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Jean-Denis Garo, Head of Product Marketing, Odigo.

New Frontiers for the Contact Centre

Why not move from a customer relationship model to a model for relationships with customers? All too often, the distribution of incoming calls is based on the availability of agents when it should be based, above all, on the customer's ...

Turning the Unamazing into the Amazing

Turning the Unamazing into the Amazing

Learn how your business can better support each customer via every touchpoint. How to treat each customer as an individual and how empowering your agents can promote high levels of efficiency and wellbeing.

Elissa Quinby, Retail Insights Leader, Global Director of Retail Insights, for Quantum Metric

Silicon In Focus Podcast: The Neo Omnichannel

Are businesses still striving to build their omnichannel as they look towards their post-pandemic futures? The ability to move seamlessly from one digital channel to the next along the purchasing journey was always the Holy grail. Have ...

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The Connected Customer

Learn how the definition of the ‘connected customer’ changed due to the pandemic. As consumers now use multiple touchpoints, is brand loyalty being tested? And how have customer services technologies had to evolve to manage the expecta ...

Next Generation Omnichannel

Connected Commerce: Next Generation Omnichannel

The omnichannel has been a key driver for all businesses as they connect and integrate each of their customer-facing systems. As enterprises look towards their futures, how are next-generation omnichannel services being created and dep ...