Facebook Code Hints At Hiding Like Button

Code has been found in Facebook's Android app which could potentially allow likes about a post to be hidden

3 years ago

Mozilla To Build Breach Notifications Into Firefox Browser

A planned feature, currently in early testing, would alert users when they use a site that's recently been affected by…

5 years ago

Micro Focus Bans Source Code Reviews By ‘High Risk’ Governments

The company's move follows HPE's admission it allowed a Russian military agency to inspect the source code of security tool…

5 years ago

Ofcom Proposes Changes To Broadband Speed Claims

New code of practice to reduce consumer confusion over ISP 'up to' broadband speed claims

5 years ago

NASA Wants Help From Coders To Speed Up Old Software

Entrants will be given the code to analyse and search for bottlenecks

5 years ago

Chakra Bleu! Microsoft Open Sources Core Edge Browser Component

By January 2016, Microsoft will have opened Edge’s ChakraCore repository onto GitHub

6 years ago

Windows 10 Name Jump Blamed On Coding Shortcut

Developer suggests real reason why Microsoft decided not to name its new operating system Windows 9

8 years ago

Open Source Code Has Fewer Defects Than Proprietary Software

The latest Coverity Scan Open Source Report suggests that the quality of programming in free C and C++ projects is…

8 years ago

HP Updates Fortify Static Code Analyzer

HP unveils its Fortify Source Code Analyzer 4.0 for faster and more accurate software code analysis

9 years ago

Typemock Offers Free Code Testing Tool

Developers can now use a free code testing tool that is touted as an alternative to open-source unit-testing tools

9 years ago

Apple Code Leak Blamed On App Developer

An application developer has admitted it is the likely source of the leaked Apple UDIDs, after its servers were hacked

10 years ago

Mozilla Webmaker To Teach Users How To Code

A new program from Mozilla is promising to turn humble web users into coding developers

10 years ago

Microsoft Enters Top 20 Linux Contributors List

In an ironic development, Microsoft is now ranked in the top twenty of contributors to the Linux kernel

10 years ago

SIG Lab Wants To Make Software More Energy Efficient

Laboratory's research could make every computer a little bit “greener”

10 years ago

Symantec PCAnywhere’s Limited Vulnerablity Called Into Question

An attack script has been posted online that can crash pcAnywhere as security researchers warn that old code can show…

10 years ago

OpenStack Developers Ditch ‘Buggy’ Microsoft Hyper-V Support

The OpenStack open source cloud project has ditched "unmaintained" Microsoft Hyper-V code from its core module

10 years ago

Oracle Seeks Early Trial Against Android To Stop Developer Drift

Oracle has asked for a trial as early as January in its case against Google, because Java is losing ground…

10 years ago

Applications Riddled With Security Flaws: Veracode

The majority of applications scanned by Veracode's cloud-based testing tool held some kind of security flaw

10 years ago

Street View Trike Captures Bletchley Park Images

Google has hosted a garden party and used its Street View cameras to raise funds for Bletchley Park

11 years ago

Turing Papers Saved for Bletchley Park

Lottery money is buying key papers of computing pioneer Alan Turing for the Bletchley Park museum

11 years ago