Nvidia Shares Close Over $2tn For First Time

Shares of Nvidia close over $2tn for first time after Dell reports surge in demand for AI servers, amidst ongoing…

3 months ago

Intel Says Upcoming Data Centre Chip More Than Doubles Efficiency

Intel says upcoming Sierra Forest data centre chip offers 240 percent efficiency gains over current-generation Xeon, as it looks for…

9 months ago

Intel Unveils ‘Pay-to-Play’ Feature For Upcoming Xeon Chips

Fancy paying twice for data centre server chips? 'Intel On Demand' webpage signals major change to the way users pay…

2 years ago

Huawei To Offload Server Division – Report

Chinese technology giant Huawei Technologies reportedly in talks to sell its x86 server business due to the ongoing US blacklist

3 years ago

Facebook Developing Machine Learning Chip – Report

Engineers at Facebook are reportedly developing a machine learning chip, as part of its internal chip development program

3 years ago

FBI Arrest Man Over ‘Plot To Blow Up Internet’

Texas man allegedly sought to 'kill off about 70 percent of the internet' to deal blow to 'oligarchy' by blowing…

3 years ago

Microsoft Developing Own ARM-Based Server Chips

Bad news Intel? Redmond designed its own ARM-based chips for its Azure servers, and even possible future Surface device, report…

3 years ago

Huawei Launches Server Chipset To Lessen US Reliance

Chinese firm pledges to continue Intel partnership and insists chipset is complimentary, not competitive

5 years ago

Microsoft Cuts Windows Server Core Containers Down To Size

Downloads of base Windows Server Core containers are 30 percent smaller than before in preview build 17079

6 years ago

IBM Touts AI Credentials Of New POWER9 Server

Developers can build AI applications quicker thanks to new and more powerful big iron from IBM

6 years ago

HPE CEO Meg Whitman To Step Down In 2018

Meg Whitman will be replaced after six years by current HPE President Antonio Neri

7 years ago

HPE Targets AI And HPC With New Apollo Platforms

New HPC and storage solutions includes HPE’s first ARM-based HPC system and enhanced tape storage system

7 years ago

Google Titan Security Chip Looks To Protect GCP Data Centre Hardware

Titan Security chip is size of stud earring and is already installed on thousands of servers within Google data centres

7 years ago

Tales In Tech History: ICL, The British Computing Giant

The life and times of a British computing giant that took on the world before falling into foreign ownership

7 years ago

Microsoft Touts Serverless Computing With Azure Event Grid

Look Mum, no server. Azure Event Grid service allows for the easy creation of serverless workflows

7 years ago

Google Joins GoDaddy In Withdrawing Domain Service To US Far Right Website

Google cancels Daily Stormer domain registration just 24 hours after GoDaddy withdrew its own service for post about killed protester

7 years ago

Windows 10 Pro For Workstation Boosts Performance And Resiliency For ‘Sever Grade’ Systems

Microsoft unleashes more power for high end systems with Windows 10 Pro for Workstations arriving as part of the Fall…

7 years ago

HPE Supercomputer Is Big Step Towards Building Tech For Mission To Mars

HPE and NASA hope Spaceborne computer will work in space for a whole year, paving the way for long range…

7 years ago

Intel Ships New Xeon Processors For Data Centres

Bold benchmarking claims...New Xeon chips tout improved data centre performance

7 years ago

Lenovo Targets Data Centre And PC Market With Expanded Portfolio

Expanded data centre offerings as Chinese PC maker reinvigorates HPC portfolio with two new brands

7 years ago

Amazon Lightsail Global Rollout Begins For AWS

Service to quickly launch virtual private servers on AWS expanded to UK, Europe, and Asia

7 years ago

LinkedIn, HPE Create Open19 Foundation For Open Data Centre Servers

Watch out OCP? Open19 Foundation will push its data centre blueprint for next generation, standardised servers

7 years ago

AMD Signals Data Centre Return With EPYC Chips

What's in a name? AMD raids the naming repository for Ryzen Threadripper, EPYC, and Vega chips

7 years ago

Intel Shakes Up Xeon Chip Branding, Adding Skylake Into The Mix

Official change to Xeon branding sees introduction of metallic classifications to grade processor family

7 years ago

Intel Releases Patch For Nine Year Flaw In Workstation And Server Chips

Users with affected computers will need a firmware fix from the machine's vendor

7 years ago

Microsoft To Use ARM Chips For Azure Servers – Report

Another blow for Intel's domination of the computer world as Redmond pledges to use ARM chips for Azure servers

7 years ago

AMD Takes Aim At Intel In The Data Centre With Naples Chipset

The server chips offer a rack load of memory and PCIe lane support

7 years ago

Microsoft Demand For HPE Data Centre Servers Wanes – Report

Bad news for HPE. Microsoft is reportedly choosing lower-cost commodity manufacturers for its cloud servers

7 years ago

HPE: We Lost Our Way Before Meg Whitman HP Inc Split

HPE’s EMEA MD credits CEO Meg Whitman with turning company around and giving it a clarity of vision

7 years ago

HPE Server And Networking Tech Keeps DS Virgin Racing Speeding Along

To keep in contention DS Virgin Racing turned to HPE for big data crunching tech

7 years ago