Apple Beefs Up iMessage With Quantum-Proof PQ3 Protocol

Apple says PQ3 is a groundbreaking post-quantum cryptographic protocol to protect iMessage's end-to-end messaging

3 months ago

Jack Dorsey – Biggest Twitter Regret Was Forming Company

Co-founder and former CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey says his biggest regret was making the social media platform an actual…

2 years ago

Cisco, Bosch Back IoT Blockchain Consortium

The group aims to develop blockchain-based systems for areas from logistics to regulated industries

7 years ago

Cisco Touts OpFlex As OpenFlow Alternative

Cisco introduces OpFlex protocol as part of its ACI push to offer companies an alternative to SDN platforms

10 years ago

Tech Giants Transfer Open Data Protocol To OASIS

Microsoft and other tech giants have moved the Microsoft Open Data Protocol to the OASIS standards body

12 years ago

Red Hat Openly Commits To AMQP Messaging

Red Hat emphasises its support for the open-source Advanced Message Queuing Protocol

13 years ago

Cisco Telepresence Protocol Adopted By Polycom

Polycom is adding Cisco's Telepresence Interoperability Protocol standard to its UC Intelligent Core platform

13 years ago