digital services act

European Union Opens Child Safety Probe Into Meta

European Commission opens an official child safety investigation into Facebook and Instagram-owner Meta Platforms

5 days ago

EU Requests Content Moderation Data From X

Using the Digital Services Act, European Commission asks X (formerly Twitter) for details over reduction in content moderation resources

2 weeks ago

Shein Subject To Most Stringent EU Digital Rules

Quick-growing fast-fashion company Shein must comply with most stringent level of EU digital rules after it passes key threshold

3 weeks ago

EU Prepares Action Against ‘Addictive’ TikTok Lite Features

European Commission may ban rewards feature in recently launched TikTok Lite that it calls 'toxic and addictive'

4 weeks ago

Three Big Porn Websites Must Verify User’s Age In EU

European Commission classifies Pornhub, XVideos and Stripchat as “very large online platforms”, subjecting them to strict DSA rules

5 months ago

Apple To Allow European Side Loading Of iPhone Apps – Report

EU legislation could mean Apple will allow European iPhone users to 'side load' apps from outside of Apple's official app…

6 months ago

EU Sets Deadline For Meta, TikTok To Detail Efforts To Curb Misinformation

EU demands Meta, TikTok detail efforts to curb illegal content, disinformation, amid fears of Hamas broadcasting executions

7 months ago

EU Writes To Mark Zuckerberg Over Hamas Attack Disinformation

Thierry Breton gives Meta similar warning issued to Elon Musk about disinformation concerning deadly attack on Israel by Hamas

7 months ago

EU Warns Elon Musk Over ‘Disinformation’ About Hamas Attack

Another warning. European officials send letter to Elon Musk over disinformation on X concerning Hamas attack on Israel

7 months ago

Amazon Wins Interim Stay On Public Ads Archive

Amazon wins interim court ruling that it isn't very large online platform (VLOP) under European Union rules

8 months ago

EU Tells Tech To Resist Russian Misinformation, With Twitter Singled Out

EU official warns Elon Musk that Twitter cannot avoid its responsibilities, after it is listed as worse for spreading Russian…

8 months ago

EC Names Alphabet, Apple, Meta, Microsoft Among DMA Gatekeepers

Twenty two tech core platform services from six DMA 'gatekeepers' are officially named by the European Commission

9 months ago

Amazon Challenges EU ‘Gatekeeper’ Designation

E-commerce giant Amazon pushes back against European listing it as an online gatekeeper, subjecting it to new laws

10 months ago

Twitter Agrees To Comply With New EU Disinformation Rules

New CEO decision? Weeks after Twitter quit EU's disinformation code, platform agrees to comply with tough new EU laws

11 months ago

Tech Executives Face Prison For Online Safety Breaches

UK Government reaches agreement with Conservative MPs who had sought to amend the controversial Online Safety Bill

1 year ago

Musk ‘To Axe Quarter Of Twitter Staff’

Elon Musk reportedly to cut quarter of Twitter staff in first round of layoffs as he reassures EU about removing…

2 years ago

EU’s ‘Revised’ Disinformation Code Of Practice Backed By Tech Giants

EU's “strengthened” Code of Practice on Disinformation is signed by 34 tech firms, platforms and civil groups to beef up…

2 years ago

European Union Agrees DMA To Curb Big Tech

Online gatekeepers such as Apple, Google and Meta targetted as the European Union last week reached landmark digital rules agreement

2 years ago

Apple’s Craig Federighi Warns EU DMA Will Open ‘Pandora’s Box’

Sideloading apps from the web, as proposed by Europe's planned regulations, would open ‘Pandora’s box’ warns Federighi

3 years ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts

The Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts are new pieces of legislation from the EU. To gain an insight into…

3 years ago

More Privacy Safeguards Needed – EU Watchdog

Privacy watchdog EDPS backs European Commission's DMA and DSA draft rules on tech firms, but suggests more safeguards are needed

3 years ago

Big Tech Firms Face EU Fines Of 10 Percent Of Turnover

Yearly checks on tech firm compliance over harmful content, plus stiff financial penalties part of EU's proposed regulation of digital…

3 years ago

EU To Impose Major Fines In Tech Regulation Overhaul

Digital Services Act to be unveiled by European Commission this week imposes fines of up to 6 percent of companies'…

3 years ago

Google Apologises Over Leaked EU Strategy Document

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai apologises to EU commissioner Thierry Breton over leaked document recommending 'pushback' over new competition rules

4 years ago