Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The Future of Targeted Marketing

Joel Hopwood, Co-founder and CTO of SMG.

Learn how your business can improve its targeted marketing strategies. Discover how targeted marketing is vital for all enterprises to get right.

How will targeted marketing evolve over the next few years, and how can your enterprise take advantage? What emerging technologies or platforms are likely to reshape the landscape of targeted marketing, and how should businesses prepare for these changes? And What role will data analytics and AI play in enhancing the precision and effectiveness of targeted marketing campaigns?



Joel Hopwood, Co-founder and CTO of SMG.

In 2008, Joel Hopwood co-founded SMG with a vision to transform and expand the use of retail media by brands in the UK. Joel’s journey began with the creation of Capture, the UK’s pioneering commerce media agency, and in 2015, Joel went on to build Threefold, now a global specialist in retail media networks, responsible for developing over 10 RMNs (Retail Media Networks) across the UK and North America. Joel is also the Founder of SMG’s cloud-based SaaS technology platform, Plan-Apps.

SMG recently became part of the agency group Next Fifteen. Headquartered in London and New York, SMG employs a dedicated team of over 250 retail media experts who facilitate daily retail media investments exceeding £1 million. Joel Hopwood serves as the Chief Technology Officer, overseeing the widely acclaimed Plan-Apps retail media management platform, recognised as the leading operating system for commerce marketing in the UK.