Russia Warns US Over SpaceX ‘Spy Satellites’

'Starshield' spy satellites built by SpaceX for the US government could result in commercial satellites being targetted, warns Russia

2 months ago

Silicon In Focus Podcast: Connectivity in Orbit

Welcome to the Silicon In Focus Podcast, where we bring you the latest insights and discussions at the intersection of…

3 months ago

US Government Issues First-Ever Space Debris Penalty

US FCC slaps Dish Network with first-ever space debris fine, after 20 year-old satellite fails to reach agreed 'disposal orbit'

8 months ago

Apple Lends Globalstar $252m To Aid Satellite-Connected iPhones

SEC filing reveals Apple is lending Globalstar $252m to cover upfront costs of replenishing its low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites

1 year ago

Qualcomm Partners Iridium For Satellite-Based Messaging On Android

Bye-bye mobile not-spots? Partnership will deliver satellite-based messaging for premium handsets running Android OS

1 year ago

OneWeb Gains Additional $500m Funding From Bharti

Busy period for OneWeb with additional funding, launch of more satellites, and signing deal with BT for rural broadband provision

3 years ago

SpaceX Starlink Satellites ‘Run Linux Computers In Space’

SpaceX runs its Starlink satellits like servers in a data centre, with each launch of 60 satellites containing more than…

4 years ago

SpaceX Prepares For First Manned Mission

SpaceX Crew Dragon set to deliver two NASA astronauts to International Space Station this week, after 10 years of preparation

4 years ago

SpaceX Launches 60 Broadband Satellites Into Low Earth Orbit

SpaceX begins rollout of its Starlink satellite-based broadband network, with the first of 12,000 satellites

5 years ago

NATO Outlines €3 Billion Plan To Combat Cyber Threats

The investment will go towards improving satellite communications and cyber security technology

7 years ago

Inmarsat Satellites Power ‘World’s First Truly Global IoT Network’

Inmarsat combines satellite and LPWAN to create custom applications for remote clients

7 years ago

Europe’s Galileo Sat Nav System Goes Live

Seventeen years in the planning, delayed and over budget, but 2016 witnesses the arrival of Europe's answer to the GPS…

7 years ago

Tales In Tech History: GPS

A product resulting from the Cold War, the GPS system has transformed people's lives and indeed journeys

8 years ago

Decommissioned GPS Satellite Knocked Out UK Digital Radio Broadcasts

A GPS satellite taken out of service last week by the US Air Force caused a software glitch that affected…

8 years ago

Inmarsat To Provide Satellites For Rolls-Royce Drone Cargo Ships

Rolls-Royce led £4.8 million project that could pave the way for autonomous ships hauls in Inmarsat for satellite steering

9 years ago

Samsung Proposes 4,600 Micro-Satellite Space Internet

Samsung nestles in with Branson, Musk in race for low-orbit web-spewing satellites

9 years ago

Airbus To Build Fleet Of 900 Internet Satellites

OneWeb selects Airbus Defence and Space as manufacturing partner for 2018 satellite constellation launch

9 years ago

Facebook Reportedly Abandons Satellites

Is space the final frontier for Facebook? Reports suggest it has abandoned satellite plans for

9 years ago

SpaceX Files Satellite Broadband Application

Elon Musk's SpaceX has applied to the FCC for a trial of two satellites that will beam down broadband to…

9 years ago

Amazon Web Services Plugs In NASA Satellite Images

Landsat 8 satellite images made available on Amazon Web Services in humanitarian aid and education drive

9 years ago

Elon Musk Reveals Plans For Huge Space Internet

Fleet of satellites to beam Internet from orbit, but Branson announces similar idea

9 years ago

Galileo Satellites Launched Into Wrong Orbit

The two Galileo navigation satellites launched on Friday have entered a 'noncompliant orbit', space officials said

10 years ago

Satellite Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities Could Be Used To Hack Aircraft Says Researcher

Flaws in SATCOM firmware could compromise security of planes and ships, warns Ruben Santamarta, who will show his findings at…

10 years ago

Google Puts Spotlight On Energy, Access Efforts

Google is giving a new prominence to its wide range of Internet access and power delivery projects, and to vice…

10 years ago