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Apple M1

The Apple M1: The Beginning of a New Era?

The current iMacs and Macbooks are the last and perhaps the best with Intel silicon at their heart. As Apple is moving to its own custom CPUs, what does this mean for the desktop PC and the masses of applications that have been Intel-compatible for decades?


Merry Christmas Silicon UK Readers

Just a quick message from the staff at Silicon UK, wishing all our readers a very merry Christmas…enjoy the festivities and mince pies

Tech trends 2021

Tech Trends and Predictions 2021

At this time of year, every business in the tech sector looks forward to trying and predict the trends that could impact their enterprises. As the hub around which tech businesses orbit, Silicon UK asked some of the leaders in the tech sector to give their predictions. Do you agree?

The Business of Voice: How Voice Control is Coming to Your Enterprise

How Voice Control is Coming to Your Enterprise

As smart speakers continue to expand in the home, using voice to control a range of devices is now familiar. Could a similar voice environment also become essential in the workplace? With mobile digital devices all having voice control available, how should businesses approach voice as an asset?