Intel Touts New 12th Gen PC Processors

Chip giant Intel introduces its new Alder Lake processors for personal computers, as it seeks to dethrone longtime rival AMD

1 month ago

TSMC Begins Construction Of 5nm Arizona Chip Factory

US chip factory update. CEO of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. confirms construction has begun of new fab at Arizona site

6 months ago

Acer Warns Chip Shortage Will Impact Laptop Production

Chip shortage...the manufacturing of laptops will be impact by the global silicon shortage until at least next year, Acer has…

6 months ago

Chip Shortage To Last A Few Years, Warns Michael Dell

Head of one of the world's largest PC makers has warned the ongoing silicon shortage is likely to persist for…

7 months ago

Intel Seeking ‘£7bn In Public Subsidies’ For EU Chip Fab

Intel chief executive Pat Gelsinger reportedly says company is seeking about £7bn in public subsidies for European chip fab as…

7 months ago

Intel Chips Already Being Made By TSMC – Report

Manufacturing outsourcing move. Intel chips are already being manufactured by TSMC, amid inhouse issues for US firm

11 months ago

Microsoft Developing Own ARM-Based Server Chips

Bad news Intel? Redmond designed its own ARM-based chips for its Azure servers, and even possible future Surface device, report…

11 months ago

Apple To Sell Macs With In-house Processors From 2021 – Report

Apple will reportedly utilise its own in-house processors in its Mac computer portfolio next year, in a transition away from…

2 years ago

Details Emerge Of Qualcomm’s ARM-Based Desktop Chip

The 'Snapdragon 1000' aims to take on Intel in laptops and desktops with smaller chips that use less power

3 years ago

AMD And Microsoft Release Spectre Fixes

The latest patches include operating system and processor microcode updates to protect users from Spectre Variant 2

4 years ago

Qualcomm Makes First Purpose-Built Chips For Smart Cameras

The new Vision Intelligence Platform features dedicated hardware for image capture, as well as built-in AI

4 years ago

New Intel Chips To Fix Meltdown, Spectre Flaws

Hardware changes in chips shipping later this year aim to replace performance-draining software patches

4 years ago

Ex-Intel Executives Launch New Arm Server Chip Company

Former Intel President Renee James is heading up Ampere, which is using the Arm architecture for processors aimed at private…

4 years ago

Intel Promises New Processors To Fix Meltdown, Spectre Vulnerabilities

ANALYSIS: Intel CEO Brian Krzanich confirmed chips without Meltdown and Spectre are in 2018 but questions continue about a rumored…

4 years ago

New Intel Core Chips Offer Speed Boost For Desktop PCs

Intel claims the 6-core, 12-thread Core i7-8700K boosts framerate by 25 percent and multitasking by even more over the previous…

4 years ago

EU Court To Reconsider Intel Antitrust Fine

Nearly a decade later...Europe's highest court to take a second look at the billion euro fine against Intel in 2009

4 years ago

Intel Kaby Lake-R Promises PC Performance Boost Ahead Of ‘Coffee Lake’

Intel claims Kaby Lake-R will offer twice the performance of a five year old PC when the first computers arrive…

4 years ago

Intel Processors To Power Autonomous Audi A8

Audi's A8 will use Intel's chips to power level 3 autonomous driving systems

4 years ago

Major Hyper-Threading Flaw in Intel Kay Lake And Skylake CPUs Could Wipe Data And Crash Systems

The major flaw, discovered by Debian developers, can be stopped by disabling Hyper-Threading

4 years ago

Why IBM’s Shrinking Transistors Look Like A Breakthrough For All Of IT

ANALYSIS: Timing of IBM's 5nm breakthrough-which means faster, smaller and lower-power processors-couldn't be better, thanks to arrival of IoT

4 years ago

IBM Reveals World’s First 5nm Chip With 30bn Transistors

Big Blue has moved away from FinFET to produce the tiny chip architecture

4 years ago

Intel Reveals 18 Core Core i9 Processor And Core X 8th Generation CPUs

The chipmaker is touting is first teraflop desktop processor

5 years ago

Samsung Profits Soar Despite Investor Pressure & Political Woes

Electronics giant resists pressure from activist investor as it posts highest profits in nearly four years

5 years ago

Intel Developer Forum Falls Victim To Chip Maker’s Evolution

The chip maker's increasingly diverse market focus leads Intel to retire the popular annual developer conference.

5 years ago

ARM Debuts DynamIQ Processor Architecture WIth An Eye On AI & Machine Learning

The Cambridge tech firm is expanding the scope of its big.LITTLE design

5 years ago

Intel Reveals Credit-Card Sized Computer For Bringing Processing Power To IoT

CES 2017: The Compute Card features Intel's Kaby Lake processors and flexible connectivity options

5 years ago

Intel Outlines AI Push With Lake Crest Chip And Google Partnership

The chip maker is keen to pursue the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning

5 years ago

Intel Buys Movidius To Boost RealSense Smart Machine Tech

By snapping up the startup, Intel will look to bring its perceptual computing platform to virtual reality headsets, drones, robots…

5 years ago

Intel Shows VR Headset Prototype

The 'Project Alloy' head-mounted display doesn't need an external PC and lets users see the environment around them

5 years ago

ARM Revenues Up 17 Percent Ahead Of £24bn Softbank Takeover

ARM Q2 revenues up to £267.6 million as licensing revenue goes up again

5 years ago