Deepfakes: More Than Skin Deep Security

As deepfake technology continues to blur the lines between reality and deception, businesses and individuals alike must arm themselves with…

3 months ago

Education Firm Offers GPT-4 Powered Tool Amidst Controversy

US education software firm Chegg announces CheggMate, powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, amidst controversy around AI chatbots in the classroom

1 year ago

Sophos Sees Surge Of Ransomware Attacks Against Education Sector

Education sector is battling a significant increase in the number of ransomware attacks, and in some cases is taking months…

2 years ago

Lincoln College Shuts Permanently After Ransomware Attack

After 157 years in existence, Lincoln College in the US to close its doors permanently after failing to recover from…

2 years ago

Amazon Offers Free College Education To Frontline Staff

Amazon offers to pre-pay full college tuition and fees for more than 750,000 frontline staff as it seeks to lure…

3 years ago

Ransomware Cuts Off 37,000 Students’ Emails

Harris Federation shuts down email access for 50 London academies after ransomware incident, as wave of cyber-attacks hits UK education…

3 years ago

UK Faces ‘Catastrophic’ Fall In Youth Seeking IT Skills

UK faces potentially 'catastrophic' digital skills shortage amidst plummeting numbers of young people seeking IT-related studies

3 years ago

US State Sues Google For ‘Illegally Gathering Data On Children’

Federal lawsuit by US state of New Mexico accuses Google of illegally gathering students' data via G Suite for Education…

4 years ago

Bletchley Park Could Host Institute Of Technology

Plans submitted for tech teaching centre for 1,100 students on historic Bletchley Park site

5 years ago

Raspberry Pi 4 Brings Desktop-Level Performance, Dual Monitor Support

Update adds faster processor, dual micro-HDMI ports, faster networking and other features for same £34 price tag

5 years ago

Poor Broadband Hinders Education Of 1.2 Million Children

Digital poverty line. Poor broadband line speeds see 1.2 million children falling behind, survey finds

6 years ago

London Mayor Announces £7m Boost For Tech Skills Education

A new scheme backed by Bloomberg, Google and Amazon aims to improve diversity in the tech workforce

6 years ago

Microsoft To Phase Out Windows 10 S, Just Months After Launch

The stripped-down Windows 10 S is to disappear as a stand-alone product in Microsoft's spring revamp of the Windows product…

6 years ago

Government Tackles Digital Skills With £40m Institute of Coding

Theresa May unveils Coding consortium to equip the UK with needed digital skills in the years ahead

6 years ago

AI To Be Taught To Schoolkids Thanks To Deep Learning Kit

UK teenagers are to be taught about artificial intelligence with the launch of a new deep learning teaching kit

6 years ago

Microsoft Targets Schools With £135 Windows 10 PCs & Education Software Updates

Microsoft has new PCs, partnerships and software updates as it pitches vision of 'classroom of the future'

7 years ago

Trade Union Worried About AI-Driven School Inspections

National Association of Head Teachers cautions against machine learning scheme for school inspections

7 years ago

Royal Society: Government Must Increase Computer Science GCSE Funding

Lack of skilled teachers blamed for over half England's secondary schools not offering GCSE computer science

7 years ago

University Of East Anglia Suffers Second Data Breach

Not again...sensitive health data on university staff member emailed to hundreds of students

7 years ago

Government To Introduce Digital Skills Technical Qualification

Digital will be one of the first three T-Level technical qualifications set for introduction in 2020 to help stem the…

7 years ago

Startup Showcase: Satchel

Naimish Gohil, CEO & Founder of Edtech firm Satchel, explains how his startup wants to change homework forerver

7 years ago

Teachers Warn Students ‘Can Hack Into School Servers’

Half of UK teachers feel their IT knowledge is dwarfed by that of their pupils, a study by Sophos has…

7 years ago

Poll: Would You Use A Chromebook In Your Business?

Google wants Chromebooks in more businesses after its success in education, but would you use one?

7 years ago

IT Exam Results Raise Fears Over Growing IT Gender Gap

The number of females taking IT-related courses dropped and the gap between males and females widened in this year's GCSEs…

7 years ago

Police Bosses ‘Should Sack’ Officers With Poor IT Skills

Police officers with 'underperforming' IT skills should be dismissed, think tank Reform suggests

7 years ago

A-Level Results Day: British University Uses Chatbot To Help With Clearing

Leeds Beckett University is using Facebook Messenger to help students find the right courses in clearing

7 years ago

IT LIFE: Richard Pursey, SafeToNet CEO

Richard Pursey details how SafeToNet uses AI to protect children online, his career to date and why routemapping technology took…

7 years ago

Modder Makes Ultra-Thin ‘Raspberry Pi 3 Slim’ Computer

Hardware hacker NODE sawed off everything that projects up from the Raspberry Pi 3's board to create a 1.2GHz system…

7 years ago

UK Students Urged To Enrol In £20m Cyber Security Programme

UK government targets 14-18 year old's to tackle security skills gap

7 years ago