Stephen Hawking

Tech Industry Pays Tribute To Stephen Hawking

Rest in peace. The world has lost one of its finest minds with the passing of Professor Stephen Hawking

4 years ago

Stephen Hawking: AI Is ‘Either The Best Or The Worst Thing’ For Humanity

The famous theoretical physicist welcomes the establishment of an academic institution exploring the impact of artificial intelligence

5 years ago

Scientists Warn Brexit Would Damage Research

Brexit latest. Leaving the European Union would be bad for science, say 150 scientists including Professor Stephen Hawking

6 years ago

Czech Mate: World’s Greatest Chess Player Slams Musk And Hawking Doomsday Predictions

Garry Kasparov, the first pro chess player to lose to a computer - and guest of honour at the opening…

6 years ago

Gates, Musk, Hawking Called ‘Innovation Killers’ For AI Comments

A US think tank has accused Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking of 'alarmism' for raising concerns about artificial…

6 years ago

Stephen Hawking And Steve Wozniak Warn Of Military AI Arms Race

Elon Musk also signs open letter along with hundreds of top robotic scientists pleading military powers to curtail plans for…

6 years ago

IBM CTO Says Artificial Intelligence Won’t Overtake Humans “For Centuries”

Contrary to Stephen Hawking’s claims, IBM Watson Fellow says artificial intelligence fear comes from "gross underestimation” of humans

6 years ago

Robots To Seize Control In 100 Years, Says Stephen Hawking

“Open the pod bay doors, Hal!” ... Humans have 100 years left before the robots take over, warns Professor Stephen…

6 years ago

Stephen Hawking: Artificial Intelligence Will End Us

Scientist receives an upgrade to his communication technology but issues warning about the future of AI

7 years ago

UK Uses Supercomputer In Fight Against Cancer

Imperial College London and Cancer Research UK are leading mainstream supercomputer use in the UK

11 years ago

Hawking Team Uses Supercomputer To Explore Space

COSMOS is using one of the world's fastest supercomputers to analyse its data and research into the origins of the…

11 years ago