Microsoft Briefly Overtakes Apple As Most Valuable Tech Company

Microsoft briefly overtook Apple as the most valuable tech company in the world, after share price pushed market cap to…

5 months ago

Microsoft Reaches $2.6 Trillion Valuation Thanks To AI

Software giant Microsoft breaches $2.6 trillion valuation, but Apple remains the most valuable publicly listed tech company

1 year ago

Nvidia Briefly Hits $1 Trillion Valuation

GPU powerhouse Nvidia briefly joins elite $1 trillion valuation club, after its share price continued to rise amid AI boom

1 year ago

Apple First To Breach $3 Trillion Market Cap

The iPhone juggernaut briefly surpasses the $3 trillion market capitalisation threshold on Monday, over a year since passing the $2…

2 years ago

Tesla Reaches $1 Trillion Valuation

Car maker Tesla now worth at least double that of Toyota, Volkswagen and Ford combined, after breaching $1 trillion market…

3 years ago

Facebook Joins Trillion Dollar Club, As FTC Complaint Dismissed

Social network Facebook wins dismissal of US states and FTC antitrust lawsuit, which triggers share rise above $1 trillion

3 years ago

Microsoft Now Valued At $2 Trillion

Software giant Microsoft joins Apple, as it cross the $2 trillion threshold to become only the second company to reach…

3 years ago

Apple Becomes First US Company Valued At $2 Trillion

Wall Street has gained its first ever American company valued at a whopping $2 trillion, in the form of iPhone…

4 years ago

Alphabet Hits $1 Trillion Market Valuation

Exclusive trillion dollar club. Google's parent Alphabet becomes the fourth US tech giant to reach a market value of $1…

4 years ago