X Briefly Suspends Account Of Alexei Navalny’s Widow

Yulia Navalnaya had her account on Elon Musk's X briefly suspended, as she pleads with Kremlin to release husband's body

3 months ago

Greatest Cyber Risks Are Extortion, Geopolitical Tension, SMB Attacks

Mimecast in its latest Threat Intelligence report reveals the greatest current cybersecurity threats to business defences

3 months ago

Google To Tweak Gmail To Combat Spammers

Battling the spammers. Google makes changes to Gmail to make life more difficult for those send thousands of emails a…

8 months ago

Truecaller To Offer WhatsApp Caller ID As Scams Surge

Caller ID app Truecaller to offer service on WhatsApp, other messaging services as telemarketers, scammers switch to internet calls

1 year ago

Twitter Ordered To Hand Over Data To Elon Musk

'Absurdly broad' requests by Elon Musk mostly rejected by judge, but Twitter does have to hand over audit data from…

2 years ago

Glitch Sees Facebook Feeds Flooded With Celebrity Spam

Meta spokesperson blames 'configuration issue' for strange glitch Wednesday morning that flooded user news feeds with messages to celebrities

2 years ago

Elon Musk Wants Staff Names Of Twitter’s Bot Counters

Fight with Twitter, sees Elon Musk's legal team requesting names of those employees who calculate bot or spam account numbers

2 years ago

Twitter Labels Elon Musk’s Counterclaim ‘Factually Inaccurate’

Elon Musk's lawsuit counterclaims are “factually inaccurate, legally insufficient, and commercially irrelevant”, says Twitter

2 years ago

Twitter Wins Battle To Fast Track Elon Musk Lawsuit

Twitter will face Elon Musk in a Delaware courtroom in October, over his attempt to 'terminate his $44 billion takoever…

2 years ago

Elon Musk Seeks To Block Twitter’s Request For Speedy Trial

No surprise in Twitter showdown, as Elon Musk files motion with US court to oppose platform's request for trial to…

2 years ago

Twitter Begins Legal Action Against Elon Musk

Well...he was warned. Twitter sued Elon Musk on Tuesday to force him to complete his $44bn acquisition of social media…

2 years ago

Elon Musk Tells Twitter He Is ‘Terminating’ $44Bn Acquisition

No surprise? Elon Musk announces ending of his $44bn (£36bn) bid to buy Twitter, alleging multiple breaches of legal agreement

2 years ago

Elon Musk’s Acquisition Of Twitter In ‘Serious Jeopardy’ – Report

Takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk is in “serious jeopardy” according to one report, despite Twitter suspending one million fake…

2 years ago

Ten Percent Of Twitter Accounts Posting Spam, Says GlobalData

As Elon Musk clashes with Twitter's board of directors over the matter, GlobalData offers its own estimation of the amount…

2 years ago

Twitter Board To ‘Enforce’ Elon Musk Merger Agreement

Legal action ahead? Elon Musk's takeover agreement of Twitter will be enforced says board of directors, as deal remains 'on…

2 years ago

Elon Musk Puts Twitter Takeover On Hold

Twitter's share price falls 18 percent after Elon Musk places his takeover on hold, until more data is provided about…

2 years ago

Vodafone Fixes Issue After Voice Outage

Vodafone customers on Tuesday experienced problems making and receiving voice calls, after a mistake was made in blocking spam calls

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Google Blocks 18 Million Daily Covid-19 Scam Emails

Online threat. In the past week alone Google says it has blocked 126 million Covid-related daily phishing scams

4 years ago

Destructive 15-Year-Old Worm Still Infecting New Systems

MyDoom worm disabled Google 15 years ago and continues to take over more computers via infected emails, finds Palo Alto…

5 years ago

Facebook Culls Hundreds Of US-based Spam, Fake News Accounts

Facebook is deleting hundreds of American accounts and pages for “inauthentic activity”

6 years ago

Crimeware ‘Cloud’ Takes Cues From Enterprise Services

The BlackTDS malware distribution network automates attacks with ease-of-use inspired by legitimate cloud platforms

6 years ago

Spambot Contains 711 Million Email Addresses

Huge data breach. Misconfigured spambot reveals 700m email addresses and number of passwords

7 years ago

IBM: Targeted Spam Malware Sticks To Working Hours

Malware spam is targeting organisations by closely following European and US work patterns, finds new research from IBM X-Force

7 years ago

ICO Fines £80,000 For Spamming Customers

Price comparison site sent out marketing emails to customers who had opted out

7 years ago

Botnets Target FCC Website Over Net Neutrality, Researchers Say

Researchers claim bots are spamming US regulator website over net neutrality rule change proposal

7 years ago

‘Human Error’ Leads To Guardian Soulmates Data Breach & Sexual Spam

Spammers have been hitting users of the Guardian Soulmates website with explicit emails after their information was accidentally displayed on…

7 years ago

US Dismantles Kelihos Botnet After ‘Spam Kingpin’ Arrest

Russian Pyotr Levashov, suspected of being one of the Internet's biggest spam and malware operators, is arrested in Spain

7 years ago

Necurs Botnet Targets Users With Old-School Stock Scam

Getting emails about a once-in-a-lifetime stock opportunity? It's probably too good to be true

7 years ago

1.4bn Emails Exposed As Huge Spam Operation Fails To Password Protect Documents

Spammergate: Researchers discover vast database of email addresses and suggestions of cybercrime against spam kings sending 1bn messages a day

7 years ago

Apple Tackles iCloud Calendar Spam With Report Button

The button will alert Apple to spam trying to sneak passed its email filters via the calendar service

7 years ago