TikTok To Label AI-Generated Content From Other Platforms

AI-generated content such as video and images are going to be labelled by TikTok using the Content Credentials digital watermark

3 weeks ago

US Crypto Campaign Funding Groups Raise $102m

US campaign funding groups backed by cryptocurrency sector raise more than $102m as firms seek to roll back regulations

3 weeks ago

OpenAI Delays Release Of Voice Cloning Tool, Amid Election Concerns

OpenAI concludes it is too risky currently to release its AI voice cloning tool, amid concern at tech's impact on…

2 months ago

Google Restricts Gemini AI Chatbot Election Answers

Search engine giant to restrict election-related queries that users can ask Gemini chatbot, after restriction applied in US, India

3 months ago

Meta Forms Team To Protect EU Elections From AI Risks

Facebook parent Meta forms dedicated team to protect upcoming EU Parliament elections in June from generative AI fraud

3 months ago

Tech Giants Vow To Combat AI Misuse In Election Year

Twenty tech giants say they will work to prevent AI tools from being used to manipulate elections as 40 billion…

3 months ago

Scam Robocalls Use AI To Disrupt New Hampshire Election

Scammers stage robocalls in voice of US President Joe Biden in effort to disrupt New Hampshire primary amidst concerns over…

4 months ago

UK NCSC Warns Of Significant Threat To Critical Infrastructure

Annual review from National Cyber Security Centre warns of threat posed by state-aligned actors from Russia, China and Iran

7 months ago

EU Agrees New Restrictions For Online Political Ads

EU negotiators agree new rules for online political advertising amidst concern about voter manipulation, disinformation

7 months ago

Musk’s X Disabled Electoral Misinformation Reporting Feature, Researcher Claims

As EU labels X/Twitter as largest spreader of Russian misinformation, researcher claims platform disabled reporting feature

8 months ago

Facebook Blocks Political Group Recommendations Ahead Of Election

Facebook confirmed it is placing limits on algorithmic group recommendations ahead of this week's US elections as company cracks down…

4 years ago

Facebook Demands Halt To Ad Targeting Research

Facebook tells New York University researchers to stop collecting data on how it targets political ads, with days to go…

4 years ago

Twitter Adds Last-Minute Content Restrictions Ahead Of US Elections

Twitter bars premature post-eleection declarations of victory, slaps restrictions on misleading content posted by US politicians

4 years ago

Information Commissioner Calls For Regulation Of Social Media

A new regulatory body is needed to police social media firms' 'very disturbing' use of personal data for political purposes,…

6 years ago

Twitter, Facebook Face US Congress Over Misinformation

The US Senate quizzes Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg as midterm elections loom

6 years ago

Facebook Deletes Fake Accounts Ahead Of US Elections

Dozens of accounts were involved in 'coordinated inauthentic behaviour', but Facebook stops short of saying Russia's to blame

6 years ago

Cambridge Analytica Parent Worked For Ministry Of Defence

Parent firm SCL had 'routine access' to secret government information and worked with the Ministry of Defence on psychological operations,…

6 years ago

Harvard University Recommends How To Stop Election Hackers

The new Harvard programme is intended to put local and national election campaigns on guard against nation state hacking attacks

7 years ago

More Than 500 ‘Significant’ Attacks Reported To National Cybersecurity Centre

More than 1,000 cyber incidents were reported to the National Cyber Security Centre in its first year, including some affecting…

7 years ago

Germany Raises Cyber-Attack Warning Level Ahead Of Elections

Germany's cyber-security bureau said it has moved to a position of heightened readiness as the autumn's federal elections near

7 years ago

GCHQ Warns Political Parties Of Russian Cyber Threat To 2020 General Election

GCHQ warns that Russian tempering during US Presidential election is likely to happen again

7 years ago

US Election 2016: Silicon Valley Mostly Picks Clinton Over Trump

Major tech firms are clearly on the side of Hillary Clinton with Trump failing to win much favour in Silicon…

8 years ago

Mayor Of London 2016: IT Glitch Leaves Many Unable To Vote

Barnet constituents turned away from polling stations this morning following electoral register errors

8 years ago

Rating The Security Of the 2016 Presidential Candidates’ Websites

Each presidential candidate has a campaign website, but which one is the best and which is the worst?

8 years ago

Bernie Sanders Suspicious Of Microsoft Azure Vote-Counting App

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders shuns Microsoft's Iowa caucus vote tracker because of Microsoft's 2008 Clinton donations

8 years ago

Almost A Million UK Residents Register To Vote Online

The recently introduced online registration platform is a big hit with young voters

10 years ago

UK Voters Can Now Register For Elections Online

The new online service helps citizens get on the electoral roll in minutes instead of days

10 years ago

Online Attacker Attempts First US e-Voting Hack

The first known attempted hack of a US election occurred in the 2012 primary in Miami-Dade County, Florida, last year,…

11 years ago

YouTube Seeks US Presidential Election Day Videos

YouTube is asking users to upload their videos, as the US prepares to vote in the Presidential elections

12 years ago

Survey: IT Professionals Back Obama

President Obama still has the support of professionals in the IT industry, according to a new survey, but this has…

12 years ago