Vatican Joins With Microsoft, IBM In Call For AI Ethics

Pope Francis warns of commercial AI's potential to exacerbate societal 'asymmetry', joins with tech giants to call for regulation of…

5 months ago

Oxford University Gets £150m Investment For AI Ethics

University's largest ever donation from American billionaire will fund research into AI ethics

1 year ago

Microsoft Deletes Facial Recognition Database Over Privacy Fears – Report

Responding to privacy and ethical concerns, Microsoft deletes facial recognition training database

1 year ago

Microsoft Turns Down Police Contract Over AI Bias Concerns

Ethical use of AI prompted Redmond to turn down chance to win police facial recognition contract

1 year ago

Google Disbands AI Advisory Council

That lasted long. Google pulls the plug on AI council over concern of a couple of its female members

1 year ago

Google Forms Advisory Council To Guide AI Development

How to ensure fairness and ethics in machine learning and artificial intelligence? Google creates advisory body

1 year ago

AI Needs Ethics Code, Says House Of Lords

UK is uniquely positioned to shape the development of artificial intelligence, but code of ethics is needed so it benefits…

2 years ago

LinkedIn And eBay Founders Throw £16.5m At AI Ethics Fund

The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund will explore the development of AI from a non-technical viewpoint

4 years ago

Cash For Posts Scandal Whacks Wikipedia

The world’s favourite online encyclopaedia loses its innocence

8 years ago

Microsoft Less Evil Than Google: Official

Google did not make the cut for most ethical software company, but Microsoft did. What's up with that, asks Clint…

9 years ago