OpenAI Adds Voice Conversation To New ChatGPT Model

Microsoft-backed OpenAI releases new AI model GPT-4o with voice conversation capability, desktop app and updated user interface

2 weeks ago

Anthropic Launches Enterprise-Focused Claude, Plus iPhone App

Two updates to Anthropic's AI chatbot Claude sees arrival of a new business-focused plan, as well as an iOS app

4 weeks ago

Samsung To ‘Redefine’ Bixby With Generative AI

Samsung's Bixby voice assistant could be upgraded with generative artificial intelligence technology, executive says

2 months ago

US Congress Bans Use Of Microsoft AI Copilot – Report

Risk of leaks. US House of Representatives implements strict ban on congressional staff using Microsoft's Copilot chatbot

2 months ago

Google Restricts Gemini AI Chatbot Election Answers

Search engine giant to restrict election-related queries that users can ask Gemini chatbot, after restriction applied in US, India

3 months ago

Google Rebrands Bard AI Chatbot As Gemini

Bard becomes Gemini, as Google rebrands chatbot and launches monthly subscription for access to more powerful AI system

4 months ago

DPD Disables AI Chatbot After It Swears At Customer

Parcel firm DPD partially disables AI chatbot after customer easily convinces it to swear and make comments critical of firm

4 months ago

Terrorism Tsar Warns Of AI Chatbot Radicalisation Risk

Government advisor on terror legislation, Jonathan Hall, says new laws needed to counter threat of radicalisation by AI chatbots

5 months ago

Elon Musk’s xAI Seeks To Raise $1 Billion In Equity

AI startup xAI, founded by one of the richest men in the world Elon Musk, seeks to raise up to…

6 months ago

TikTok Owner ByteDance To Offer AI Chatbot Customisation

Beijing-based ByteDance to follow in footsteps of OpenAI and others with 'open platform' allowing users to create custom AI chatbots

6 months ago

AWS re:Invent: Amazon Q Touted As New Business Chatbot

Amazon answer to ChatGPT? Amazon Web Services confirms launch of business focused AI chatbot called Amazon Q

6 months ago

OpenAI Says ChatGPT Outage Caused By DDoS Attack

Outage of OpenAI's ChatGPT service is being blamed on a DDoS attack by pro-Russian hacking group Anonymous Sudan

7 months ago

ChatGPT Back Online After “Major Outage”

OpenAI's ChatGPT service is back online after “major outage” on Wednesday afternoon that lasted just short of two hours

7 months ago

Meta Admits AI Assistant Trained On User Posts

Executive admits it used people's public Facebook and Instagram posts to train its new Meta AI virtual assistant

8 months ago

Meta Connect 2023: Meta Launches AI Chatbots With Personalities

Developer conference begins with Meta introducing AI chatbots with celebrity personalities for Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook

8 months ago

Google Adds AI Chatbot Bard To Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs

Major expansion for Chatbot Bard as Google connects it to full suite tools including Google Docs, Gmail and YouTube

8 months ago

Beijing Bans AI-Generated Medical Prescriptions

Beijing municipal health commission bans AI-generated prescriptions as tech industry pushes generative AI for healthcare industry

9 months ago

Researchers Disable AI Chatbot Safeguards

Researchers find automated way of removing guardrails that prevent ChatGPT, Bard, other AI chatbots from generating harmful content

10 months ago

Anthropic Opens Rival AI Chatbot To Public

Challenge to OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google Bard, after Anthropic debuts Claude 2 AI chatbot, and opens it to public

11 months ago

Baidu Ranks Top In Chinese ChatGPT-Style Chatbot Tests

Tests find Baidu's Ernie Bot ranks above Alibaba's Tongyi Qianwen but behind OpenAI's ChatGPT as competition heats up

12 months ago

Alibaba Integrates AI Chatbot Into Collaboration App

Tech giant Alibaba integrates ChatGPT-like chatbot Tongyi Qianwen into collaboration tool DingTalk as it seeks to roll out AI across…

1 year ago

OpenAI To Offer Bug Bounties Up To $20,000

Bug bounty program introduced by OpenAI, to track down and eliminate vulnerabilities, bugs, or security flaws

1 year ago

OpenAI Faces Possible Defamation Lawsuit Over ChatGPT Content

A mayor in Australia has warned he may sue OpenAI if the firm does not correct false bribery claims by…

1 year ago

Google’s Bard Sides With US Prosecutors In Antitrust Case

Google's Bard chatbot sides with US Department of Justice in advertising antitrust case, in latest embarrassment for tech giant

1 year ago

Bill Gates: OpenAI GPT Most Important Tech Advance Since 1980

Biggest advance since the GUI. Bill Gates says OpenAI’s GPT AI model is the most revolutionary advance in past 40…

1 year ago

OpenAI Fixes Bug With ChatGPT That Exposed User Chats

Chief executive of OpenAI admits “significant issue” in ChatGPT has now been fixed, after user chat titles were exposed

1 year ago

Baidu Shares Rise On Positive Ernie AI Reviews

Chinese search engine Baidu sees shares rise after analysts write positively about its Ernie chatbot competitor to Microsoft-backed ChatGPT

1 year ago

OpenAI Announces ChatGPT Upgrade Called GPT-4

Upgrade to popular AI chatbot ChatGPT with the release of GPT-4, which promises to be more creative and less biased

1 year ago

US Chamber Of Commerce Seeks AI Regulation

Largest lobbying group in the United States calls for regulation of AI technology over national security concerns and impact on…

1 year ago

ChatGPT Added To Salesforce’s Slack

Salesforce and OpenAI introduce the ChatGPT app for Slack, in an effort to add artificial intelligence to business software

1 year ago