Paying Ransomware Demands May Violate Sanctions, US Treasury Warns

Never pay. Insurers and others are warned by US Treasury Dept that cyberattack payouts to hackers may violate US sanction…

4 weeks ago

Patient Dies In Germany After Hospital Ransomware Attack

Real world consequence of ransomware attacks. A female patient has died as a result of a cyberattack at a German…

1 month ago

Garmin Paid Millions Of Dollars In Ransom After Attack – Report

American firm Garmin reportedly used a ransomware negotiation business, which in turn paid hackers a multi-million dollar ransom

3 months ago

Garmin Obtained Ransomware Decrypt Key – Report

Did they pay and how much? Garmin regains control of its systems after obtaining ransomware decrypt key from Russian hackers

3 months ago

US City In Oregon Pays Ransomware Criminals – Report

Worrying development. The city of Keizer in Oregon has reportedly paid hackers a $48,000 ransom after a crippling ransomware attack

4 months ago

Production At Honda Grinds To Halt After Second Cyber Attack

Work at Honda factories in Japan, the UK, North America, Brazil, India, Turkey and Italy has been suspended after another…

5 months ago

Hackers Steal Data From US Nuclear Missile Contractor

Confidential data from the US military contractor that supports the Minuteman III nuclear deterrent has been stolen by hackers

5 months ago

Celebrity Law Firm Hacked, Attackers Threaten To Leak Stolen Data

Personal information and contracts belonging to celebrities including Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Elton John have been stolen by hackers

6 months ago

Fresenius Hospital Operator Suffers Ransomware Attack

Despite high demand during the Coronavirus pandemic, hackers have hit IT systems of a major hospital operator with a ransomware…

6 months ago

Redcar Council Still Crippled By Ransomware Attack

Pen and paper still being used. Northern local council admits its IT systems are still down, 19 days after a…

8 months ago

Travelex Finally Restores Money Transfers

It only took a month to sort out. Currency trader back online and no longer relying on pen and paper…

9 months ago

Canadian Military Contractor Hit By Ransomware

Ransomware attackers claimed to stolen 60GB of data from Canadian defence contractor after ransomware attack in December 2019

9 months ago

Travelex Facing Ransom Demand After Attack

Ransomware attack has crippled currency seller services, with cyber criminals reportedly demanding a £4.5 million ransom within two days

10 months ago

US Coast Guard Admits Ransomware Took Down Facility

US coast guard confirms “ransomware intrusion” at unnamed facility that took down entire IT network, was caused by phising attack

10 months ago

French Hospital Offline After Ransomware Attack

French hospital in Rouen forced to use pen and paper, after ransomware knocked out computers and servers

11 months ago

Louisiana State Computers Hit By Ransomware – Again

Not again. Computers and servers knocked offline in Louisiana by another ransomware attack

12 months ago

Ransomware Remains Biggest Cyber Threat To SMBs, Warns Datto

Number of ransomware attacks on SMBs on the rise, and the cost of downtime has risen over 200 percent

1 year ago

FBI Warns Businesses, ‘Don’t Pay Ransomware’ Demands

Spate of ransomware attacks sees FBI issue warning to US businesses. Main lesson? Don't pay the criminals and backup often

1 year ago

US Hospitals Close Doors After Ransomware Attack

Hospitals in the United States and Australia feel the affects of ransomware attacks, which forces admission closure

1 year ago

Texas Confirms No Payment Over Ransomware Attack

Just say no. None of municipalities crippled by ransomware attack have paid the hackers, Texas confirms

1 year ago

Texas Ransomware Hackers Demand $2.5 Million

Ransomware attack on small local government systems in Texas collectively demands $2.5m

1 year ago

Louisiana Declares State Of Emergency After Ransomware Attacks

Spate of ransomware attacks on school systems leads state Governor last week to declare a state of emergency

1 year ago

Ransomware Hackers Get Paid By Another US City

Another US city opts to hand over hundreds of thousands dollars to hackers after ransomware attack

1 year ago

Florida City Agrees To Pay Ransomware Demand

No, no, no! Riviera Beach City pays hackers $600,000 after ransomware attack three weeks ago

1 year ago

Most US Businesses Will Pay After Ransomware Attack

Study finds disappointing admission that most small to medium businesses will pay up after ransomware attack

2 years ago

Uber Used Bug Bounty Cash To Pay Hacker To Keep Quiet – Report

Taxi service could be back on the naughty step amid allegations it used bug bounty cash as hush money

3 years ago

Google: Ransomware Will Remain A Very Real Threat

Better get used to it and do regular backups, as Google study discovers how lucrative ransomware is for criminal gangs

3 years ago

NotPetya Hackers Move Virtual Ransom Funds

Hackers empty bitcoin wallet of ransom funds and issue fresh ransom demand to unlock encrypted hard drives

3 years ago

Plastic Surgery Photos Published After Clinic Hack

Personal surgical pictures of British citizens among thousands published after Lithuanian clinic hack

3 years ago