Microsoft Looks Beyond Password Protection For Accounts

Future is 'passwordless' says Microsoft, as it gives users option to delete account passwords and login via authenticator app

3 months ago

Hackers Bypassing MFA To Access Cloud Accounts, Warn CISA

US cyber agency warn hackers are bypassing multi-factor authentication (MFA) authentication protocols to compromise cloud accounts

11 months ago

Signal Founder Dismisses Cellebrite Encryption Crack Claim

Security firm Cellebrite alleges it has cracked encryption of the most secure messaging app on the market, but Signal founder…

11 months ago

Apple Joins FIDO Alliance To Replace Passwords With Trusted Devices

Significant development? The FIDO Alliance that aims to remove the need for passwords, signs Apple as new board member

2 years ago

Gov.UK Verify Authentication Scheme Slammed by NAO

National Audit Office heavily criticises government authentication scheme, which it says has fallen well below target

3 years ago

Serious Oracle Access Manager Vulnerability Patched

Oracle patches a serious vulnerability that could allow an attacker to impersonate arbitrary users (even admins)

4 years ago

Biometrics Are Increasingly Favoured For Authentication

Fight to protect digital identity sees biometrics, two-factor authentication and password managers increasingly favoured

4 years ago

German ‘Master Key’ Platform To Safeguard Personal Data

New data protection platform to provide Germans with an data protection alternative to Google, Facebook

5 years ago

Microsoft Bans Simple Passwords On All Its Accounts

Microsoft announces complete ban of simple or commonly used passwords from all of its accounts

6 years ago

Mastercard Wants To Use Your Face To Pay For Things

New facial-scanning authentication security process hopes to launch later this year

6 years ago