NHS Scotland Confirms Clinical Data Published By Ransomware Gang

NHS Dumfries and Galloway condemns ransomware gang for publishing patients clinical data after cyberattack earlier this month

3 months ago

Hacking Victims Paid $1.1bn In Ransoms Last Year

Chainalysis report finds ransomware victims paid cybercriminals a record $1.1 billion in cryptocurrency in 2023

4 months ago

Ransomware Attacks Rose 128 Percent In 2023, Report Finds

Cybernews researchers finds ransomware attacks rose to record numbers in 2023, with a 128.2 percent rise in victims

5 months ago

Xerox Axes 15 Percent Of Workforce, Admits ‘Cyber Incident’

Happy new year. Tech veteran Xerox is to hand out P45s to approximately 3,000 employees in the first quarter of…

5 months ago

Sony Systems Alleged Breached By Hackers

Ransomed.vc hackers claim to have breached 'all Sony systems' and are allegedly threatening to sell stolen data

9 months ago

Russian Clop Criminals Issue Ultimatum After Mass Hack

Cybercriminal gang Clop warn hack victims to get in touch before 14 June, or their stolen data will be published

1 year ago

US Offers $10 Million Reward For Russian Hacker

US DoJ charges Russian national with ransomware attacks against critical infrastructure in the US and elsewhere

1 year ago

Nearly Half Of Ransomware Victims Pay Up, Sophos Finds

Sophos report finds ransomware encryption attacks at their highest level for four years, with 66 percent of organisations being targetted

1 year ago

Hackers Begin Publishing Data Of Oakland City Workers

After a ransomware attack last month on the city of Oakland in California, hackers have begun leaking stolen data online

1 year ago

Dish Network Confirms Outage Was Due To Ransomware Attack

US satellite broadcast Dish Network confirms multi-day outage was a result of a ransomware attack and some data has been…

1 year ago

Ransomware Hackers Ask Victims For Cyber Insurance Details

Varonis warns that HardBit ransomware asks victims to share their cyber insurance details, to help achieve their extortion aims

1 year ago

Stolen Twitter Data Leaked Online, Even Bigger Breach Revealed

Summer data breach at Twitter sees hackers publish stolen data, but even bigger data breach has since been uncovered

2 years ago

Sophos Sees Surge Of Ransomware Attacks Against Education Sector

Education sector is battling a significant increase in the number of ransomware attacks, and in some cases is taking months…

2 years ago

Lincoln College Shuts Permanently After Ransomware Attack

After 157 years in existence, Lincoln College in the US to close its doors permanently after failing to recover from…

2 years ago

Ransomware Attacks On The Decline, Corvus Insurance Finds

Declining ransomware attacks? New research from Corvus Insurance says reports of ransomware attacks are down, with payout totals also declining

2 years ago

Samsung Admits Hackers Stole Source Code

Hackers have stole 190GB of internal company data at Samsung, and gained access to some source code of Galaxy branded…

2 years ago

Toyota’s Manufacturing Shuts Down After Cyberattack

Toyota halts manufacturing at all 14 factories in Japan, after a suspected ransomware cyberattack at supplier Kojima Industries Corp

2 years ago

Three quarters Of Ransomware Payments Go To Russian Hackers

Roughly 74 percent of all ransomware revenue in 2021 was sent to Russian-linked cyber-criminals, Chainalysis research has discovered

2 years ago

US Treasury Sanctions Cryptocurrency Exchange Suex

Cryptocurrency exchange Suex hit with sanctions by US Treasury Department for alleged role in laundering ransomware payments

3 years ago

US Mulls Sanctions Use In War Against Hacker Cryptocurrency Payments

White House is reportedly preparing to take a number of actions, including the use of sanctions, against ransomware crypto payments

3 years ago

Bangkok Airways Hit By LockBit Ransomware Attack

Passenger data collected by Bangkok Airways published after Thai airline reportedly declines to pay the criminal's ransom demand

3 years ago

Kaseya Denies Paying REvil Hackers For Decryption Tool

Kaseya refused to negotiate with REvil ransomware gang, and has strongly denied paying a ransom in order to obtain decryptor…

3 years ago

Saudi Aramco Confirms Data Breach After $50m Ransom Demand

World's largest oil producer Saudi Aramco confirms compromise of some of its data, after hacker demands $50 million ransom

3 years ago

Republican National Committee Denies Russian Hackers Stole Data

Cozy Bear or APT29 hackers reportedly breached Republican computers, but Republican party denies its data has been compromised

3 years ago

Kaseya Hackers Demand $70 Million Ransom

Number of organisations affected by damaging Kaseya ransomware attack grows from just 50, to roughly 1,500 businesses globally

3 years ago

Fancy Lazarus DDoS Extortion Group Back With New Campaign

Warning from Link11, after it notices sharp increase in ransom focused distributed denial of service (RDDoS or RDoS) attacks

3 years ago

JBS Paid $11 Million To REvil Ransomware Criminals

Not again. Brazilian beef supplier JBS confirms reports that it paid $11 million ransom to Russian Revil criminal hackers

3 years ago

DoJ Recovers Most Of Colonial Pipeline Ransom

Follow the money. US Dept of Justice has seized most of the ransom paid by Colonial Pipeline to DarkSide ransomware…

3 years ago

Insurance Firm CNA Pays $40m To Ransomware Criminals

When it will end? One of the largest insurance firms in the United States has reportedly paid hackers a staggering…

3 years ago

Ireland Tests Decrypt Tool After ‘Catastrophic’ Ransomware Attack

Tool being tested after 'stomach-churning' ransomware attack that crippled Ireland's health IT systems during Coroavirus pandemic

3 years ago