Nvidia, AMD Hawk AI Chips As Computex Opens

Nvidia's Huang, AMD's Su kick off Computex in battling speeches with plans for AI data centres, AI-tuned desktop chips

2 weeks ago

China Tells Telecom Carriers To Phase Out Foreign Chips – Report

Tit-for-tat. Another blow for Intel and AMD in China, after Beijing orders telecom carriers to phase out foreign chips

2 months ago

China Bans Intel, AMD Chips, Windows OS From Government Computers

Beijing reportedly begins blocking the use of Intel and AMD chips in government computers, and sidelines Microsoft's Windows OS

3 months ago

Intel Export License Allows It To Continue Selling To Huawei – Report

Chip giant Intel reportedly still allowed to sell millions of dollars of chips to China's Huawei, despite US sanctions

3 months ago

China Lashes Out As US Tightens Chip Export Controls

Trade war intensifies, as Beijing lashes out at toughens export controls from US. Nvidia confirms new rules will impact AI…

8 months ago

AMD To Buy AI Startup As Nvidia Battle Heats Up

US chipmaker AMD is to acquire startup for undisclosed amount, as AI competition against rival Nvidia ramps up

8 months ago

Intel Re-Issued Hefty Antitrust Fine by European Commission

No escape. After successfully overturning last year its 2009 antitrust fine of €1.06 billion, European Commission re-imposes fine of €376.4m

9 months ago

Intel Pushes Nvidia Chip Competition Amidst AI Frenzy

Intel positions Gaudi AI GPU accelerator as direct Nvidia competition as funding for chip start-ups evaporates

9 months ago

ARM Signs Up Major Tech Firm Investors, Prices IPO

Apple, Alphabet, Intel, Samsung etc sign up as investors in ARM's upcoming IPO, as management lowers listing valuation

10 months ago

US Denies Restricting AI Chip Sales To Middle East

US government official denies AMD and Nvidia claims they are being denied permission to sell AI chips to Middle East

10 months ago

Intel Says Upcoming Data Centre Chip More Than Doubles Efficiency

Intel says upcoming Sierra Forest data centre chip offers 240 percent efficiency gains over current-generation Xeon, as it looks for…

10 months ago

AMD To Invest $400m In India Over Five Years

US chipmaker AMD confirms big investment in India, plus construction of largest design centre, as New Delhi continues charm offensive

11 months ago

Research Finds AMD AI Chip Rivals Nvidia Dominance

Tests by AI firm find AMD AI chip MI250 reaches 80 percent of performance of Nvidia A100 with path to…

12 months ago

US Considers AI Chip Export Restrictions For China

Bad news for Nvidia and AMD, as US considers tightening export controls to China of powerful AI chips and processors

12 months ago

AMD Spurs AI Interest With Forthcoming MI300 Chip

AMD tantalises investors with details of forthcoming MI300 AI chip, expected to be direct competitor to Nvidia's flagship H100

1 year ago

Nvidia Builds ‘Grace’ CPU-Powered Supercomputer

Nvidia, known for GPUs, scores with for new Grace CPU in University of Bristol's Isambard 3 supercomputer, to be built…

1 year ago

GlobalFoundries Sues IBM, Again

IBM sued by GlobalFoundries, which alleges that Big Blue made unlawful disclosures to Intel, the Japanese consortium Rapidus and others

1 year ago

US Instructs AMD, Nvidia To Halt AI Shipments To China

Two leading American chipmakers, Nvidia and AMD, have been ordered to stop selling some of their AI-related technology to China

2 years ago

AMD Closes $50 Billion Xilinx Acquisition

HPC boost for chip giant AMD, as it completes its drawn out acquisition of FPGA specialist Xilinx for approximately $50…

2 years ago

Intel Celebrates As EU Court Strikes Down 2009 Antitrust Fine

Twelve year legal battle sees EU court grant Intel's appeal against $1.2 billion EU antitrust fine over treatment of AMD…

2 years ago

Intel Touts New 12th Gen PC Processors

Chip giant Intel introduces its new Alder Lake processors for personal computers, as it seeks to dethrone longtime rival AMD

3 years ago

AMD Targets Data Centres With $35 Billion Purchase Of Xilinx

More competition for Intel, as AMD signals deepening push into data centre market with $35 billion purchase of US-based Xilinx

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Chip Makers Ask To Be Classified As Essential Businesses

Group representing major US chip makers ask US federal authorities to be classified as essential businesses, so factories can remain…

4 years ago

VMworld: AMD Introduces Radeon Pro V340 For High-Density Data Centres

The graphics board includes two Vega graphics chips along with enough memory to carry out heavy-duty remote workloads for up…

6 years ago

Operating Systems Hit By Major Security Flaw

Windows, macOS, Linux, VMware, Xen, KVM and others are affected by issues caused by their misinterpretation of chip documentation

6 years ago

AMD And Microsoft Release Spectre Fixes

The latest patches include operating system and processor microcode updates to protect users from Spectre Variant 2

6 years ago

Start-Up Warns Of AMD Chip Flaws In Unusual Publicity Campaign

A small security firm has warned of embarrassing flaws affecting AMD chips, giving the chipmaker only 24 hours to respond

6 years ago

Microsoft Warns Meltdown & Spectre Chip Fixes Will Slow PCs

'Significant' impact on some PCs and servers if the fixes to Meltdown, Spectre are applied, warns Redmond

6 years ago

Meltdown & Spectre: Apple Confirms All Macs & iPhones Are Vulnerable To Chip Bug

Apple releases mitigations for Mac, iPhone and iPad and says a Safari fix is incoming as Meltdown and Spectre continue…

6 years ago

Meltdown & Spectre: Intel Chip Exploit Also Impacts ARM, AMD Chips

'Not just us' says Intel, as ARM and AMD are also said to be vulnerable to one of the flaws

6 years ago