Mobile App Lets You Beat RBS 6 Nations Half Time Scrums At Aviva Stadium

Aviva Stadium

Rapid Q, a mobile app from Preoday, is enabling fans to pre-order food and drink from their seats during the 6 Nations

Teams and athletes in a variety of sports are now relying on technology more and more to help them analyse opponents, make data-driven decisions and develop equipment.

The Mercedes F1 team, for example, is trialing the use of 802.11ad Wi-Fi to give race engineers access to more detailed data and NFL franchise The Green Bay Packers has relied on technology to keep it competitive.

But as well as the performance side, technology is also being widely adopted to improve the engagement and live experience of sports fans.

One such example is Rapid Q, a mobile app from Preoday that has been introduced to the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, enabling fans to pre-order food and drink from their seats during the RBS 6 Nations Rugby tournament.

Silicon recently spoke to Andrew White, CEO of Preoday, to learn more about the app and the benefits it offers to both clubs and spectators.

rugby stadium

How has the uptake of this type of technology developed in recent years?

Just Eat helped start version 1.0 of the online ordering revolution. Just Eat, Deliveroo and many others are “closed” system B2C intermediaries, sitting between hospitality businesses and their customers. Version 2.0 of the revolution is directly business to business. It is emerging quickly, picking up momentum and destined to be much bigger, covering all types of hospitality businesses.

Version 2.0 is seen in integrated, commission-free mobile and web order platforms which build customer relationships and brand loyalty. Hospitality businesses are now taking this next step. Companies are looking at pre-ordering technology as a way to improve customer experience and boost revenue they can keep.

As major brands like Starbucks have embraced this technology and are pioneering its adoption, the rest of the hospitality industry is now looking to make best use of it. A wide range of companies, from venues like Aviva Stadium to high street brands like Greggs, are realising that in addition to creating happier customers, the data provided by online and mobile customer interactions is crucial to improving business operations.

Does it lend itself to certain sports or facilities more than others?

Mobile and online pre-ordering technology for food, drink and merchandise is something that in practical terms is equally suited to any kind of sports or facilities. For those sports with a half-time, pre-ordering can ease the crush at the bar. For those such as racing, where supporters continually go to the bar or stands to pick up drinks or food, the convenience of being able to order and pick up food or have it delivered when it suits them, rather than standing in line, just adds to the experience.

From the venue’s point of view, the benefits are clear – irrespective of the kind of facility. Mobile and online ordering enables business transformation, helping to increase revenue, streamlining operations and laying the foundations for better marketing and loyalty.

Rapid Q - Preoday

What benefits does it offer clubs and spectators?

Operationally, mobile and online pre-ordering enables clubs to increase efficiency in terms of stock control and serving customers: 71 percent of our clients’ customers place their food or drink order before the day of an event so venues can better prepare. It also helps them grow revenue: using Preoday’s pre-ordering technology, on average customer orders are worth 40 percent more compared to cash orders. Moreover, as a tool to gain insight into a business and help them grow and evolve, the customer data gathered from orders on the app is priceless.

For spectators it brings convenience and an improved experience at a match. With pre-ordering, they don’t need to worry about fighting the scrum for drinks during half time, or leaving their seats early to beat the queue and then missing key moments of the game.

What does the future hold for Preoday?

We operate across the whole of the hospitality industry and we are looking forward to bringing on new clients of all kinds. Aside from the hospitality industry, mobile and online pre-ordering technology has enormous potential that a wide range of businesses can exploit.

Car parking is just one area we’re looking at. Customers would be able to book their tickets, food and drink, merchandise and parking spot, all at the same time, avoiding stress. This additional service is yet another way venues can increase ancillary revenue by using pre-ordering technology.

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