Intel Provokes Fury In China Over Supplier Letter

Chip giant Intel apologises after backlash in mainland China, over supplier letter warning them not to source products or labour…

2 years ago

AI Argues For And Against Itself In Oxford Debate

Megatron, an AI developed by Nvidia and Google, argues both for and against the benefits of its own existence in…

2 years ago

Twitter Offers ‘Bug Bounty’ Contest For AI Biases

Twitter offers 'bug bounty' contest with cash prizes of up to £2,500 to help locate biases in image-cropping algorithm amidst…

3 years ago

Vatican Joins With Microsoft, IBM In Call For AI Ethics

Pope Francis warns of commercial AI's potential to exacerbate societal 'asymmetry', joins with tech giants to call for regulation of…

4 years ago

Oxford University Gets £150m Investment For AI Ethics

University's largest ever donation from American billionaire will fund research into AI ethics

5 years ago

Microsoft Deletes Facial Recognition Database Over Privacy Fears – Report

Responding to privacy and ethical concerns, Microsoft deletes facial recognition training database

5 years ago

Microsoft Turns Down Police Contract Over AI Bias Concerns

Ethical use of AI prompted Redmond to turn down chance to win police facial recognition contract

5 years ago

Google Disbands AI Advisory Council

That lasted long. Google pulls the plug on AI council over concern of a couple of its female members

5 years ago

Google Forms Advisory Council To Guide AI Development

How to ensure fairness and ethics in machine learning and artificial intelligence? Google creates advisory body

5 years ago

AI Needs Ethics Code, Says House Of Lords

UK is uniquely positioned to shape the development of artificial intelligence, but code of ethics is needed so it benefits…

6 years ago

LinkedIn And eBay Founders Throw £16.5m At AI Ethics Fund

The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund will explore the development of AI from a non-technical viewpoint

7 years ago

Cash For Posts Scandal Whacks Wikipedia

The world’s favourite online encyclopaedia loses its innocence

12 years ago

Microsoft Less Evil Than Google: Official

Google did not make the cut for most ethical software company, but Microsoft did. What's up with that, asks Clint…

13 years ago