2 months ago