Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Digital Transformation and Sustainability

Discover how digital transformation has evolved to encompass sustainability goals. Learn the biggest challenges organisations face when integrating sustainability into…

3 weeks ago

The Sustainability of AI

While AI promises unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and innovation, questions regarding its environmental impact loom large. How can AI’s development be…

2 months ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Can Tech Innovation Coexist with Sustainability?

From renewable energy solutions to eco-friendly manufacturing processes, from the latest in green tech to the societal implications of digital…

2 months ago

Can Tech Save the Environment?

Discover innovative solutions and debates surrounding the question: Can tech save the environment? Dive into the future of sustainability today.

2 months ago

Clouded II Documentary Reveals the True Cost of the Cloud

Exposing the economic and environmental impacts of cloud technology. Explore the hidden expenses and ecological footprints unearthed by industry experts,…

2 months ago

Gartner Predicts Concerns For Enterprises Using Cloud-based Generative AI

Cloud technology will continue to be best delivery option for generative AI applications at scale, says Gartner

3 months ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The Circular Economy

Learn how your business can adopt a circular economy approach to sustainability. Discover why sustainability must be at the core…

1 year ago

Silicon In Focus Podcast: How Green is Your Tech Budget?

Learn why Managed Service Providers (MSPs) now need to demonstrate sustainability credentials to win some contracts. Discover why organisations are…

1 year ago

Microsoft Says Talent Shortage Hampers Climate Change Fight

Brad Smith, Microsoft's President, predicts thousands of businesses will fail to meet climate change pledges over lack of staff training

2 years ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Sustainable Business

How do sustainable businesses use technology to innovate? And as businesses want to connect sustainability to their ESG, can technology…

2 years ago

The Tech of ESG

Every business is re-drawing its digital transformation strategies. A key pillar of these plans is how ESG is supported across…

2 years ago

Samsung Begins Self-Repair Program For Galaxy Devices

Win for the 'right to repair' movement as Samsung gives customers ability to repair their own mobile devices under new…

2 years ago

Google Opens Doors Of First Ever Retail Store

Google retail store in a trendy New York neighbourhood open doors for businesses, to showcase hardware devices and online services…

3 years ago

Apple Targets 100 Percent Recycled iPhones In Environmental Push

Apple pledges sustainable future but won't shift on "right to repair" issue

7 years ago

Microsoft Hints At Green IT Priorities For 2014

Microsoft's chief environmental strategist opens up about Redmond's main environmental priorities in 2014

10 years ago

Google Joins Drive For Paperless Office

Tech giant has thrown its weight behind a campaign for companies to be transformed into paperless offices

11 years ago

Delegation Aims To Pull Silicon Valley Data Centres To Sweden

Officials from Sweden are on a mission to lure Californian data to the cooler, greener Nordic environment

12 years ago

Facebook’s Data Centre Awarded LEED Gold

Facebook's data centre has been praised for its energy efficiency, despite criticism from Greenpeace

12 years ago

Efficient Cogeneration Power For New Facebook HQ

Facebook is ensuring its new headquarters in California is a fit place for sustainable living

13 years ago

Ecodesk Shares Big Firms’ Green Strategies

Ecodesk is offering a free database containing the sustainability strategies of the world's largest companies

13 years ago

Government Silently Springs Green Economy Plans

An impressive blueprint for a green economy has sneaked out, but without overt political backing will anyone take note, asks…

13 years ago

Sustainability Has Become A Corporate Financial Issue

Gartner predicts the position of sustainability will rapidly move up the company priority list by 2015

13 years ago

NASA Plants Sustainability Base On Planet Earth

NASA's new office in San Jose is said to be the US government's most sustainable building

13 years ago

Green Google’s Sea Change In Data Centre Design

A Finnish data centre will use seawater to cool Google's servers and wind power to supply the electricity

13 years ago

Autodesk Helps Design Eco-Friendly Prototypes

Autodesk is using Granta Design's materials database to improve the sustainability of product prototypes

13 years ago

FCO Plans For A Greener, More Mobile Infrastructure

Foreign Office CIO David Meyer has published his ICT-cutting plan to reduce carbon and move with the times

13 years ago

Intel’s Green Dreams Suffer A Major Setback

A chemical wastage increase of 27 percent has dented Intel's hopes to turn the green clock back to 2007

13 years ago

Gartner Tackles Greener, Leaner Data Centre Issues

In its latest reports and summit meetings, Gartner is addressing the four pillars of data centre efficiency

13 years ago

CloudApps Warns Of Ignorance Over Sustainability Savings

CloudApps believes that managers are ignoring staff concerns over possible sustainability savings

13 years ago

Pure Green IT Strategies Are Dead, Says Analyst

Green IT was just a fad. What you need is an overall sustainabilty strategy, says Verdantix

13 years ago