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Microsoft Slammed For ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Prompt In Edge Browser

Bloatware? Addition to Edge browser promoting Zip's “buy now, pay later” scheme at checkout webpages, is slammed by users

3 years ago

Spyware Impacts Chrome Extensions, Downloaded Millions Of Times

Awake Security discover 'massive, criminal surveillance campaign' via 32 million downloads of extensions for Google's Chrome web browser

4 years ago

Mozilla Readies Firefox Premium – Report

Free version will remain unchanged, but premium browser could offer cloud storage and VPN capabilities

5 years ago

Opera 48 Gets Sharper UI & Conversion Tools To Compete In Browser Battle

The browser also comes packing a new engine under its improved interface

7 years ago

Fireball Browser Hijack Impact Revised After Microsoft Analysis

A browser hijacking operation initially reported to have 250 million victims by security firm Check Point isn't quite that large,…

7 years ago

Google Confirms Chrome Adblocker To Combat ‘Annoying, Intrusive Ads’

Google is ready to take on the web's most annoying advertisements

7 years ago

‘Quantum Compositor’ Powers Faster And More Stable Firefox Browser

Firefox for desktop also has two new themes and a redesigned permissions interface

7 years ago

Opera 44 Adds Browser Support For Apple Mac Touch Bar

Opera adds Touch Bar support along with multiple new features in browser update

7 years ago

Opera Neon Concept Browser Is ‘The Future Of The Web’

Opera has given the world a glimpse of its first ever concept browser, codenamed Opera Neon, which it hopes will…

7 years ago

iOS Users Get Privacy-Focused Onion Browser For Free

Tigas cited "recent events" as the reason for making the app free, which previously costed $0.99

7 years ago

Opera Releases Desktop Browser With Built-In VPN

Free, 'unlimited' 256-bit encrypted VPN comes with Opera's latest browser release as company says "everyone deserves to be private online"

8 years ago

Microsoft To Pull The Plug On Internet Explorer Next Week

So long IE. Microsoft confirms older versions of Internet Explorer will not longer be supported from January 12

8 years ago

Firefox 36 Gains HTTP/2 Support, Fixes Critical Vulnerabilities

Mozilla's Firefox 36 debuts with support for HTTP/2 protocol as well as 17 security advisories for vulnerabilities

9 years ago

Microsoft To Ditch Internet Explorer For ‘Spartan’ Browser?

RIP Internet Explorer? Microsoft reportedly develops an entirely new web browser for Windows 10

9 years ago

Firefox 30 Adds Security Fixes And Developer Features

Mozilla's latest web browser steps into the ring to trade punches with Chrome and Internet Explorer

10 years ago

Google Releases Chrome 31 Web Browser

Version 31 of Google's Chrome web browser has officially arrived with a number of fixes and user improvements

11 years ago

Google Tests Parental Controls In Chrome Browser Beta

The latest beta of the Chrome web browser includes the ability for parents to set limits and controls

11 years ago

Chrome Browser To Drop Old Netscape Plug-Ins

Google is to drop old Netscape plug-ins from its Chrome web browser in order to improve stability

11 years ago

Internet Explorer 11 Preview Arrives For Windows 7 Users

Windows 7 users can now take the next version of Internet Explorer (IE11) out for a test drive

11 years ago

Mozilla Releases Firefox 24 And Fixes Security Issues

Mozilla has patched a number of security issues with the release of its Firefox 24 web browser

11 years ago

Firefox 23 Arrives With Social Features And New Security

Mozilla’s Firefox 23 boasts new social-sharing features as well as mixed-content security capabilities

11 years ago

Yahoo Buys Social Web Browser Rockmelt

Rockmelt is the latest company to be bought in Yahoo's aggressive acquisition spree

11 years ago

CERN Recreates First Ever Web Page

A CERN project has recreated the first ever Web page in an effort to preserve history about the web's early…

11 years ago

Chrome 26 Beta Adds Context-Aware Spelling

Google adds an improved spellchecker, coupled with more language support, to its new Chrome browser beta

11 years ago

Internet Explorer 10 Finally Lands For Windows 7

Better late than never? Windows 7 users finally have the chance to download and run Internet Explorer 10

11 years ago

Chrome Browser Update Offers Speech Recognition Support

Google's new Chrome browser is now available for download and includes voice-recognition capabilities

11 years ago

Firefox, Chrome Browsers Demo WebRTC Comms

Users of the Firefox and Chrome browsers can now video chat without the need for pesky plug-ins

11 years ago

Chrome Browser Beta Gets Voice Recognition API

The new beta of Google'a Chrome web browser will allow users to complete tasks by using voice commands

11 years ago

Google Targets Gaming With Chrome 22 Browser

Google had made available its Chrome 22 browser that boasts improvements for computer game players

12 years ago

Chrome Browser Celebrates Fourth Birthday

Google's increasingly popular Chrome Web browser has now celebrated its fourth birthday

12 years ago