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How Good is Your Enterprise’s Contingency Planning?

The recent fire at the French cloud service provider OVHcloud, which resulted in many websites going offline, illustrates the vulnerability…

10 months ago

Silicon UK In Focus EXTRA: Does More Data Equal Better Health?

Rabia has a background in immuno-genetics with a passion for bridging the worlds of science, business and technology. She completed…

2 years ago

Does More Data Equal Better Health?

Healthcare, like many other sectors, is moving through technological change. All of the technologies in development need patient data. The…

2 years ago

Azure: The Future for Your Datacentre?

With Microsoft switching off Windows Server 2008, there is a distinct push to adopt Azure. Is this a good move?…

2 years ago

Silicon UK in Focus: Data Protection Day 2020

Today is the 14th annual Data Protection Day. Silicon UK speaks to Bob Canaway, Chief Marketing Officer, Privitar to gain…

2 years ago

Russian Government Scheme Exposes Corporate Data

More than 2,000 MongoDB databases operated by major domestic and foreign companies were left accessible under the government programme

3 years ago

Scottish Police Buy Cellebrite Phone Unlocking Kits

Cellebrite kiosks are to be deployed around Scotland for unlocking phones and other seized devices

4 years ago

US Customs Agents Now Need ‘Reasonable Suspicion’ To Copy Data

Officials at US border-crossing points such as airports now have new restrictions on when they can copy data from devices…

4 years ago

Keylogger Found Pre-Installed In Hundreds Of HP Laptops

The keylogger was originally installed with touchpad drivers to help debug errors, but could lead to a 'loss of confidentiality'

4 years ago

NHS Launches API Lab To Promote Health Sector Data Exchange

NHS Digital is to collaborate with the supplier-led INTEROPen group on the development of APIs for exchanging health data

4 years ago

Disqus Data Breach From 2012 ‘Affects 17.5 Million Users’

Usernames, email addresses and hashed passwords were leaked in the breach, which dates back to July 2012, Disqus has confirmed

4 years ago

Software ‘Feature’ Sent Plain-Text Passwords Across The Internet

The developer of a popular Mac tool has fixed an issue that caused sensitive data to be sent out unencrypted…

4 years ago

Hacked Credit Agency Equifax ‘Hit By Separate Intrusion In March’

The credit reporting giant was reportedly hit by a separate major breach in March, weeks before the theft of personal…

4 years ago

Uber Names New CEO And Will Eliminate Post-Trip User Tracking

The widely criticised feature, introduced last year, tracked passengers for up to five minutes after a trip ended and was…

4 years ago

US Arrests Chinese Man For Multiple Cyber-Attacks

The 36-year-old was arrested in Los Angeles on hacking charges linked to the high-profile hacks of the US Office of…

4 years ago

‘Anonymous Hacker’ Claims To Have Stolen 11 Million NHS Records

The hack was carried out to warn patients that their personal data is being exposed, according to an alleged member…

4 years ago

FBI ‘Advises’ US Companies To Drop Kaspersky Security Products

In private briefings, the FBI is reportedly advising US energy and technology firms to cut their ties with Kaspersky over…

4 years ago

Amazon Hopes AWS Macie Machine Learning Tool Will Stem Cloud Data Loss

AWS SUMMIT: Amazon has released Macie, an AI-powered tool aimed at securing data held in the cloud, following a string…

4 years ago

China To Implement Restrictive Data Security Law This Week

Foreign companies have argued the Cyber Security Law (CSL) will make it much more difficult for them to do business…

5 years ago

Wearables In The Workplace: The Hurdles, Benefits And Opportunities

The adoption of wearables has grown rapidly in the consumer world, but why has adoption been slower in the enterprise…

5 years ago

Blockchain Tech ‘Could Save’ Banks £9.7bn Billion A Year

Moving to a distributed database using blockchain could help banks save billions on costly data processes

5 years ago

UK Data Surveillance Powers Declared Illegal By EU Court

The decision could create some major problems for the UK in a post-Brexit world

5 years ago

US Military Looks To Blockchain To Secure Weapon Data And Nukes

Is Blockchain a possible solution for securing weapons data for the US military, including its nuclear capabilities?

5 years ago

GDPR: What Are We Going To Do With Your Data?

DQM's Christine Andrews tells us why controlling your data will be key under the new GDPR rulings

6 years ago

Phishing ‘Behind Majority Of Data Breaches’

Verizon report reveals huge rises in human error as users continue to fall for popular scams

6 years ago

British Businesses More Worried About Losing Data Than Losing Money

Fujitsu report finds that majority of businesses skimp out on paying for effective IT security

6 years ago

FBI Called In To Investigate Hillary Clinton Email Set-Up

FBI agents are looking into the security of the presidential hopeful’s private account

6 years ago

CyLon To Help Startups Develop UK’s Cyber Defences

The scheme aims to develop the UK into Europe's hub for cyber security startups

7 years ago

IBM Denies Any Links To NSA Spying Program

IBM looks to reassure its clients and customers that it has not passed on their data to external sources

8 years ago

European Commission Opens Consultation On Cyber Security Legislation

The EC wants to talk about cyber security legislation, looking at risk management and breach reporting requirements in particular

10 years ago