ARM Touts Performance Per Watt As New ‘Moore’s Law’

Traditional Moore's Law is no longer relevant in today world's, argues ARM, and says 'performance per watt' is the better…

5 months ago

Nvidia Unveils Data Centre ARM CPU Dubbed ‘Grace’

New 'Grace' server chip from GPU giant Nvidia is designed to take the fight to Intel and AMD in the…

8 months ago

President Biden Targets Silicon Shortage With Executive Order

Chip shortage targetted by US executive order that will review supply chains for four critical products experiencing shortages

10 months ago

Silicon Shortage Prompts GM To Extend Car Production Cut

Ongoing global shortage of computer chips prompts another car manufacturer to extend production cut in its North American factories

10 months ago

Taiwan Meeting With Top US Official Will Discuss Silicon Shortage

Silicon squeeze. Global shortage of silicon chips will be a topic covered during Taiwan's meeting with a senior US official

10 months ago

Taiwanese Minister: Chip Makers To Address Car Silicon Shortage

As a silicon shortage slows global car production, Taiwanese government minister says chip makers are at full capacity but will…

10 months ago

Coronavirus: Silicon Shortage Slows Car Production

Supply chain squeeze. Worldwide shortage of CPUs is slowing the manufacturing of new cars from a number of the world's…

11 months ago

Apple Unveils Mac Computers Powered By M1 Chip

Tuesday's 'One More Thing' launch event sees Apple reveal the first MacBook Air and other Macs with its inhouse designed…

1 year ago

Apple Teases Surprise ‘One More Thing’ Launch Event

Third launch event scheduled by Apple for Tuesday 10 November, with new Macs expected to showcase inhouse ARM silicon

1 year ago

Apple To Sell Macs With In-house Processors From 2021 – Report

Apple will reportedly utilise its own in-house processors in its Mac computer portfolio next year, in a transition away from…

2 years ago

Cerebras Delivers World’s Largest Computer Chip For AI

New chip is the size of an iPad and contains 400,000 cores to handle machine learning challenges

2 years ago

Huawei Launches Server Chipset To Lessen US Reliance

Chinese firm pledges to continue Intel partnership and insists chipset is complimentary, not competitive

3 years ago

Intel CPUs At Risk From Foreshadow Flaw

Not again. Intel rocked by another data stealing vulnerability that affects the secure CPU enclave

3 years ago

Apple To Drop Intel Chips From Macbooks – Report

Intel processors will reportedly no longer feature in Macs from 2020 as Apple plots inhouse CPUs

4 years ago

Nvidia Updates Software But Denies Impact From Meltdown & Spectre

CEO claims that Nvidia GPUs are immune to the flaws currently blighting CPUs from Intel, ARM and AMD

4 years ago

Meltdown & Spectre: Intel Chip Exploit Also Impacts ARM, AMD Chips

'Not just us' says Intel, as ARM and AMD are also said to be vulnerable to one of the flaws

4 years ago

AMD Ryzen Pro CPUs To Challenge Intel In The Enterprise Arena

Performance, security and machine learning optimisation can all be found in AMD's latest processors

4 years ago

Major Hyper-Threading Flaw in Intel Kay Lake And Skylake CPUs Could Wipe Data And Crash Systems

The major flaw, discovered by Debian developers, can be stopped by disabling Hyper-Threading

4 years ago

Intel Reveals 18 Core Core i9 Processor And Core X 8th Generation CPUs

The chipmaker is touting is first teraflop desktop processor

5 years ago

AMD Signals Data Centre Return With EPYC Chips

What's in a name? AMD raids the naming repository for Ryzen Threadripper, EPYC, and Vega chips

5 years ago

Intel Reveals Credit-Card Sized Computer For Bringing Processing Power To IoT

CES 2017: The Compute Card features Intel's Kaby Lake processors and flexible connectivity options

5 years ago

Qualcomm Wants To Be Centre Of IoT With Snapdragon 835 CPU And Connectivity Platform

CES 2017: Qualcomm continues to pursue IoT with chips and connectivity

5 years ago

Tech Quiz of The Week: IT Jargon

Can you makes sense of all the acronyms?

5 years ago

Intel Outlines AI Push With Lake Crest Chip And Google Partnership

The chip maker is keen to pursue the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning

5 years ago

Dell Adds Intel Kaby Lake Chips Into Refreshed XPS 13 Laptop

The super slim ultraportable laptop has been given gutsier innards and a rose gold colour

5 years ago

Intel 7th Gen Core CPU To Tackle 4K UHD Video

Promises three-fold improvement in graphics for gamers and the power to tackle 4K ultra HD video

5 years ago

Intel Unveils VR And 4K-Focused 10-Core i7 CPU

Intel lifts lid on new Broadwell family at Computex, including 10-core Extreme Edition 'mega-tasker' ready for 4K, gaming, and virtual…

6 years ago

IBM, Huawei, AMD, ARM And Qualcomm Unite On Data Centres

Xilinx, Mellanox also join CCIX Consortium to give data centre CPUs an open sharing architecture to boost speed and efficiency

6 years ago

Moore’s Law Worry As Intel Changes Chip Upgrade Strategy

Chip giant quietly retires its 'tick-tock' processor development plans as limit to Moore's Law approaches

6 years ago