EU Proposes Import Duties On China’s Temu, Shein, AliExpress – Report

European Union is reportedly drawing up plans to impose custom duties on a number of Chinese online retailers

2 weeks ago

Canada To Implement Digital Services Tax This Year

Introduction of digital services tax on tech firms will begin in 2024 Canadian government confirms, amid delay to global agreement

3 months ago

GM Sues San Francisco Over $108m Tax Bill – Report

Parent company of robotaxi firm Cruise, General Motors, files lawsuit against San Francisco over $108m tax bill

7 months ago

Italy Seizes £677m From Airbnb In Tax Dispute

Italy seizes £677m from short-term rental platform Airbnb, alleging company failed to withold appropriate taxes from landlords

8 months ago

Microsoft Owes $29 Billion In Back Taxes, IRS Claims

US government alleges Microsoft owes $29 billion in back taxes, but Redmond disagrees and say it will go to court…

9 months ago

US Treasury Publishes Proposed Crypto Tax Rules

US Treasury Department publishes proposed rules aimed at cracking down on crypto tax evaders while simplifying filing processes

11 months ago

Samsung ‘Pushes For Tax Payouts’ In Vietnam

Samsung, other multinationals push for reimbursements as higher OECD-mandated tax regime set to take effect on 1 January

1 year ago

EU Restarts Apple Tax Case Before EU’s Top Court

European Commission argues before Court of Justice of the European Union that lower decision to discard 13bn euro Apple tax…

1 year ago

Apple Japan Hit With £81m In Additional Taxes

Apple Japan unit reportedly owes additional 13 billion yen in taxes after investigation finds bulk tax-free purchases of iPhones by…

2 years ago

Samsung Seeks Tax Breaks On Future Chip Factories In Texas

South Korean giant Samsung begins application for tax breaks on 11 potential chip manufacturing facilities in Texas, ahead of US…

2 years ago

Global Digital Tax Law Not Ready Until 2024, Says OECD

Corporation tax delay. Rollout of 15 percent tax agreement for big name corporations only likely in 2024, says head of…

2 years ago

India To Launch Digital Currency In 2022

India's central bank will launch a digital rupee in two months time, as India becomes the latest country to embrace…

2 years ago

Elon Musk To Pay $11 Billion In Taxes

Musk hits back at Senator Elizabeth Warren who said he should pay taxes and stop “freeloading” by confirming he is…

3 years ago

Elon Musk Realises $1bn, After Another Tesla Share Sale

Half way there. Elon Musk sells another tranche of Tesla shares worth $1.05 billion, as he continues to honour Twitter…

3 years ago

Samsung To Build $17bn Chip Factory In Texas, Amid Global Shortage

Samsung is to make its largest ever investment in the United States, in order to construct a brand new chip…

3 years ago

Elon Musk Sells $5bn Of Tesla Stock After Twitter Poll

One of the world's richest men, Elon Musk, has sold 3 percent of his stake in Tesla, just days after…

3 years ago

Twitter Backs Elon Musk Selling 10 Percent Of Tesla

What SEC scrutiny? Elon Musk asks Twitter users whether he should sell 10 percent of Tesla, and majority back share…

3 years ago

World Leaders Agree Corporation Tax Rate

Tax loophole finally closed? After years of talks, threats and tariffs, world leaders reach an historic agreement of 15 percent…

3 years ago

Boris Johnson Talks Tax With Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Downing Street confirms British Prime Minister discussed the issue of taxation during meeting with Jeff Bezos in New York

3 years ago

Russia To Tax Foreign ‘Digital Services’

Plan published in Russia to impose taxes on foreign-owned digital services, as part of ongoing effort to bolster domestic tech…

3 years ago

Samsung Offered Large Tax Breaks To Build Chip Factory In Texas

City of Taylor in Texas offers Samsung huge tax breaks in order to convince it to build a $17 billion…

3 years ago

US Sets, Then Suspends, 25 Percent Digital Tax Tariff On Six Countries

America sets, then suspends, a 25 percent import tariff on goods from six countries that have implemented a digital tax…

3 years ago

Amazon Wins Tax Appeal Against European Commission

Europe tax setback? EU's General Court rules the European Commission failed to prove Amazon enjoyed an illegal tax advantage from…

3 years ago

Amazon Goes On Offensive Against Critics In Washington

Amazon takes offensive on social media against senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren as it faces battles over labour issues…

3 years ago

Huawei Helps Support 51,000 UK Jobs, Study Finds

Independent study from Oxford Economics reveals scale of Huawei's contribution to UK plc, including payment of £1.1 billion in tax…

4 years ago

France Urges EU Digital Tax Rollout

French finance minister says the European Union should ready its own digital tax plans in case OECD negotiations about global…

4 years ago

EC Challenges Court’s Quashing Of Apple £12bn Tax Bill

European regulator appeals court ruling, which rejected EU order for Apple to pay 13 billion euros ($11.8bn) in Irish back…

4 years ago